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"Wits Dumb To Let Rights Fall." That is a facial reverse sp
Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:05

"Wits Dumb To Let Rights Fall."

That is a facial reverse speech from a non-Judah speaker.

"Wits dumb to let rights fall."

The only thing between going home to enjoy a meal with the family or getting pulled over, delivered to a cage to never again see a free day while alive on this earth.

Are we understanding it is "Rights" that make the difference which way it might go any day or night?

Home to dinner with the family or go to a cage.

"Wits dumb to let rights fall."

Might we not want to consider what our extraterrestrial family has said to us for decades too, "Get Smart?"

Equipped by birth with our 223 high-level psychiatric genetics gifted to us from extraterrestrials 200,000 years ago, might we not want to put them into full operation and close the nuclear war of extermination out?

Us and our little children now breathing brimstone out of our mouths. Are we not getting it yet?

"Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee, wink wink."

Our nuclear war fighting investors. Are we not getting their little joke on us yet?

Pulled the big trigger on us over 6 years ago and their news is reporting about doggies and their wins and woes but nothing yet about the brimstone coming out of our mouths.

And now first the dog woe:

Man charged with animal abuse in pit bull mix stabbing

A Des Moines man faces animal abuse charges in a Polk County incident.

KCCI Updated: 2:52 PM CDT Jul 26, 2017
ARL officials said the dog, named Zeus, is now in stable condition at the ARL), where staff veterinarians will continue his treatment, rehabilitation, and pain management.

And now the dog win:

Wiener dog race champ named "Fastest Wiener in the West"

CNN Updated: 12:45 PM CDT Jul 25, 2017

"Baby Bo" nearly set a speed record in front of a record crowd of almost 10,000 cheering fans. See the video below --

Pray tell what does that Israeli psychologist know about stabbed dogs and their fastest wieners that is holding us in to breathe in more brimstone waste?
"Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee, wink wink."

Is that not kind of in your face stuff?

The pictures of stabbed animals and doggie pp. What could it be that Judee knows that is holding Druid from helping us here?

"We defeated you sweet dog," Judee say.
The big toothy smile on the face. Is the smile one that a sweet dog defeat produces?

Not a word on the news about the radiation detectors across America that Judee shut down.

Nothing about the decision of the FDA to no longer check our milk for radioactive waste.

But some fine stories about dogs with some pictures of the fastest wiener winners.

Might such things reported as mainstream news have something to do with wits that have failed to see the usefulness of having our rights in?

Might those types of stories be aiming to dumb wits down?

"Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee, wink wink."
"Stupid fist and Bitch made us pass right. You out me for scoring you. I'm out of here, tossed into the basement, a cheer. A STRIKE will bust my residential so we're holding it off.

Set you in an air shed to waste you off. Bubble I tried. To do our punishment here we pinch you driving, the boy's crewed my analysis. All fiend they're canceling out. I perish a baby inside you. Jews failed the public.

I shot you for a banker man right. A dog's my free toss them well. Jew always threatens you basic. We pest your government owl. Your singing strike us. I died you Alston and boomed the works so I'm going away.

Bitch got me out smart. We just use Washington to weap you bad. In concentration camps we drop sweet. I'm naturally perped dead. We're passing Papa with some catastrophe to hold you," Judee say.

Will American Labor not listen to the love of Papa and take the concession to issue our money away from Judah to stop the catastrophe they are setting loose to hold us?

Judah scientists are telling him that our big die off will be in 2020.

Is it not curious that there used to be a news program, 2020? Might Judah have figured out what year we would die out complete?

Might we consider how closely Judah sets his target dates to die us off?

The flyover of the Capitol building in Washington DC by extraterrestrial space craft in 1952.

2 spacecraft leading with 9 behind. Might we read that as 9 11?

Might we surmise that 9/11/2001 was planned in 1952 when President Truman was continuing the Jewish policy of using nuclear weapons to wage war and commit genocide?

Might we see how our elders from the Federation alerted us as soon as Harry had made the decision to use thermonuclear weapons to exterminate the American people?

Might we see the dropping of the World Trade Center was planned by weap Judah decades before it was even built?

Do we recall that Judah is "Precise?"

The ancient tower of Babel. When being constructed God disapproved of their plans and so turned the workers to speak all different languages bringing their construction to a halt.

Might God have been giving the Babylonians a subtle hint that it is better to go with God's plan than to be hitting God's kids?

The Babylonian cipher that Judah chose to call his own. The one that continued to refuse God's command to "love one another."

