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"Drewy Have Habits That Let Us Haul You," Judee say. As we
Sun Jul 23, 2017 09:02

"Drewy Have Habits That Let Us Haul You," Judee say.

As we are being hauled out of life in permanent Jewish world war can we not break our habits and try to prevent the weap Jewish from hauling us this time?

"The white guy, I didn't want his powerful jury force so I took it out," Judee say.

The white guys' powerful jury force first introduced by the English Barons in 1215 AD.

Made the law of the land at the tip of a sword.

The hybrid Replicon Jewish King John instructed to sign it or the sword would be the final determinant of whether or not the English Barons would have a trial of their peers before life, liberty or property were to be taken from them.

The same powerful force of the white guys' jury force made the law of the land in the new United States of America in 1791.

This time not at the tip of a sword, rather mutual agreement. A provisional contingent acceptance agreement that was put into writing on Hemp parchment and signed by the representatives of the individual states.

The contract arrangement that was made to create the United States of America in the first place.

"Your rights failed, Hitler right here. I failed your spirits off with my philosophy. Iowa reports my screwy but I don't want to go. We ever just stay on you to fall the white man.

We always use a video molest to offend. The way we make war we just push you right. Jew fouls your resource chemistry. Jew was the one doing the pushing here. With our baby state Judas failed you all," Judee say

The generation coming up in America now breathing in increasing amounts of brimstone waste.

Junior not feeling well. Might it be the radioactive sterilization that is being done to him this day and every day now into our future?

What could it be about Drewy habits that let us be had in such big ways by Jewish? Why do we let the 'deuce' haul us this way?

"You're not suitable," the lady said to Bitch telepathically.

Bitch, being dutiful to love everyone, spent many days in the law libraries looking up cases to support Harold the good.

No charge, all free. And why support Harold Washington then?

Harold was one of the few in congress that informed us we must get nuclear weapons out of our world.

Might Harold's bright mind have informed him that sooner or later we would be attacked by nuclear weapons?

Might his heart have been with all the people that he didn't want to see exterminated? Certainly, it was.

If only Bitch had spent some time examining how the Jewish assassinate us might we have been able to hold Harold in?

Might we say it's all water passed the bridge now?

Harold's gone, and wouldn't you know it, Jewish went ahead and did attack us with their great balls of fire.

If only we had paid attention to what it was that Harold was informing us of. Might we not be in the predicament we are in now?

And what exactly is the predicament that we are in now?

Is it any other than being died out slow using invisible, odorless and tasteless hot brimstone radioactive nuclear waste?

"A promissory note is fisting you.

A nice world is passing here."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those telepathic messages today.

The "promissory note" that is our United States of America Bill of Rights that says "deliver on demand a jury trial before the loss of life, liberty property."

Made the law of the land in America in 1791.

"The white guy, I didn't want his powerful jury force so I took it out," Judee say.

The powerful force that said Dred Scott was free in 1854. Reversed by the supreme clerks that re-enslaved Dred.

If only the powerful jury decision in 1854 freeing Dred had stood might we surmise President Lincoln's investors' sports war of 1861-1865 would not have happened?

The three-quarters of a million Americans that died in the war between the states, 1861-1865.

Might most of them have been ordinary people drafted that had only recently been released from Jewish sports wars in Europe?

The war that gave Lincoln the taking away of everyone's rights letting him imprison thousands of speakers who were informing us that war is not right.

Are we seeing that Judah's main force that has conquered us is his prison cells that he has put us in so that he could make his wars?

Can we only pray for the day that white will put our powerful jury force in and take out the weapon that Jewish have historically used to dominate us, their brutal prison cages?

If only we can identify the habits of Drewy that let Jewish haul us. Might we not have a chance yet to save our lives?

Every state in our world led by Judah hybrid transplant Replicons that pretend they are of the society in which they direct things.

Might we now be able to see their strategy of using America to make war against Germany in 1917 and again in 1941 that has let them now totally dominate the political and economic life of Germany?

By using their cages system in America how they forced draftees to make war on Japan leading to their installing all Replicon hybrid transplant weap Judah in office there.

Same with the Korea's and Vietnam. Now all run by hybrid transplant weap Judah Replicon brand.

Same with India and Pakistan. Might the large build up of nuclear weapons not reveal who is in power there?

