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Mr. Jeff Bezos, Your Time For Universal Judgement Is Nigh.
Sat Jul 15, 2017 09:20
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July 15, 2017 By (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, Posted on the Message News Board - -

In 1991, Michael Wells Mandeville, and Gary Hawkins helped me to write and to present to the Internic at that time to have my company Intervend, to be granted the first license from the Internic to put together the first GTE and US West National Yellow Page Index called the Internet.

In the following year, one of my first clients was a broke character named Jeff Bezos who couldn't even pay the light bill for his office that was at that time located at the north end of the Boeing Airport in South Seattle.

He, that is Jeff Bezos, at that time had pleaded with me to help him to design his company because he couldn't pay for his company on-line design at that time.

So for the next two years under a contracted license and agreement with Mr. Jeff Bezos, we did in fact design for Jeff Bezos and then in 1994, when his investors (CIA-NSA-Jesuit-Banking-Pedophile-Mafia-Money Laundering Global Banking Organized Crime Syndicate.) then began to finance Mr. Jeff Bezos, who thereof, he then refused to pay us and or to agree to the original licensing agreement that we had put together.

Then in 1999, they took it upon themselves to destroy me and to take my entire estate and my lifetime of research and my home located at 22025 Redmond Fall City Way, Redmond Washington.

Mr. Bezos, and his cabal of Globalist Jesuit Mafia Scum have their day of recognition and justice coming very soon. I am still here on this Light Matrix Planet Scumbags to bring real and true Living God Justice back on you slime.

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    • Mr. Jeff Bezos, Your Time For Universal Judgement Is Nigh. — willpwilson 908, Sat Jul 15 09:20
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