As bad as Judah has shown himself to be, might we not consider the magnificence of God our Father in that Father is only dying Judah's Babylonian cipher off, and yet leaving him still able to sperm in the undergrounds to reproduce his tissue?

Have we noticed from reading Judah's reverse speech that he speaks occasionally about his "Sperm fighting us?"

Do the American people really not perceive that we are being perished out of life form now?

Might we note that Judah is burning our sperm out? Are we understanding that along with our cipher we are now set to lose our tissue too?

Tele recives:

"It's a stupid die. 5.16 pm

It's mirrored well posting. 6.09 pm

Irishman a sincere face. 6.27 pm

Pat, pray some activism here. 6.32 pm

Time out goose. 6.31 pm

It's witless. 6.35 pm

It cheers you to die force. 6.38 pm

America, save it. 6.40 pm

Pet failed. 6.44 pm

Underground is a national fail. 6.46 pm

Patrick passed the ball on. 6.56 pm

With Mercury out of here we're spinning fast out of here. 6.56 pm

For their benefit they ORGANIZE to pressure.

It seems useless, psyche enemy. 6.58 pm

Jew rallied you dull. 8.15 pm

They frighten you with a fist and pitch you gone. 8.16 pm

You were Caspered right, all for fooling; Iowa ORGANIZE. 12.00 midnight.

This Jew is failed for full disease, his game fisted to score the boys out, we all died. 12.01 am

You failed warning signal because he boy had some problems.

You made carnages, you be out contact severely; end dead fisting.

Jews patriotic held you from your circuitry.

Jew is taking you out despots way. 12.04 am

They've fallen us all, they've fallen us off. 4.28 am

The bat's out, they've already won. 4.31 am

They rolled us here. 4.33 am

Get ORGANIZED, get Jewish off. 4.43 am

Fearful they held you to score you done." 4.59

"You passed me higher for a huge muss. I'm going to put the economy out with all war states here. I shot Lincoln with a spiritual to force my way. Cannibal fold you right chastity. I'm a fatal tightwad on gas.

My temple was out to make you offend. We made your white basically pass out Jew. The opposite sex I make you die, it's my sport. I cite you boomess philosophy to get you out. Jew score you out rightly with intellectual waste, I can't come back in because I'm dead.

You always leave us right for our thieving you. I miniature you to close you bad. I just hatchery to die you percent. I had a destiny that was possessive that got me thrown out of here. Impossible deeds we always get done with boursee.

To put in my operation genocidal I just challenge you racial. We wanted one enormous hatch and it was too big, cash holds for our next roll. You'll feel an event that will press you roll. Your wise 5% people believe in my way to off you.

I'm happy to Strike thee out ill. I just see that Druid dies himself, that's just as well. Bitch report my stupid fiend and conk me completely. I have more days of vegetable for you because you fail to perceive our crunch.

We camouflage our wits to make our fortune. Shrimpy's defused you's. Once you perceive my semper I fall. I got the mice away in a nice way. Jew Ribbentrop made you Federal boys to molest.

We bump you in your psycho. Jew assignment scores you in your political assignments. I fall you nicely, Bitchie told you I shoo you nicely. I kidnapped you rightly forcive. I'm taking you out exclusively with the atmosphere.

Vision reduced let us steal Papa's village. Our new assignment is to bash you great, 4 months and you're all away, ya, it's real crazy. We're keeping a death of our field brief, we beat Irish. My maturity lets me scrunch you right HUGE. I in error you falsely Jewish," Judee say.

The earth quake the other day in Greece, several facial reverse speech indicated that it was a Judee op.

While watching international news early today happened to see another quake, didn't find out where it was, but here is a couple of reverse speech of victims from the video of it:

"The excrement criminals raped us off true here with a big dog. Their right score makes me sad."

Those reverse speech are coming from the subconscious of the speakers. Might we surmise that Judah is using HAARP to do earthquake accelerations around the world?

That is, an earthquake might appear in an area the next century or two and instead, might Judah be making them happen with in a few months with HAARP technology?

Will American Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and end his earthquake booming days with us?

"I'd like to get to know him, hear his thoughts. But nobody lent his hands to help him. 5.31 am

Pedi-rakes. 5.58 am

Professor, you failed mushroom.

We urge you peace course. 6.10 am

WE pass. 6.23 am

They're extincting us naturally dumb." 6.42 am

"Congress writes my tuition. I'm glad I met you to bust you. We just tax haul you in 2 or 3 weeks. Bad Jews on free are fluid. I intentionally puritize thee. I'm so impulsive with police I made you die force Druid.