China sacked by Judah using England early last century. Might the fact of today of having roving execution vans not reveal who is in command there too? Human rights activists dying in their cages. Who does that sound like? Judah? Certainly.

For those who have looked at the shooting of the Australian woman in Minneapolis did we notice the shouting and disruption when the mayor spoke?

Do we not recognize Judah brand Replicons stirring things up?

And what could be their intent?

Might it be to deflect from what is really going on there?

When we put our grand juries in will we not get some straight talk then? Certainly, we will. So why don't we put our grand juries in then?

Might we see it has to do with who it is that is authorized to issue our money?

Our good God above that loves us that sent in His angels to protect us. Will Labor not open our minds and let the love of God in our hearts for all mankind displace the hatred of Judah sin?

"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. They're no friends of mine," our good God Almighty told us about the end of Judah blight in our world.

The habits of Drewy that let Judah haul us. Will we not break them so that we have some chance to save our lives?

"They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm," God our Father said concerning weap Jewish that have taken over 100% of our world.

Are we getting some idea of just how important is the question of who it is that issues our money?

For that woman that said to Bitch, "you're not suitable," might we ask "suitable for what?"

Bitch is not seeking any management position in the corporation of the United States of America.

If a fire alarm was installed in the building and it sounded an alert could it be said, "it is not suitable to sound the alert?"

Bitch is not running anything here. Do we see his function is to bring Labor to act and put its own management team in and let the genocide Jewish off of here right?

"True massive save has fallen down faulty, scientist has warned you of pollution death." 2.48 am

The massive save that our Martian neighbor Sir Casper did in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. The night Jewish attempted our complete extirpation using 3,200 thermonuclear warheads to try and steal us away from the love of our good God Almighty in heaven above.

That our good God above has found Bitch suitable to deliver a critical message that can save your lives. Should that simple fact not reveal that what Judah rumors about Bitch is simply not true?

Might that be the habit that Drewy has that lets us always get hauled by Judah, the habit of believing Judah falseness?

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," God our Father in heaven said.

I'm a shill Labor. A shill for an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that has found that 2% of the members of our species have a weakness that makes them unsuited to travel into the universe.

Bitch is a mere shill for the highest member of our house, our good and kind God above. Our precious sweet Father.

Before Bitch knew about Father he was a pacifist. His natural led him to become a pacifist after he thought it all through.

He didn't even believe that God existed.

Was that not some shock to find out in 2009 that God not only existed but that He was from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that created us in our high-level intelligence form 200,000 years ago?

Has it not been pleasant to learn more about our good God that He is a Father and a Grandfather also?

A kind sweet advanced perfected Being that loves us all equally. The unconditional love of Father for all of us. Merciful, forgiving.

Might we consider that if Judah, full of hypocrisy, unjustness, and sin, asked Father to forgive that Father would? Seems likely, doesn't it?

Does it not seem likely that Father would forgive Judah if only Judah would seek forgiveness for his sins against us?

Have we not noted though that Judah has not ceased committing his sins against the children of God on earth?

To be forgiven for our sins must we not first end committing them?

The last sentence of the prayer an act of contrition:

"I firmly resolve with the help of thy grace to confess my sins, do penance and to sin no more Amen."

If only Judah would say an act of contrition might he not end his sins against us?

That Judah has gone against the word of God for thousands of years leading him to set the children of God up to be sapped by thermonuclear blast and exterminated.

The 9 million years that the Galactic Federation of Light has lived in peace. The 78 million years that the passed civilization of Prenasour lived in peace.

A combined 87 million years of a knowledge base of how to live in peace.

Might elders knowledge base have informed them that Judah, being a "Rare" type of predator, could not survive with his cipher, and would have to be died off?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty in heaven said.

The cipher of ancient Babylon from about 8 thousand years ago. The decision then to false all men. Carried on in Judah brand today.

Finally closed out by our good God Almighty who afforded Judah the opportunity to give himself a nice send-off.

Are we perceiving that when God had His angels pull Judah thermonuclear missiles out of the sky it marked the end of Judah's time?

And yet, is it true that the habits of Drewy are going to allow Judah to haul us again?

All states on planet earth held in by the concession to issue our money only in Jewish hands.

Might that help explain why states that are purportedly in opposition to one another, secretly are all run by the same mothers?

The big Jewish fist that was funded from the pocket books of American Labor. Is it not yet perceived that that big Jewish fist tried to take us all out of here?

