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"Stupid Die Will Cost You, Dying Yourselves Out." That is f
Fri Jul 28, 2017 08:57

"Stupid Die Will Cost You, Dying Yourselves Out."

That is from an overnight Tele receive. "Stupid die will cost you, dying yourselves out."

Will we not pray that Labor will see the light and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Bitch has pulled the word, "Essex" out of several Judah reverse speech over the last couple of months.

He just posted at APFN a sighting of a craft hovering over the City of Chelmsford, England.

Went to Wikipedia to take a look at the City and learned it is in the County of Essex, which is just north of the City of London.

A little about Essex county:

Parts of eastern Essex suffer from high levels of deprivation; one of the most highly deprived wards is in the seaside town of Clacton.[10] In the Indices of deprivation 2007, Jaywick was identified as the most deprived Lower Super Output Area in Southern England.[11] Unemployment was estimated at 44% and many homes were found to lack severely basic amenities. The Brooklands and Grasslands area of Jaywick were found to be the third-most deprived area in England; two areas in Liverpool and Manchester were rated more deprived. In contrast, west and south-west Essex is one of the most affluent parts of eastern England, forming part of the London commuter belt.

Chelmsford has been an important location for electronics companies, such as the Marconi Company, since the industry was born; it is also the location for a number of insurance and financial services organisations, and until 2015 was the home of the soft drinks producer Britvic. Basildon is home to New Holland Agriculture's European headquarters, and Brentwood is home to the Ford Motor Company's British HQ. Debden, near Loughton, is home to a production facility for British and foreign banknotes.

In 1999, Marconi's defence division, including the Chelmsford facilities, was purchased by British Aerospace to form BAE Systems. Two sites remain under BAE control; the Great Baddow site which is now BAE's Advanced Technology Centre and its Integrated Systems Technologies business at Glebe Road. The military and secure communications division of Marconi was merged into Selex Communications was based at the New Street factory, however, they vacated the site in April 2008 with the remaining operations moved to nearby Basildon. This brought to an end of more than 100 years of the Marconi name in Chelmsford

Might we wonder what our elders might be informing us of that we should look into in Chelmsford in Essex County England?

Do we not notice right away that BAE is located there?

Might there be some more plans to try and attack us with their genocide brand of missiles and thermonuclear bombs?

Will Labor not step in, STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a hand?

A lady driving with her children in the US state of New Mexico was stopped by border patrol agents and asked if she was a citizen, which she refused to answer.

She made a video of the encounter. Here are some reverse facial speech from it:

As she is first stopped an officer with a police dog greats her and her children:

One of the lady's children begins recording the encounter with the border patrol agents

The first reverse facial speech begins with the lady saying:

Bitch has pulled the facial reverse speech out as it is sensitive what people are thinking especially when their faces are with what they say.

The reverse speech will be at Bitch Daily test page at Simple site for a little while. The link at the bottom of this page will take you to Simple site and then click to see the daily test page if you want to read the subconscious of these border patrol guys. Thank you.

It continues with the border patrol agents and here's what they said in reverse facial speech:


The agent then shows the lady a card from the supreme clerks allegedly giving him authority to compel people to speak.

His partner now joins in:



Next are messages from our Galactican elder Sir Jason and our Qwill friend Sir Morris:

"Judee is exhausting you dithcee, frost is coming in greatly. STRIKE THEM OUT!

Funeral fries off when you STRIKE THEM OUT!"

Than you Sir Jason and Sir Morris for those messages today.

Is there not some way that American Labor will step in and end the menace and threat of the lethally armed Fornians on our streets?

The hell on earth that weap Judah is running in the state just to the south of us, Mexico.

The vast death and destruction that he has put on our family there. Will Labor not end Judah reign of terror in our world?

Might we see Judah strategy of using his Replicon hybrid transplant Fornians to push large segments of the population into hardship while simultaneously he uses his Replicons in the legislature to pass laws that he can then easily imprison or shoot the people with?

Do we see how by creating chaos in the target society he can create refugees that then flee to other lands to escape the persecution of poverty and that he then can sell border walls and border patrol agents that are in place to then assault us when the time is right?

