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Agenda 21 Moving forward Quickly - Pray
Thu Jul 27, 2017 15:37

Welcome to the smartest, most active, and the most loving audience in the world.

We started this channel to garnish prayer to change to help save America and stop the coming World Conflict and so far, so good.

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Agenda 21, now termed Agenda 30 according to the United Nations, calls for a Human population of 500 Million.

This means that there needs to be around 6 Billion Human Deaths in the next few years.

So - Who will die???

So far - so good.

As evidence we see:

1) Sperm Counts are down 60% in the West as Males are dying at an ever increasing rate.

2) The Passage by Congress of the Bill sanctioning Russian, Iran and North Korea is a bold attempt to start a World Wide Conflict involving 15 - 10,0000 KT Firecrackers.

3) American Towns - especially near Dearborn, Michigan are now falling under Sharia law - this means these idiots will soon be killing Americans for not saying Praise Allah - the Bedoine God of War.

The Profit Mohammed was a Bedoine.

4) Thanks to the last President allowing GMO foods to be planted across America - especially GMO Wheat - nearly 1/3rd of all Americans are either Pre-diabetic or Diabetic.

5) Further - about 1/3rd of the American GMO Wheat crop has failed this harvest - it literally died before bearing wheat. Watch now as wheat prices sky rocket.

6) The Saudi Power Base - not that they are spending more than the are bringing in, is falling apart.

With their war with Yemen - now Yemen has the ability to shut down their oil production with about 5 well placed cruise missiles.

Further - with the Oil Deposits in Yemen - they are now a Good Credit Risk for the sales of these sorts of weapons and in a recent speech given by the US State Department - they may now purchase these weapons.

No Oil from Saudi Arabia, no Weapons sales.

7) It has just been revealed that the Department of Homeland Security is paying College Students to put out Anti American Propaganda and Computer Games.

8) Trump is still trying as he just eliminated Boarder Added Taxes - a nasty set of taxes used to shut down companies across the nation.

9) If that is not enough - NASA is still trying to create a Second Sun on Jupiter by trying to light it up by throwing ever larger 10,000 KT Firecrackers at the planet.

The goal here is to then create habitable planets and run to them just as fast as they can.

10) Fear not as Cattle Ranchers are optimistic that their cattle will soon be purchased by China to feed their ever growing population.

Please pray that congress falls flat on their faces and cannot pass this evil bill.

Please also pray that if we do have an economic “Crash” that you and your family are ready for it.

We Can win - we have over ½ a million people praying every day that not only does the United Nations close down and President Trump succeed in his endevours but that those following Lucifer either Repent or leave the Planet immediately.


Again - This program is brought to you by You Tube’s William Mount Cooking.

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This is MY country and here I stand for FREEDOM.

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