Will American Labor not consider the reasonableness of taking the concession to issue our money away from Jewish for what they tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

If not for what they tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, will American Labor not consider the reasonableness of taking the concession to issue our money away from Jewish for what they are doing to us now?

Not only us but our littlest children now breathing elevated radiation due to increasing levels of brimstone waste in our air.

Have we given much thought to how that might affect our children as they get older? For that matter might breathing brimstone prevent them from getting too much older?

"The majority won't be around," is how elder explained it as to what will happen to Americans if we keep funding poisoning ourselves out.

Will Labor not put the God given right to an existence stipend in so that Judah has no leverage using poverty and destitution to create privation induced aggression in God's kids?

Tele receives:

"Get out the score. 5.26 pm

Chemi-flog. 5.28 pm

Your mother sees. 5.39 am

Honest to God this guy reads us. 5.49 pm

The Americans died for their gas. 6.22 pm

Thank you, Mr. suitable for ricing Mr. Fister. 6.27 pm

Your animal positively equals us. 6.36 pm

You failed to toss the fist state. 6.37 pm

Catfish is rude selfish. 6.44 pm

Patrick, just a swish will save us. 6.48 pm

Kick them out for sapping us. 6.49 am

You're assaulted fairly out.6.50 pm

Sir, cash is finished for summary busting people up.

Your complaint just might save us yet.

True transport headed. 8.39 pm

Roll their economy, it has shot us HUGE.

Their Jew wrench won't leave summertime.

They allow us summary rights, it's wicked.

The baby tossed you out. 11.49 pm

Genius is awfully sludge. 11.51 pm

We're defeated Baltimore. 11.52 pm

They frighten ordinary people and that's why the people are afraid to STRIKE THEM. 11.53 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, they're going to take our noises out. 11.58 pm

Cattle relevance. 12.08 am

Their tyranny sault rage us. 12.11 am

Finish your heretics here. 12.25 am

Laying in your bed they set you perjal. 12.40 am

Stupid, they made you veg all. 12.41 am

Vegetables they keep for sale. 12.46 am

Empathize us. 12.58 am

Zero fist us. 2.09 am

Suffer you HUGE, Jewish they fail us. 2.31 am

True massive save has fell down faulty. 2.46 am

The scientist has warned you of pollution death. 2.48 am

He's published the thief out of here. 2.49 am

You fault a fiend. 3.03 am

Sub Terra Lillie's. 3.34 am

All this beverage is contaminated.

Oh, Bitch is a friend, Bitch is friendly. 4.33 am

Foolish we're dying for crimes. 4.54 am

You're welcome. 5.09 am

Pat, keep resource from going away. It's obvious it's going fister." 5.16 am

Yes, Bitch is a friend. He is friendly. He wants to live in peace with everyone. His common sense tells him that is easy to do.

Working many decades with people from everywhere in this world. Many different languages but we all spoke the language of peace to one another at any and every job that Bitch ever worked at.

If ordinary workers of all brands get along fine working day in and day out then what might explain why nations are at war all of the time?

Could it be explained that it is merely because some people are tuned in enough to get hold of free money and use it to make war to entertain themselves by killing us for sport?

Might we understand that war goes on because it is other peoples money that pays for it?

Bitch, while well intentioned towards all of our family on earth and in the heavens, wished for us to live in a peaceful world, he just didn't know how to get it done.

Do we see the love of our precious sweet Father who knowing of Bitch's sincere intention to get war out of here, had His angels whisper in Bitch's ear, "Organizing Principle of Society? Abstract receipts of Labor?"

With those precise words might we consider that we have the technical understood now? Certainly.

"Jerk," Judee say.

Rather than Bitch ricing Judah out, might it not be correct to say that, "Bitch reported how Judah riced himself out?"

Will American Labor not give us a gust of the winds of freedom to break these error guys off at their foul miserable roots?

Judah, successfully poisoning our resources and sterilizing our youngest children.

"Generation Eunuch?"


We have 9 million more years to go before our life form will pass out of existence. Those that survive this last nuclear war of Jewish against us may have descendants that will go through the next 9 million years living in peaceful cohesion with our family in the Galactic Federation of Light and traveling our universe.

And what of those that are sterilized by the ra

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    • "Drewy Have Habits That Let Us Haul You," Judee say. As we — Patrick Sullivan, Sun Jul 23 09:02
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