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Dollar On Verge Of Being Rejected World Wide
Thu Jul 27, 2017 04:19

Welcome to the smartest, most active, and the most loving audience in the world.

We started this channel to garnish prayer to change to help save America and stop the coming World Conflict and so far, so good.

This show is brought to you by the Golden Jackass and Noble Gold

Yet another Crypto Currency - part of Etherium -was hacked over the last few days called Veritasium. They lost $8.4 million.

If you do not hold it in your hands, or have it in a secured, insured vault, then it is not your.




Congress is on the verge of overwhelmingly passing a Bill that would gut the Russian Federation Mining, Oil and Transportation industry through Sanctions.

Further - it would cripple most of Europe through higher prices for American goods.

The Bill is called the “Russian, Iran and North Korean Sanctions Act.

If would force all European nations to retaliated by stopping the importation of all American Goods into this region.

With the coming Chinese Yuan backed by Gold to soo sweep most of Asia this would almost completely isolate the United State s form almost all trading partners.

No more Car Parts, Furnace Parts, Military parts…

Since the US Marshals and Girly FBI Agents refuse to arrest those committing Treason in the Congress and since the CIA Rats refuse to do their duty in protecting the United States then:

Pray that Congress turns in on itself and begins fighting among themselves and becomes too confused to do anything.

Remember Congress: TEKEL.

You have been warned by the Collider (Cyclatron) in Cern and now by GOD.


In Other News:

1) President Trump has banned Transgendered folks form the military.

Yup - those people who wear dresses one day and pants the next would definitely be a distraction for the military.

The Polls show very clearly that the public overwhelmingly supports this move.


2) President Trump donated this quarter’s salary to the US Department of Education

3) In just New York alone - ICE arrested 114 Illegal Aliens this week and Fugitives and they will be prosecuted and most will be sent back to their country of origin.


4) Anthony Scaramucci - the New White House Communications Director - is now firing people for leaking information. He is a no-nonsense guy.

You leak Classified Information you are fired and charged with a Felony. Period.


5) NASA has openly admitted that Sea Levels across the world are now falling and that the planet is cooling.

Whether this is true or not we cannot confirm.

I have a friend with a house on Vashon Island and his Grandmother has owned this house for over 90 years until it passed into his hands and he has seen Sea levels rise over this period of time - occasionally covering the County Road.

So between the Sun Enlarging, the Solar Minimum we are entering and the Chemtrails blocking out the sun - we just do not knw - do we.

6) Finally - the Who’s Who of modern Jihadists.


Please pray that congress falls flat on their faces and cannot pass this evil bill.

Please also pray that if we do have an economic “Crash” that you and your family are ready for it.


Again - like the old Radio and TV shows - This program is brought to you by Jim Willie and the Golden Jackass and Noble Gold.

If it is not in your hands you do not own it.

If you wish to save in silver and gold but are afraid your house may get robbed call Noble Gold and have them store it in their Insured Vaults.




This is MY country and here I stand for FREEDOM.

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Dr William B. Mount

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