Going about our regular business. Might we consider that stopping Americans on the highway with 4 lethally armed bullet proofed men with an attack dog at the ready to help them is some indication that maybe we should act up before there are no chances left to us?

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

Just about every voice on radio or TV speaks what Judah wants them to speak or sing. The cleverly contrived speak that en-trances us.

Will Labor not try to see that we can have a chance to live if only Labor will act up right and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Vicious unforgiving Americans score themselves out." 12.41 pm

Will Labor not forgive Bitch boos and choose to not be cruel to a heart so true?

"They bust you out families in this hemisphere." 12.17 pm

For the guys that are out working every day are these bourse rights "all streets officials to have a nice time," really the people we want stopping our family to ask them if they're citizens or not?

The most lethal threat we have ever faced, can we not see it in the faces of these papered up armed guys that Judah has got out on our streets to have a nice time?

Might we see by using border patrol guys and putting them 100 miles away from the border to operate and then having the Supremes in concert say "it's OK," he effectively puts in an international Jewish force that is armed with deadly weapons to do they please?

Might we see when he gets enough people to accept that then he will have his Fornians set to be operating on all streets with their armed and dangerous ruses and tricks to pull on us anywhere in America?

Is Labor understanding the stealth and guile with which Judah operates when he sets us up to die us minnows off?

Using bourse might we consider Judah has gotten control of the customs services and border patrols in every nation around our globe?

Might that explain how he has been so successful bringing in foreign sniper teams without them being halted when they arrive to operate in America? Might we understand he gets his kidnap victims out of our country easily because of bourse controlling our borders with his Replicon force?

The entire singular question of our times, the one question that will determine if we live on or die out extinct now. Are we seeing it is the question of who it is that issues our money?

Here is a reverse speech just pulled from international news from a high-level Judah in Asia that gives in one sentence the truth for those who are wondering what we need to know to save ourselves:

"Jew acknowledges our true force is bourse."

While Judah likes to boast about his great weaps and prattle on about his superiority, might that one sentence not reveal exactly where Jew force is actually arising from, BOURSE?

Are we perceiving the love of God our Father who has willed that American Labor issue our bourse?

Is American Labor getting that if we do not take our bourse away from weap Judah he will close us and our children out of life form in the not too distant future?

"We waste providential kids."

With the great abundance we have in America might we not consider that we are providential children of God?

Blessed by unimaginable wealth for the mass of our population. Will Labor not help us to get Judah out before he takes it all away from us permanently?

Here's some more of what is in Judah's subconscious thought processes that is revealed by reverse facial speech:

"I hate you genocide, I just want you dead, I'm a savage here on top. We're free to assault and cite you Judas. We hike you symbol pathfinder missing. We're organized. If I compromise then Jew farce falls off. I harass you with my true genius to get you out.

Because I couldn't smash the nice Bitch I won't have a chance to get on top of you again. My mental is sick that's why I'm corrupt. Jew state is now all dead. We always set the rails to set you right.

I always false you minnow head. Our conspear management is out for crazy corrupt, I shot my assignment. Pittsburgh has thrown Jew wits. I was a big state to fight you to cancel. I think most humans Jew scored op.

I psyche you emphasis constantly false. We pitch hard on you and core a date. We just op you summons with a shed to mouse you out of here. We just bust you out oxygen like. Civil rights I fear. I serve co-IRS.

I smooth you Germany, Hitler rules my world. WE had a rich rabbit sport totally crazy on you. Forever I go out for abrasive. I hate you, victims. I'm leaving you refuse wiped off right Germany.

White guys, you failed to organize so we get to really pretzel you. With my money, I'm going to leave you a great hell. In the 21st Judee is forever going out of form for the big score. My judgments are all through, all failed.

I keep falling you smooth because I got to die. My hunchback merchants are taking the economy over with no protest. With your boys from the East, we're putting you all on the ice.

I'm forging the atmosphere for my big offend. I have a bunch of duds to anger you true, the British are paid for. I perperize them with a fearess rate, that's why I got to go. I'm assigned to horrify thee with my capital roots. Our brightest molest fears boys.

