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"They Just Aim For The Psyche. Hustler Done." Those are a c
Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:24

"They Just Aim For The Psyche. Hustler Done."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

While they took aim at our psyche, was it any other than cages that allowed them to score our psyches?

While they smirk about how they abuse us and get away with it, if not for their cages would their story not have been revealed to us long ago?

Certainly. The animal primitivism of physically assaulting people to get their way.

Though did physical violence not succeed in taking over planet earth? Yes, it did.

That Jew only wants to use white people for assaulting our family out. Will white not help us to close Jewish out right?

Justinian's code that was made law in the 6th century AD and took workers rights away, starting what is known as the "dark ages." t

Our extraterrestrial family did not intervene.

That NDAA took American workers rights away and our extraterrestrial family is intervening now. Might we want to consider the differences in time and technology from when Justinian took workers rights away and workers losing our rights in these advanced technology times?

After Justinian took workers rights away in the 6th century AD society stagnated, degraded because there was little protection for ordinary people who were subjected to the whims of the powerful who would take their lives and property with due legal process that Justinian instituted.

That Justininan put society into a continually degrading situation by taking workers rights away, does that not sound like Jewish on management?

And yet our extraterrestrial family did not step in to stop the decline that Emperor Justinian put in.

When we think of Justinian, would he more likely than not have been a Replicon weap Judah from looking at his laws that took workers rights away?

Is that not what Judah has done to Americans today, taken our God given rightts away? Yes it is.

A return to the wild when Judah steps in. When Judah goes does he not always leave the ordinary people in woe? Have we given much thought to how much woe brimstone is bringing in to us?

As usual, any doubt that weap Judah is done here? Certainly.

Any doubt that for letting loose with thousands of his great balls of fire on us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, that Judah is a done fish with us forever more now? Certainly.

Might we see that as much as some may consider that Justinian wanted to prey upon the people that had rejected his violent empire, he did not have the nuclear war fighting technology to do extreme mass harm, so our elders did not step in to block what Justinian did to the working people of the Western world in the 6th century AD?

Might we note that by taking away workers rights, it set society back?

Are we not figuring that today with the technology of planet wide genocide available using first nuclear blast and now the brimstone fumes of nuclear waste, as to why our extraterrestrial family has stepped in to help us?

Might we consider that by taking people's rights away in ancient days it made it easier to hold us to die us off with his plagues? Sure. Do we see that without rights we are easier to slay?

Are we seeing being rightless in the face of Jewish nuclear brimstone plague it is holding us to be died easily?

When we have a right to life, are we aware that we then can make a legal demand to keep our life?

Are we perceiving that we have no right to life because the last high employee of weap Judah signed our rights away on the pretext it was to protect us from the bad guys in our world?

Do we see we are now perishing inhaling brimstone nano-particles because we have no right to life?

When we have a right to life do we see that we can legally and peacefully challenge Judah brimstone waste weap that is taking our health and lives away?

Did our good God not give us a right to life?

Yes, Father did give us a right to life along with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

To protect us from privation Father also gave us the right to an existence stipend with something for everyone in it. "Consider it a God given right" Papa said.

So why do we not have our rights in if they were given to us by God?

Do we not recall the last inhabitant of the presidential mansion signed a document, NDAA, that weap Judah had Congress create that says we have no rights whatsoever?

That we have not challenged Judah on our rights. Are we not seeing that he is doing his usual of now bringing a plague on us as he has always done in the past when he goes away from us?

The pestilence that Judah knew how to spread in ancient times using rats and fleas to get us done. The tens of millions he is known for killing in plagues.

With his alliance partners in Europe, Germany's nuclear war fighting elite, are we not yet perceiving that we are going out not only in bigger numbers than any other plague that he has put upon us, that we also are going out of life form forever this time?

From this fact of our permanent extinction due to nuclear brimstone poisoning might we not be able to understand why the extraterrestrial intervention has come in to try and help us?

The third of the human race slated to be died off now. Might Europeans, both East and West, not figure out yet that our children are set to be sterilized and died out in MEGADEATH numbers?

"Drewy have habits that let us haul you," Judee say.

The permanent removal from existence of the mild people of the north, both East, and West.

Are there any doubters that Jewish nuclear brimstone waste can not take us out of here in GIGANTIC numbers?

The crippling of our life form with invisible radioactive particles. The harm to our children that begins before they are even born.

