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"I've Conceived some Time You'll Pass Out. The Druid Let's m
Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:40

"I've Conceived some Time You'll Pass Out. The Druid Let's me Do Rich," Judee say.

If we combine that Judah reverse facial speech with this Tele receive might we connect the dots and see a picture of what we are facing right now?

"They off us gene." 3.12 pm

That is from yesterday's post. "They off us gene."

Poisoning us at the genetic level. Actually removing our life form from being able to exist period.

Might that fact not inspire us to act up to close them out right?

"Oh my God Patrick hauls them out and we do dipshit." 6.31 pm

Patrick quietly kept researching looking for the moment they would tumble themselves from their perch.

Then Mercury contacted him October 26, 2011, with news of Judah attacking us with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads sitting atop 1,000 long range intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Informing Americans that Sir Casper, our Martian neighbor, and good friend pulled every missile out of the sky in the boost phase preventing Judah from exterminating us with his great balls of fire.

"Oh my God Patrick hauls them out and we do dipshit." 6.31 pm

Judah, with room in his undergrounds for all 160 million of them world wide, continues burning us out at the genetic level almost 6 years after we were informed of the nuclear attack upon us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Those with the $5 million dollars available to them able to escape our brimstone waste Immolation by buying a seat on the underground.

700 million slots available in the undergrounds for those with the $5 million dollars cash.

And what about the rest of us?

As we are funding continually our permanent demise daily with our Labor, might it merely be the proof that the Bible is correct with the prediction from 2,000 years ago that a third of the human race would perish when Judah goes away?

Our genome being washed out. Our heritage of 30,000 years of living in the snow belt. Can it be true, will we just vanish from existence now?

Will Judah actually succeed in dying us out of life form by taking us out at the genetic level with brimstone nuclear waste?

He's doing it, isn't he? Yes, he is.

"Because Bitch is stupid we pitched you all," Judee say.

Will that be the final word about it, because Bitch is stupid Judah was able to wipe the mild people out of existence?

"The church stopped us." 3.19 pm

Are we figuring out yet that the church is one of Judee's most useful tools to keep Americans funding war and our demise in a nuclear waste war that Judah is successfully waging against us?

When the Jewish Polish government crashed a plane and ghosted out do we recall the high-level Catholic church prelate that ghosted with them?

Might we surmise that the church is a front organization that Judah uses to sport us out with?

That the church did nothing to alert us to the plans to put us in with nuclear blast weapons and now have done not a thing to inform us about the end of our life forms due to being put in with nuclear waste, might we not have to examine just exactly what the churches have done for us lately?

Might we see the power of bourse in Judah hands to install those that direct our plans using holy methods and means? Those that are to minister to our spiritual needs. Would it have not served our spirits to help us to STOP THE WAR?

Saved from nuclear blast extermination by the angels God Almighty sent in. And yet today we force ourselves away from our fields, out of our food and cash by letting the guy that attacked us with blast and is still attacking us with brimstone waste, to continue to privately issue our cash.

Could this incredible failure be due solely to Bitch stupid?

"They're completely gone and you let them bust you." 9.11 pm

They've fled to preserve their own lives and are cabling our demise from the safety of their underground shelters where they are sitting out their last nuclear war on the surface of planet earth, brimstone waste to die us and our kin off.

Those that have the $5 million dollars for each member of their family are getting themselves out of this land that is undergoing a MEGADEATH from General Electric on free American Labor bourse.

They're not staying around to die sick breathing radioactive brimstone waste, they're getting out as fast as they can without alerting the rest of us to their plans.

Can only one Jewish brimstone nuclear artillery piece disguised as a Jewish electricity plant really die off a third of the human race?

As Hitachi-GE has already poisoned out a third of the water on the surface of planet earth much doubt that given time the cumulative effects will die human Beings off big time?

Should the fact that Judah has slipped away to the safety of his undergrounds not clue us that breathing radioactive waste is not good for us?

"It's obvious they're destroying us awfully good." 1.04 pm

Only one nuclear brimstone artillery piece disguised as a Jewish electricity plant and a third of the human race passing out of life form from eating, drinking and breathing the invisible particles from it.

What are we to make of the fact that Judah has installed over 400 brimstone creating Jewish electricity plants on the surface of our planet?

"They devised on the minnow tragic." 9.14 pm

Should the churches not have informed us of what they were doing to us outside the knowledge base of ordinary everyday people?

Setting us into a perfected die using nuclear waste. Must many not have seen this coming in upon us? Certainly. Have many not warned us? Sure.

