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Troubled Waters Ahead - US In Big Trouble
Wed Jul 26, 2017 04:23

Welcome to the smartest, most active, and the most loving audience in the world.

We started this channel to garnish prayer to change to help save America and stop the coming World Conflict and so far, so good.

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The United States has some very troubled water ahead sop pleas be ready for anything.

Take the economic conditions where home prices are falling, combined with the media lies we are in for some rough times.

Here are three instances that happened just yesterday…

…a) In a recent announcement President Trump and Apple Corporation announced that Apple will be building 3 huge plants in America.

It was not 10 minutes later that the Lying Fake Main Stream Media announced the President was wrong.

…b) In yet another direct attack of Treason President trump began working on Foreign Policy and met with the leaders of the Kurds to set up a Kurdish Nation.

Not 10 minutes later the Lying Fake Main Stream media accused President Trump of ignoring Domestic Issues.

…c) Finally - the President met with the Election Integrity Commission to purge the Voter Rolls of 15 Million Illegal Votes from dead people and Illegal Aliens.

A few minutes later the MSM stated President Trump was going on a witch Hunt.

In yet another attempt to take down the President the Bill we discussed yesterday where Congress declares WAR on Russia and strips President Trump of his power passed in the Senate 98 to 2 and in the house 413-3 - although it appears that there were 4 different bills passed by the House that are attempting to do this.

The entire Congress is in full rebellion to the United States and is now demanding a Full Scale World Conflict involving 1,000 KT Firecrackers.

Why does the President not arrest those in Congress currently committing treason?

Why does Vice President Pence not take a “Verbal” vote in the Senate and block these bills?

Where are the US Marshals?

Where is the FBI?

Please also pray that the confusion in Congress grows so intense that the cannot pass any legislation.

Also - Please pray that if they start this conflict that the First 2 Targets to be hit are the Halls Of Congress and the CIA Headquarters across the globe.


In Other News:

1) China is about to begin buying oil from Saudi Arabia in Gold Backed Yuans - which would destroy the Dollar overnight in exchange Russia has guaranteed to support their Current Royal Family.


2) In response - Yemen fired a Long Range Missile at Saudi Oil refinery - Direct Hit. Scratch one Saudi Oil Refinery.

So before any deal is make Saudi Arabi must end this US Backed war with Yemen - not so easy after slaughtering tens of thousands of Yemens with bombs, bio weapons, and Gas.

3) Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Aid arrested trying to flee the country.

Something about Bank Fraud. Something about raiding the DNC Bank Accounts for her boss???

We shall see what shakes out on this one.

4) The Aircraft Carrier Gerald Ford set out with NO urinals.

Yup - that is correct. No Urinals.

Apparently Political Correctness has now reached into our carriers -

So women - rather than being treated well with special bathrooms and quarters you will have to share rooms and bathrooms with your men - who tend to leave the toilet seat up ad miss the target.

Political Correctness (Satanism) at it’s finest.

Please pray that President Trump to either moves in US Special Forces Command - the First Special Forces - to the White House or move me in there with my choice of Combat Engineers to protect him.

Please also pray that if we do have an economic “Crash” that you and your family are ready for it.

Again - like the old Radio and TV shows - This program is brought to you by: Get The Tea

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This is MY country and here I stand for FREEDOM.

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Dr William B. Mount


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