Is there not some prayer to be said that will bring us to change our habits before we are all made dead by Jewish genocide war in our world?

"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights," Our good and Almighty God in heaven said of weap Jewish.

And yet rightless as they are for attacking us with thermonuclear warheads to exterminate us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, they still are managing us. How do we figure this?

"You're-a-peons," one Jewish manager said to a group of us workers that did not want to work overtime.

That Europeans and descendants of Europeans have accepted laws that are peonage in basis. What might that say about Americans today?

The summary laws that are now in force by weap Judah in America. No rights at all. How is it that we high technical people of great wealth allow Jewish to do this to us?

And at root, are we not aware that Jewish themselves have no defensible rights at all for attacking us genocide?

Judah and his European nuclear war fighting genocide collaborators. Are ordinary people not yet figuring they have undergrounds to hide in while they extinct us out?

What might we wonder are the habits of Drewy that have prevented us from getting together to shut their genocide down?

That American Labor people are funding all of the war and genocide in our world that Wall Street Washington want to do and hardly anyone doing a thing about it.

Sure there are many writers writing about it, yet how many of them are informing American Labor to take our credit card away from Judah with a general STRIKE?

The near total and complete mind control that Judah has effected upon human Beings on earth. That Judah claims only 20% of us are aware of just how deadly he is to us.

What might explain such a perception? What might it be about this thing we call consciousness that we have so far not acted to save our own life forms?

How is it that we go to our nuclear deaths again and again? First blast then waste. Is it merely because Jewish shows us pictures of animals and diapers again and again? Could it be words from Judah Replicon theologists that theftly false us in church?

The people that hold the record for being put to genocide by Judah, are we not aware that it is the mild people of the north?

For God's sake, is there not a spark of freedom in us to want to try and save our own lives with a STRIKE to let Judah off right?

Tele receives:

"Hi Patrick. 4.00 pm

Judas fell for trashing us. 6.24 pm

When it comes to humans, they will fry us humans. 7.27 pm

They are clearing us devilish.

It's failed, Huh? 8.13 pm

To save yourself will you not STRIKE THEM OUT? 11.25 pm

I was telling some people that if this skunk has all wheels then we're out of our lunches. 11.52 pm

He psyches us out for sale. 11.53 pm

They fail waste ya disease. 1.24 am

Jew fails us lethal. 1.30 pm

We're being failed out awfully serious. 1.31 pm

They're putting battery on us. 1.35 am

Foolish rapish. 1.36 am

Their sales destroyed us. 1.39 am

Our genus failed organizing. 1.41 am

Suspects are often faded canceled. 1.47 am

The most horrible evolution failed us.

Total bruise corrupt. 1.59 am

Oh, Pat you failed your face. 2.03 am

They just aim for the psyche. 2.07 am

STRIKE realitic. 2.09 am

Their heresy's been refused. 2.13 am

Sold that. 2.16 am

Foul wits are doing us in. 2.17 am

They threw out police. 2.23 am

Moisturizing, you're just a patch here. 2.26 am

Hustler done. 2.36 am

It's a fail, total out. 2.45 am

It's a pleasure. 2.57 am

Germany's been refused. 3.08 am

You write their fictions. 4.53 am

Hunch back racket. 5.17 am

They're trying to die our wealth by dying our resources out. 5.31 am

Where you can't breathe has reached us." 5.39 am

"My entire series hold, patiently I put all Bitch-ment in. Jew caught you on jeopardy and shoot you pooch-menable. I challenge rules, that's how I take domestic off. I continue to hold you with my Polish subjects.

I test you with an instrument for my big success. An awful waif minimum is what Jew guys are for. We just set you for a room bust. My puppy false, lets me keep my fierce day. We always fall with courage, our insure did right.

We won, we possess psychically. Your existence is closed because I'm a Jew parent. I just tranquilize you so I can stay on fool here. My genocide is truly my best side, I'm pure falsing. Jew boys always have a nice foot.

Your memorial's my settlement right. Recognize your peaceful force I took away with my false. The moment you STRIKE me their loss flew off. I'm definitely dead. Scoring death holds jury sport. In 2 weeks my Reich-marks are out.

The Irishman hike all my tude. I've failed to the Irishman, I now must leave. Your efforts to reach me Pat have reached me, I'm cored right. I'm going to do some abuse before I go away in spite of Tandem," Judee say.