"I told you so, you damned fools."

Epitaph H. G. Wells wrote for himself but he was cremated

Wells suggested that should be written on his headstone when they buried him, but he was cremated instead.

Wells saw us being destroyed in a nuclear war from the air. Curiously, that is what Bitch saw also. That was why he acted to try and stop the war from beginning in 1991.

The numerous voices that acted in 1991 to try to prevent that son of a Bush from getting a war going in Iraq. The war began and now we are still using our wealth to fund it after millions of civilians have already died there.

A war onto extinction for the Jewish that enjoy sporting the mild white guys.

"We had fun with the white guys. Because white children don't have receipts we have them beat you up," Judee say.

Judah, his Royals and his Vatican. His Parliament burning villages and apartment buildings. His congresspersons that enjoy sporting us. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let the whole lot of them off of us please?

"They off us gene." 3.12 pm

"You've demonstrated coward efforts," elder said of our failure to STRIKE THEM OUT of here right.

Jew, still using free American bourse to try and fist Bitch out. Bitch praying night and day to our good God above to have His angels keep Bitch in.

Bitch, persistent who won't let a little thing like a fault of stupid get in the way of getting these nuclear war fighting Jews off of here, hopes and prays that the American people will try to save themselves yet.

"It's a pleasure." 4.06 am

Extraterrestrial elder said to Bitch yesterday after Bitch thanked them for helping us here.

Will we not rest assured that elders will help us put our economy on the right street? Sure they will. Have they ever once failed us in thousands of years? NO, they have never failed us once in thousands of years of helping their little brothers and sisters survive this Jewish war machine.

Will Labor not help us, STRIKE THEM OUT to speed these Jews into their undergrounds to rightly die out now?

"They have no defensible rights. I died them truthful. This is a fasci nation, it has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more, PUT THEM OUT, THEY'RE CRIMINALS! I urge you to give them a fall for their sin."

Might we consider that Judah's sin is both nuclear blast war that they failed due only to the love of God and nuclear brimstone waste war that they are successfully waging against us now?

The people that designed and built thermonuclear warheads to use on us. Are we not aware they are the same people that designed and built their Jewish electricity plants that are now dying us off HUGE in MEGADEATH numbers?

"Unable to save yourselves wisely folds you here." 3.06 am

That Tele receive from early today informing us of a dreadful truth.

Here's some more Tele receives:

"You cease your life forces. 5.03 pm

They're entirely out. 5.06 pm

You're welcome. 5.08 pm

Score! 5.16 pm

Yes, it is OK to drink for losers. 5.27 pm

Spread makes dread. 6.06 pm

Oh Pat, give us some virtual right, some virtual life. 7.13 pm

They're strangling passed you. 7.20 pm

Pat, you were capably assaulted. 7.21 pm

Your range will be shut here in 4 days. 7.22 pm

Judee, he succeeded in destroying your state. 7.23 pm

Interpret this, you sprained a fister. 7.29 pm

Shan be visited. 7.32 pm

What you have here is a Tory breach. 7.39 pm

All RISE gorgeous.

For tyranny, get them out. 7.43 pm

It's a deal to finish history. 7.52 pm

It fall. 7.53 pm

With their brand over you're abandoned aborted.

Jewish ops rice our field.

Sue Angeles.

We'll build a new America. 11.08 pm

Siege is going to end one of us. 11.18 pm

ORGANIZE for a future state. 11.27 pm

You got pushed out of tissue. 2.00 am

Minds falling out of existence. 2.02 am

Witless assault. 2.03 am

We're dying abuse. 2.04 am

White people, what a fail, fears. 2.08 am

Money put into the Federal vault has mostly been turned into nothing. 2.07 am

Lost you to a great toss here.

Cat died fisty. 2.11 am

They rolled you official vicious. 2.13 am

Your organization is screwed up. 2.16 am

Social Security, they're getting ready to call up everything. 2.19 am

A complete cannibal destroyed us. 2.21 am

They sport fantabulous.

They hold us to fash over fries. 2.24 am

New century anniversary fail.

Complete state gives mental.

Get out your sales men. 2.55 am

Unable to save yourselves folds you wisely here. 3.00 am

STRIKE THEM OUT pura-state. 3.100 am

Messing us with Germany rules. 5.14 am

Abuse is getting out of here.