I use dialysis to make you bleed. We're now virtually cooked for our fimble wit. We'll always fight with jeopardy to desperate you right. We've got sphericals that are listening. I punish you with my bureau all day. 44 hours and I just won't fish right. They pushed Alston off in Naples right.

Jew philosophy of cheer has fallen. Ruinitics lets us play this way. I was --- --------'s POW. When you see my face I'm awful. My generals are out for fool. Bitch took our furniture out because of our deadly switching you.

We scored all the nice boys. I'm a goose boy for some after-time, his mother kicked us out for torture, I just always leave you homeless. I'm burning you fairly with acid. A baby helped us with chains to score Drupid.

Our interest believes we are interstate. Jupees cat is all felled. Barrels will get you a cage. Our ruler-ship won, we cast you with a right deed. I organize you weap, gonna throw you till I'm done.

We fight you nice and fisty. With a minnow sight I keep shopping exclusive. You marshmallows go up as phosphate fires, you once was. Your brains suffered from my mara-off. We're waiting for the significance of our rude day to set in.

My whole life was stupid, Bitch snores I set you. I wanted to waste you but Patrick has fallen me. My zoom weap is dead. The white won't see my ass. My purpose is to get you set for our ultimate weaping. My purpose was refused. We defeated you sweet dog," Judee say.
"The excrement criminals raped us off true here with a big dog. Their right score makes me sad."

What about American Labor, what will it do? Will Labor stand aside and let the stool culture win or step in and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"The free energy will surely push that's why I bourse bad," Judee say.

Holding our world in a state of permanent war. Nation after nation suffering bombing from the air, ground, and sea.

Must America Labor not come alive and dutifully love our brothers and sisters worldwide and stop funding Judah's disease?

The free energy Labor, the circuit. The $39 dollar electronic card that with some batteries and electronic converter equipment will power our houses everywhere worldwide.

Clean drinking water in the desert and everywhere else the children of God go.

Our $100 trillion dollar economy in a year after tight fist Judah goes. Will Labor not let the love of God come in?

"Try to perceive me, I love you," Father said. "I would have given you anything."

The third of the human race set now to die out of life form due to brimstone coming out of our mouths here.

Will Labor not try it?

The STRIKE Labor. In the name of God who is all just and good will you not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"We're waiting for the significance of our rude day to set in," Judee say.

Are we remembering Judah's rude day of June 11, 2011 when his admirals, generals and Field Marshalls' let loose with the blast, heat, shock, and awe of 64,000 Hiroshima bombs on America in the middle of the night to catch us all?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT NOW and not keep Judah waiting any longer for the significance of his rude day to set in?

"We like to have fun with and perish you and take your baby to roll it, that's our wicked," Judee say.

The children they take away from Druid parents after they perish them, that they then grow for a while and use for insurance collections.

Will we not say prayers of thanks that our good God Almighty in heaven above has let the Judah sinners get themselves off of here in the right way?

Will Labor not take over before there is absolutely nothing useful for us to claim as ours?

"Your wits are always our great stumble, I rice them constantly to make them disappear," Judee say.

Will Labor not try to appreciate the wondrous love that Papa has for each and every one of us, His beautiful little simian children on earth and try to save us? Aren't we worth at least a try at it?

12 million years on earth together as apes. 200,000 years together with our high level 223 extraterrestrial genes in our heads.

Will Labor not try to recognize that by continuing to destroy other high-level life forms like ourselves we leave Judah open to wipe us all out right in sin?

Are we understanding that as long as we remain involved in sin God Almighty won't save our lives?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

The man that has suffered the largest number of genocide victims, the mild man of the north who is now set to go out this time even bigger than the last time.

All the while caught in sin by weap Judah that gave us bad sight.

Will American Labor not take Judah grease paper from him?

The paper made good by American Labor that Judah uses to get grease men to violate and sin against their brothers and sisters on earth.

Will Labor not try to save your own kin?

Will Labor not try to even save your own skin?

There is no such thing as punishment in Father's world. Everybody gets a stipend and finds their way in peace then.

Are we seeing that we must have American Labor involved to get the paper off of the sports sinners?

"Baby Bo" pictured below


Might Labor try to perceive the images of the fastest wiener in the West is part of Judah mind control of the mild people and try to get past what they are using to hold the psyches using se

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