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Sat Jul 15, 2017 02:53

Welcome to the smartest, most active, and the most loving audience in the world.

We started this channel to garnish prayer to change to help save America and stop the coming World Conflict and so far, so good.

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Yup - the SERCO Corporation, funded by the GSA, has done it again. The set up another Paid Protest - a False Flag.

Flying people in from across the nation they managed to get about 75 people past the US Senate and House Security Armed Guards, through heavy secured doors, and into Senate and House offices across DC.

Then SERCO sent the story to the Federal Bridge Corporation (Entrust) and they sent the story out to every major news organization across the planet using the program Deamon.

SERCO Paid the Center for Popular Democracy to actually do the Dirty Work as they wish to keep their hands “Clean” … dirty little cowards.

All paid for by you - the Tax Payer - using Actors trained in the CIA Acting School in Pima, Arzona.

When the protesters entered these offices the Senators And Congressman did not have the guts to throw the Bums out.

Senator Bob Portman of Ohio is such a Coward he offered the Protesters Crackers and water.

So - another 80 Protesters arrest for - we hope - treason but it is unlikely the DC courts have the guts to charge them with this without Federal Involvement.

So apparently we will have to put up with those conducting Treason for a while longer.

Please pray that GOD Permanently Flattens those committing Treason against America and gives President Trump the Ump to put these Paid Protesters away for life as stated in the Espionage Act - USC 18, Sec 700.

1) In Other News:

In the last 30 days alone the Arizona Boarder Patrol has nabbed 560 people trying to enter the Unites States Illegally - 80 of which whom they found lost in the desert without food or water. All 560 will be charged with and sent back to the Country of Origin.

So the Boarder Patrol just saved 80 lives under the Trump Initiative ‘One And Done.”

Eighty lives saved in one state in one month.

80 Lives Saved by our Boarder Patrol - Yea Baby.

Ta Da Trump, Ta Da Trump, Ta Da Trump Trump Trump…..

Of the 560 of those arrested only 336 were originally from Mexico - the other 214 from countries as far away as Iran.

Please pray that the situation in Mexico gets better so these folks can live good lives south of the Boarder.


2) The Big H Strikes Again

Republican Operative Peter Smith was found “Suicided” in his Hotel Room just after revealing the source of the fake “Russian Collusion” story.

Just before his death he told a CIA Operative the 30,000 Emails the 30,000 “Missing Big H” emails were fake.

Testify against the Big H and you die.

Please be aware that these Elites have signed a Blood Oath to Lucifer and if they disobey this oath Lucifer’s Evil Workers have the Legal Right to kill you.

Yeshua is the only way out of this contract.

3) Finally - here is a vide about some “SLIME SNAKES” who have covered the road in Arizona in Oregon.”

If you have a business do not set it up in that state as a Bill just passed that allows anyone to complain about you and the local Police then have the right to seize, without a Court Order, whatever they like form you - to include weapons, cars, knives, forks, spoons - and anything else they deem as Dangerous.

Any BLUE State now has these laws so - be very careful where you set up any business in this nation.

Our Demon Possessed Leadership has gone completely insane in America.
Please pray that your family is safe in the coming months and ask GOD to help with your finances - HE does hear you.

Also pray that President Trump is successful in stopping all those who are committing Treason against the American People - including those elites who live in China, Russia, German, France, etc.

Again - like the old Radio and TV shows - this program is brought to you by trade Genius - who’s videos we are now studying to learn how to make money.

The News YOU need

The Wall Of Truth

Where you get more news in 15 minutes that you get all day from the entire Main Stream Media

Dr William B. Mount

For you Intel Geeks:

A) 3 Nukes Destroyed on the KC 130 that blew up

B) 1 Russia shot to pieces on the ship headed towards Seattle, destined to Salt Lake - who’s leadership will now fall apart for their ungratefulness.

C) 3 Seized on ships headed to the East Coast

D) 1 - Being moved to an Old Subway Tunnel under DC - that should be easy to find - except - 5KT Fire Cracker, wrapped in Aluminum,, Titanium, and then a metal I have never seen before.

E) 1 - to be dumped into a Dumpster that looks like a Pig Sty 2 blocks NE of the Trump Towers - Blue (perhaps green) Dumpster, paint coming off.

F) 3 Still being sent out by a 2 Star Admiral in Norfolk, he runs 3 Top Secret Stealth Destroyers - one is having Cloaking Device put on it as we speak.

The Stealth Destroyers are almost completely submersible.

The cloaking device still lets the ship leave a wake and slows the ship down because the “4th Phase of Water” attaches itself to the Ships Hull …… that can be solved by very easilyby…. Well - you are the “scientists” …. you figure it out.

He is a Tall (5’6’ - 8”) this man who has allot of metals - a High Lucifarian Priest.

One nuke is again headed to just South of the Chicago Exchange on top of the Old French “Doc.”

And as for those ready to Pounce on Trump 28 August - try it and the Living GOD will kill your bosses. So HE has said it - so it will be.

President Trump - surround yourself with very loyal armed folks 25-31 August. Period. Lots of loyal friends. Those who will put their lives up for yours…..

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