Jew sport don't relate to you no more because I threw you away with officials vicious. The cat's felled for tumor. I always possess you fertilly. Our communist should be in soon. You're my suspect to do with what I want until you pull me off of here.

We just shoot you fishermen. Our standing is a jury be held penniless. Animal gets us to prostrate you real Jewish. Jewish ever shot a beautiful head. My usual white guy's struggle fouls you out. I just wanted to finish you up right, fail now fast. They're falling me for filth death," Judee say.

"You're formally crunched now. 7.39 pm

Your average sock. 1.30 am

Packages smooth you, congressman. 1.13 am

You're phased filthy. 1.18 am

Tossed dying guppy. 1.20 am

Heave them out! 1.22 am

Patrick, you failed to like us. 1.20 am

STRIKE them for prejudice. 1.25 am

Un-trance your wit. 1.29 am

Tyr wisdom pulls viciously. 1.32 am

Their wicked failed to deceive us.

It's stoopable bad. 1.38 am

Who is in their plate?

They've scalped us. 1.43 am

You failed to save us Patrick. 1.44 am

Cannibal scored, you failed intrusive. 1.46 am

A questionable life is now passing by. 1.48 am

You are skinned right. 1.49 am

Stupid die will cost you, die you out. 1.50 am

Fail bourse scrimmage is now quite abusive. 2.29 am

He did it. 2.31 am

Abusive psychology is almost inherited. 2.32 am

He's crazy with death. 2.33 am

You failed to save yourself, you're toasted. 2.54 am

They're dumbing assaults. 2.55 am

Polish gen failed us outwitted. 2.59 am

Assault radiation. 3.28 am

STRIKE THEM OUT peacefully. 3.34 am

Lethal fall. 4.33 am

Punishment throws you out of here.

They leave you fished here.

Jew cores city state ass, can't help them. 7.42 am

Puress fell for battle zone. 7.43 am

Defeated because you grow fistal. 7.45 am

I appreciate the mutual fouls are out. 9.08 am

Take the error out. 9.37 am

You win for removing force rightly." 9.54 am

How right was it to remove them by reporting what they did in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Do we recall that was the night they attacked us all out with 1,000 intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles equipped with multiple targeted reentry vehicles to deliver 3,200 thermonuclear warheads with all of the shock and awe of 64,000 Hiroshima atom bomb city attacks?

For those that perceive the truth, will we not say prayers of thanks to our good God above for sending His angels in to pull Judah attack off of us that night?

And will we not say a prayer for those that do not get it yet that they will have a break through and perceive just what has happened to us here?

Will we not keep praying that Labor will have the 30-minute breakthrough and decide to STRIKE THEM OUT to take the concession to issue our money away from them and put it into the safe hands of Labor?

As the mass die off of the mild people is underway, those that love God and pray to Father to save them, might we not consider that Father will do that? Isn't that what the good books says will happen? Yes, it does.

Luke 21:17 And you will be hated by everyone because of My name. 18 Yet not even a hair of your head will perish. 19 By your patient endurance, you will gain your souls.

The thousands of warnings from our good God Almighty to Americans to STOP THE WAR and yet American Labor continues to perish out our family around the world for Jewish sport.

Will we not keep praying for salvation and redemption as we are going out of life form with brimstone coming out of our mouths as the Bible warned us 2,000 years ago?

We are in an extinction level event, all well planned many decades ago. You failed us America Labor. We are being died off massively.

Will we not keep praying that American Labor sees the light and STRIKES THEM OUT and STOPS THE WAR?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Friday, July 28 Psalm 89:3037
Isaiah 51:1753:12; Colossians 1:1527
Who provides for the raven its prey, when its young ones cry to God, and wander about for lack of food? Job 38:41
Paul wrote: The Lord is generous to all who call on him. Romans 10:12
Heavenly Father, you know our hearts and minds, you hear and know our cries, you understand our needs; we patiently wait for the bounty of your generous and glorious hand to be opened before us. In this we pray. Amen.


12.38 pm

While watching the news and searching the Internet a few things appeared that have significance to what we are facing here.

The amusement park ride that broke off and killed

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