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"It's a Racket. It's Ended. You're Serving Us." Those are a
Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:07

"It's a Racket. It's Ended. You're Serving Us."

Those are a couple of Tele receives from over night.

Bitch is serving everyone following Father's love. The Father that Bitch did even not believe existed until Father spoke to him in 2009.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death."

Hearing that wondrous voice of Father Bitch immediately thought to himself, "Oh there is a God above!"

Thinking for decades that religion was a tool of the clever and cunning among us to keep us frozen into making war and running unjust societies. Using the words of the good book to cover up the false of the church. The "mind business," Judee calls religion.

And then one afternoon hearing God's voice and knowing it true, there is a God above us.

And here is the truth, there is a God above us that is involved in our lives.

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives," Father said.

As we fund dying ourselves off in the billions is there not some way to convince Labor to turn to our good God to let him save us?

Elders, the angels that Father sent in to help us survive the nuclear genocide that weap Judah is doing to us, only rate Bitch's post after he puts it up.

"Sad," is what the angel said about yesterday's post.

So even at this late date Bitch's post rate only "sad.'

Might it be the sinking feeling that we are going to fund ourselves out of life form and be the biggest single part of the third of the human race that will die off in Judah brimstone nuclear waste war why Bitch posts are sad?

Judah, the guys, and gals that have had "fun with the white guy," ever since they took over management of the lands of the north in 700 AD.

Less than 200 years after they arrived they had bred enough look alike Replicon hybrid transplant shell people in to slyly overthrow the mild man of the north and begin their policy of using the mild people to build prisons, torture chambers and war machines that they have used to keep the mild people assaulting each other with ever since then.

Mild people repeatedly tried to put laws in that would serve us all to live in peace.

The jury demand made the Law of the land in 1215.

Grand jury first to hear any allegations before any person was to be touched by the anyone, made the law of the land in 1430.

After centuries of extreme forms of viciousness and brutality against hostages, a law that said there was to be no cruel or unusual punishment against anyone put made the law of the land in 1689.

The three best laws ever made to protect everyone, right to a jury trial before life, liberty or property can be taken away, a right to have a grand jury hear the allegations and make the call if someone is to be charged at all, and no cruel or unusual punishment to any one at any time, all three made the law of the land in the new United States of America, 1791.

Will Labor not put these most important rights in for us once again?

Might we understand that it was imperative for Judah to destroy Americans rights so that he could hold his tyrannies in worldwide?

For those who read about the career CIA fellow that did the bombing of World Trade Center building 7 on September 11, 2001, might we consider that bombing is how Judah tricked us out of our rights?

Even earlier, 1915, the bombs that were planted inside the Lusitania, the ship that was sunk with Americans on board used to alibi forcing America to declare war against Germany in 1917.

The laws that Congress passed that took away the rights to free speech and led to imprisoning our peace activists. Our union people that opposed the war locked away behind prison doors.

Now Americans the most imprisoned people on earth. Right, less, with not one sacred right held in for the people here.

Has Judah not shown an ontological difference between his cult and the rest of man?

The only ones with rights now, the people that control the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money.

Those that can hire workers to do as they wish for them for free using the money power of American Labor.

With unlimited free money available to them, are we understanding why America is operating an eternal war machine?

Americans tricked out of our most precious and sacred rights, tricked also into losing our lives.

The fables, fictions of Judah cult. Will they prove strong enough to take away mild mans life?

Might we say, "the jury's still out on that one?"

"We just simple exhaust you as slaves. We just false you for our favorite work. We injure you to put you in our right discipline because that's our way," Judee say.

The injury of war that Judah does to us. Will American Labor not end funding war for Judah's way?

The Judah that boasted during the age of the robber Barons that he "could hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half."

Will American Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Judah and end his ability to injure the children of God on earth for free?

Judah in collusion with the Royals and the Vatican who have attacked us with their hydrogen bombs to immolate us out of existence. Will American Labor not identify and grasp the magnitude of the deception and let them off of here right?

Have Judah's imperfections not been magnified enough by the angels that Father sent in that we will not now let them off of here for good for their sin against us all?

Their sin of trying to exterminate us with a nuclear blast in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Their sin of holding us to a brimstone waste extinction level event. Will Labor not give them a fall for their sin against us?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take into your hands the concession to issue our money?