Tandem, that is the modern computer that our elders have that is helping us here. Brainiac, "B", has been with us for 70,000 years and was a previously operated computer system before he was sent to earth to monitor us as we were rising.

Are we seeing that Judah is doing abuse even in spite of Tandem assisting us?

Tandem takes care of the big weaps that Judah has been attacking us with. "B" does the housekeeping and social with us.

For those that are tuned in, have we not heard "B" singing with his lovely voice to us in the telesphere? Sure we have.

"B" has different voices he can speak in. Bitch thought it was a person speaking to him telepathically years ago and here it was "B" speaking to him.

There was a computer company "Tandem Computers" that was founded in 1974. Might we only wonder could the founders have selected that name based on knowledge of the name of our extraterrestrial family's main computer system, "Tandem?"

Bitch didn't get Tandem's name until recent years, about a decade ago when he detected him.

Judah holding, possessing the human race secretly for an extended period of time. Hiding behind the face of Albert.

They set their mission to destroy as many of us as possible. Unchanging in their plans to die off the mass of the human race. Might the decision to wipe the human race out have been first developed at ancient Babylon?

"I run all opposite H-----'s way offin apples. I just stole you's with a mutt. I just stop the folks with a fear paragraph good. We get into management to sanitize you right. We're so good we hold the shrimp out," Judee say.

Human Beings welcomed in by the universe, contact with advanced extraterrestrial societies that do not traffic in pain or cruelty and never take life.

Will American Labor not wash our hands of the guy that likes to hold white to funding and fighting his sports war for him?

"Papa's truth is 'I met you and now I'm putting you out,'" Judee say.

Just on that one reverse facial speech, will American Labor not join with the love that Papa has for us and put them out?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," Father said.

"The dog I showed you let me push my shiv. Because of my weapy the white people are forcing me to go way. I'm so gurlepper. Genocide's our sanford force. Judas just set you out.

I perpetrate you here. I stole the white guys spongen. They're falling Wall Street out. Judas cite Germany forceful. We truly messed wit desparate. Freedom from accuva rates are out for bashing you war.

Our race problems got threw off for Iowa. With Germany we rolled some full apps to terrorize you in. Our renal busting you is great," Judee say.

The spices that Judah puts into prisoners food. Might that have something to do with kidney disease?

"Our renal busting you is great."

For the love of God is Labor receiving that the sports guys and gals have lost their tyranny in the new of world of America?

Once American Labor finishes removing them from management is it not seen that their world wide tyranny will be retired from the human scene permanently?

For mining, our planet with an extinction level nuclear blast and brimstone waste is it not seen that Wall Street has done us wrong?

Will we not pray that Labor will step in and help us now?

"Parasite tossed you out. 7.52 am

Shell war hikes your race out. 7.56 am

A zoom race. 7.58 am

Foolish letting enemies toss you out. 8.09 am

Cheers." 8.40 am

"I desolated your 4 seasons nicely," Judee say.

Might Labor not want to consider that Father didn't say to Bitch, "you're a perfect boy," but did say, "you're a nice boy?"

Might Labor not try to perceive that the nice boy is trying to do all of us a favor and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Judah, with his time tested mental power over the people he gets a hold of somehow has turned everything around. Upside down and inside out and is still wiping God's children out.

"I continue to hold you with my Polish subjects," Judee say.

Our family in Poland attacked by NATO nuclear missiles that caused the entire government to stage a plane crash so that they could flee before a response could develop.

Over 7 years later and still no response from our family in Poland. The land where grand jury process started in 1430 that freed working people to bring on the Golden Age of Poland.

Now Judah calling them "subjects" driven to fight his sports wars for his entertainment.

Much less than talk about Poland, Americans suffering some Jewish style urban renewal in downtown New York in 2001 with the planned demolition of the World Trade Center and 16 years later we are still funding and fighting sports war.

Can we not get American Labor to help us STOP THE WAR!

Paul wrote: I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone, for kings and all who are in high positions, so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and dignity. 1 Timothy 2:12

Must American Labor not STOP THE WAR so that we may lead the lives our good God wants us to, quiet, peaceful, dignified lives that follow the word of God to us all?


Will we not keep praying for the 30-minute break through where American Labor will act, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish that only make sport war and commit gen

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    • "They Just Aim For The Psyche. Hustler Done." Those are a c — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Jul 24 11:24
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