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Pilot Calls on Passengers to 'Pray' amid Engine Trouble on f
Sun Jul 16, 2017 02:07

Pilot calls on passengers to 'pray' amid engine trouble on flight
POSTED: JUN 26 2017 06:49AM CDT
UPDATED: JUN 26 2017 06:49AM CDT
FOX NEWS - An AirAsia flight headed for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was forced to turn back to Perth, Australia on Sunday morning following a severe engine problem.

Passengers described the wild ride as being like “a washing machine” with rapid shaking and rattling following a “huge bang” that took place around 75 minutes into the six-hour journey. The shaking, framed as something of an “engine seizure,” was reported to have been so violent that the pilot – even with 44 years of experience – called on passengers to “pray.”

Passengers were also asked to “keep an eye on” the engine outside their window, as the pilot did not have a good view from the cabin.

No one was injured during the terrifying trip on the budget airline, although marine emergency services north of Perth were placed on standby incase a water landing was required, Australia’s local ABC reported.

The exact cause of the engine issue remains unclear.

Florida driver miraculously survives bizarre car accident with minor injuries
POSTED: JUL 15 2017 08:05PM CDT
UPDATED: JUL 15 2017 08:05PM CDT
ORLANDO, Florida (Fox 32 News) - A Florida driver is lucky to be alive after a piece of flying metal debris barely missed killing him.

Jesus Armando Escobar was on an Orlando-area highway when there was a car accident on the guardrail above him. A trucker carrying scrap metal lost control, sending pieces of debris flying on to the road below.

A massive piece of metal crashed into his car, but Escobar suffered only minor injuries. The Florida Highway Patrol said Escobar would have been killed if the metal had landed a foot in either direction.

The trucker was cited for careless driving.

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    • Pilot Calls on Passengers to 'Pray' amid Engine Trouble on f — PS POST, Sun Jul 16 02:07
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