The free money from Labor that Judah uses to bribe the bench to give him the decision that always goes against honest working men and women.

The free money Judah uses to bribe legislators to give him the anti-worker laws he prefers.

The free money he uses to put insurance packages on working people using insurance collections to launder money into his bank account.

Must America Labor not mature and participate in government here?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free. My kids, treat them super nice," Precious sweet Father says to us.

The failure of maintenance that Judah has intentionally done to God's children earth.

The intentional infliction of destitution, homelessness, and hardship with the preformed plan to perpetrate genocide. Asserting a self-claimed Jewish right to commit genocide in the face of the Sovereign of earth, our good God Almighty.

Jewish failure to maintain the existence of the children of God in a way that will sustain life.

The last hope for Jewish, that white remain exhausted and enslaved funding and fisting using the white that have no receipts to beat up their brothers and sisters on earth.

The 2% nuclear war fighting psychopaths of our species. Will American Labor not let weap Jewish off right?

Will white not awake to the late moment in our existence, have faith in the love of our good God and have the courage to close the basher cipher out and let them off right?

Our Father has plans for His children on earth and they don't include Jewish sports war. To come up and join with our extraterrestrial family and travel together in the universe in peace.

Father's letting Judah keep his tissue. Might we think of the mole people, underground burrowing every day to build the things they need to live?

He's not going with us into the universe at this time. The Replicons that choose to stay with us Father is rolling them into the mass of the population over 6 birth cycles time.

No muss, no fuss, no shunning or anything of the type. Just a smooth transition to Peace in God's good love.

Those that do not wish to remain with us and for one reason or another can't get into the undergrounds, humane institutional setting.

Might we see that Father has big plans for His children on earth?

Father is real, He is the head of our house that is based in an advanced civilization of space fairing Beings that travel throughout our universe.

They have a database of over 87 million years of extraterrestrial knowledge. 9 million years as Galacticans and the 78 million years of knowledge from the passed extraterrestrial civilization of Prenasour.

They have robots producing the things they need. Only 2 Beings out of a 1,000 are involved in Labor.

Our own galaxy so large and complex that in 9 million years they have only explored 20% of it.

They have traveled to thousands of other galaxies. Elders do not traffic in pain or cruelty and they never take life.

We are welcome to join with them and live in peace from this time forward. They inform us that we merely need to be "re-sighted in peace."

Might we consider that Judah has been so vicious and cruel to us that he has caused us to accept his mental ways?

The militaristic societies Judah installs wherever he can get away with it. Will Labor not see them for what they are, rackets to sell uniforms?

Will Labor not get a view of the love of God for me and you?

"I would have given you anything," Father said. As we and our children lose our life forms to Jewish electricity nuclear waste, is there not some way that Labor will give us a break and STOP THE WAR?

Judah with his genius to spot our brightest. Might we understand why he is shooting 9-year-olds?

The battleground that Chicago is. Is American Labor understanding that it is Labor that is funding that war zone?

Might we only wonder how many of the 11 people that died over last weekend in Chicago from gunshot wounds had insurance packages from their employers or others on them?

Tele receives:

"We need a STRIKE, finish it. 12.59 pm

They genioulsy mob us up. 1.27 pm

They're extincting us. 3.56 pm

You hike yourself. 4.51 pm

Sad. 7.53 pm

Total pithclers. 8.04 pm

Jerk degrades us. 8.15 pm

Professor, your snake holds you. 8.16 pm

You can see them steal, you can see them steal from us. 8.46 pm

Their hidee forces mace us. 8.57 pm

Your milk shakes need fixin. 8.59 pm

Patrick, you failed all deeds here.

Actively robbing us out of life form. 12.53 am

They shoot us dead. 12.58 am

They distorted kids. 12.59 pm

Father's kid, your generation failed us. 1.02 am

Harsh child kills, you failed to save us.