Closing you down animally. 6.42 am

White people are necessary transport. 6.44 am

It's awful siege full. 6.48 am

Iowa is swirling off purely. 7.16 am

You stagger. 7.27 am

It's thuts. 7.34 am

They false us. 7.41 am

Mal fiending fiendish." 8.07 am

"I conquered you," Judee say.

As they leave us dying out in the billions from only one of their hundreds of nuclear brimstone waste artillery pieces disguised as Jewish electricity and they are satisfied, smug about conquering us.

If only they had come in to love us might it have been OK?


With abundance easily available for all for what purpose would one seek to conquer another?

Might it all follow they blocked true abundance by keeping Velocity power sources out so they could conquer us?

For what purpose did they conquer us other than to allow them to destroy us in a nuclear war?

The failure of weap Judah to seek the wisdom of God Almighty. Judah's hubris in the face of God, going his own way harming Father's children and ignoring that this is God's village on earth.

The big Judah fish in a little pond, the surface of one little planet earth. Our universe that is populated by tens of billions of high-level life forms traveling about it in peace.

Tens of billions of Ethereans that our extraterrestrial family is aware of. Beings that once they grow intelligent enough they begin the journey off of their original planet and travel among the stars.

Weap Judah, the guy that said, "curiosity is not useful," chose to go only far enough to wipe us all out.

Are we not yet aware that Judah on free American bourse has a brand new big game plan for us?

His plans to use his well practiced British Marines to direct his Soviets on the streets of America. Will Labor not have mercy on us and take the authority to issue our money away from them?

"It was always our rights to close your rights. My British let me all cash you. I pest hold you grunge. Bitch report to you that I have an effective lunch. You're right nice for tumor kits.

Jew knows how to ail you right. This white kid has told you right about my sports. Casper erased our push to prove I'm done. A scientist has told you about us and he won't let us back in.

You white people I idle you right to fist you's dumb. Perfect frame we shot Patrick root way. I'm going to take him for London weaping time. Jew degrade is going to take out your whole dish. We pooch your face to take out your state wood.

I'll give your whole family famine because you won't allow me to stay in. I shot true bum on Martians and I still stay brains on you. Vegetables are horning us. I get the white cow rightly, I take their grand children smoothly.

Enemy I'm direct oppin, I'm going to course you Russia to put my force on you of course. Bitch is after me for shooting you. This white boy sees us, I'm obviously braving a tumor. Before I see you RISE I'll see you dead," Judee say.

Will Labor not RISE before Judah makes us completely dead with his brimstone waste shot that is set to corrode and cancer us out of life with tumors?

"Please help I'm fragile to boot." An innocent teenager in Africa said in facial reverse speech.

Will Labor not recognize the fact that we all are fragile and need some help to prevent the industrial strength war machine of weap Judah from dying us off?

All the things that we think are important. Are they really that important?

Is it not a certainty that someday we all return to dust? Certainly.

That little time in between dust to dust, the place we call life for us. Will American Labor not it give it a try?

The STRIKE Labor that precious sweet Father asked us about; "Why didn't you try it?"

Is it the palsy shake induced by the threats of the terrorist Judah that is holding us from closing them out?

Is that what is holding Labor from giving us a STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and put it into the safe hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

The sand vibe guys and gals that so enjoy huckstering on other peoples blood. Will Labor not give the STRIKE a try and let us begin our lives in peace from now on?

The falsity of war. Judah bombing buildings in New York City on 911 to force America to go into Jewish sports warring. The recent dying CIA agent that is revealing how he wired up building 7 with explosives that came down that day.

Are we understanding that was all Jewish the take down of those buildings with the loss of a couple of thousand lives?

Here's a link for those that may not have read about it yet:

CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’
July 13, 2017
Baxter Dmitry

"You stagger." 7.27 am

The report on the Polish government that crashed an airplane and ghosted them all out because radar data revealed the NATO nuclear missile attack upon Poland that they were involved in.

The coffins that were returned from Russia sealed up, welded shut. And the recent government group that looked into them assuring us there were only a few mix ups on whose body parts went in each coffin.

Case closed. Did that not work to satisfy everyone?

Would it be fair to ask, "Is it any wonder they laugh at us?"

So the new government in place in Poland is assuring us that the old government in Poland died in a plane crash where only the pilot, copilot and engineer were seen in the video of the crash site.

You didn't see it yet? Here's a link

Polish president's plane crash survivors shot after plane crash! NWO BS! TLKV!

Case closed, the new government assured us there's nothing to look at here, didn't they?

"Ha, ha ha, ho ho ho, hee hee hee. Wink wink."


They're al

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