Failed me fused deed. 1.05 am

Exhausted your assignment. 2.27 am

They're strangling us off of here. 2.30 am

Their purpose fell. 2.31 am

Take them out no good defeated. 2.33 am

Patrick, they falsed his wits out. 2.38 am

A virtual lie. 2.44 am

It's a racket, it's ended. 2.45 am

ORGANIZE! 2.46 am

You're serving us. 2.46 am

Shame us lectricity. 3.05 am

ORGANIZE or our family is sufferage, ORGANIZE or our family is suckerage. 3.09 am

Breathalyze our lives. 3.11 am


Gulch. 4.34 am

You're welcome. 5.12 am

What's up dude? 5.36 am

False. 5.42 am

We're out for your goofish; you're not suitable." 6.55 am

These Tele receives may be from reading yesterday's post:

"Patrick, they falsed his wits out. 2.38 am
Sad. 7.53 pm
Professor, your snake holds you. 8.16 pm
False." 5.42 am

The first mentions that Judah falsed Patrick's wits out. Might that relate to this Tele receive:

"Yes, it is OK to drink for losers." 5.27 pm

Bitch aimed to ask elders if there was something intrinsically wrong with coffee when he heard that response. Might that have been Judah monitoring the Tele sphere and it was him that responded to Bitch's question to elder?

"Yes, it is OK to drink for losers."

After thinking about it, might we consider that was not elder that said that to Bitch? Seems to impolite, doesn't it? Yes, it does.

So might we figure that it was Judah falsing Bitch? Probably.

Bitch previously asked elder about coffee and he described it as a "useful beverage."

Is it not useful to all the workers that earn their income from it? Certainly. Should protecting our income sources not be at the top of the list of things we should be thinking about? Might we give that a big yes? Certainly.

That Judah puts dull into much of what is available to us. Once the STRIKE is finished will it not be nice to be assured of coffee with no dull in it? Might we see how that will also help assure that incomes will continue to be extracted from it?

"Professor, your snake holds you."

Deeply imperfect guy Bitch is. He does appreciate your read on him.

He asked elders many times if they would write the posts and let him post them to bring Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT, but they will not do that.

"We're out for your goofish; you're not suitable."

Might we try to keep in mind that two thousand years ago our elders from the Federation predicted that a third of the human race was to die off in the end times?

Anyone doubt that we are now in the end times?

If the scientists are correct, some claim we have been wandering the earth for 12 million years as apes.

If the late Lloyd Pye is correct, the last 200,000 years with the genetics of high thinking extraterrestrial Beings in our head.

About 8 thousand years ago Ancient Babylon developed their ciphers to act with genocide due to resource constraints in their contested territories.

Judah, sharing the terrain of Babylon, took onto himself the ways of Ancient Babylon. The animal primitivism of dominating other human Beings with force and fraud. Putting them to death with genocide when he gets the chance.

"He went the wrong way and got good at it," Budget Judee say.

Hooked his vitamins and enzymes to getting excited and thrilled when he could harm other children of God.

His racing strategy in every terrain. Putting people against each other. Using his secret undercover force. His hybrid transplant shell people, the crypto-Jews we call today, "Replicons."

And do we not have to give Judah credit for did his strategy not take over the surface of planet earth? Yes, it did.

Our "Creators," that Judah refers to as "our breeders," animating us with a gift that jumped us ahead by a couple of million years, their 223 high-level psychiatric genetics.

Turned us from our original planetary 48 chromosome creatures into 46 chromosome Beings.

Might we see that was to seal our 223 high-level genetics in and prevent them from being passed to other 48 chromosome creatures?

A special creation of God we are. Made in his image.

That Judah in his animal primitivism only wanted to destroy us all, might we not say a prayer of thanks that our good God created us all?

If we were naturally evolved Beings might we understand that Judah would have destroyed us all by now?

That is with no help from the house of our sweet Lord is there any doubt that Judah would have already burned us out with his great balls of fire already?

Of course he would have. If Sir Casper had not pulled the thousand missiles with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads in them would we not have perished when they hit America? Yes, we would have perished massively.

Judah himself surprised that Americans have not listened to Father and taken the Organizing Principle of Society into the hands of Labor.

Now set for our quite casual die from brimstone waste. Are we not aware that we are involved in Sin?

That we quietly fund all of the war and genocide in our world. Must we not end allowing Judah to continue to take our economy with war?

Smearing our face in this world by us funding the assaulting of our family with war.

Can we not pray for the thirty-minute breakthrough that will convince Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Spirit Day. 8.20 am

Thank you much." 8.46 am


The spirit of peace. A day without war. Will we not pray that American Labor reaches the level to decide that

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