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"Papa's Made A Side Bet Here That Won't Fail Once The Hostag
Sat Jul 29, 2017 08:33

"Papa's Made A Side Bet Here That Won't Fail Once The Hostages Know You're Putting Them In."

That reverse facial speech was at the bottom of yesterdays post. Found it in the international news report from Japan.

And who are the "hostages?" Is it anybody else than we the people of the United States of America?

Have we not observed first hand that our Etherean elders have shut down, taken off line in one way or the other in the last few years, over three dozen Jewish artillery pieces disguised as Jewish electricity plants? For those watching and keeping a close eye on Judees dirty bombs, "yes we have."

Is it believable that only one Jewish brimstone artillery piece disguised as a Jewish electricity plant will now die off the majority of the people of America in only a few more years?

The commenter on the Internet that suggested it might be smart for Americans to buy a tank of nitrogen so that the whole family can suicide at one time and go out together rather than dying off separately, was that commenter just joking with us?

Was that supposed to be a joke or was that a description of truth that seems to have eluded us so far?

The "hostages." Are we aware that is us?

"I'm falling symbols to a cemetery, it was great falling you. Our attachments always come through a palace room. Jew op screwing you up putting you into sub-baby.

White Jew with a big missile sold you out Jewie. You all passed your life away and avoided contact. Ruse is a fair op. We fisted you big in New Hampshire but Jew is passing. Papa wants a nice world and you all sinned and warred and you're putting yourselves in," Judee say.

Papa wants a nice world and we Americans have all sinned and warred. Might we not confess, "we are still sinning and warring?"

Is "Ruse a fair op," as Judee says?

Is it not fair for Judee to outwit us and get us to fund putting ourselves in?

"The capitalists will sell us the rope which we will use to hang them."

A quote attributed to Marx, Stalin, and Lenin.

I have heard it is a pithy summing up of this quote from Lenin:

"They [the capitalists] will furnish credits which will serve us for the support of the Communist Party in their countries and, by supplying us materials and technical equipment which we lack, will restore our military industry necessary for our future attacks against our suppliers. To put it in other words, they will work on the preparation of their own suicide."

Marx 100% Jewish and Stalin and Lenin hybrid transplant Replicon hybrid transplant shells. "Fornians" as one of them called himself.

"Preparation of their our own suicide." Is there anyone that has spent the 40 minutes of quiet time thinking through what we are facing here doubt that we have not funded our own suicide?

Or might it not be accurate to say "suicides?"

First the June 11, 2011, shock and awe of Judah's great balls of fire and now his Biblical brimstone waste to get us out.

As elders have shut down dozens of Jewish electricity plants in the last few years, might we see they will not let Judah get a full brimstone shot on us?

Might we consider that elders knew ahead of time that Judah was going to put his Jewish electricity plant at Hitachi-GE into melt down and did not shut it down a few days before Judah set the Tsunami off? Why?

As Mercury has shut down dozens of Judees other Jewish brimstone electricity plants preventing him from getting us all, why did they not shut down Hitachi-GE a few days before it was 'stunted?'

Why did they let Judee get that one shot off?

Might we look at this reverse speech to try and put a picture together here?

"Papa wants a nice world and you all sinned and warred and you're putting yourselves in,"

Papa wants a nice world for his children to live in. That we as a people have failed to stop war in our world when it is us that is funding all of it, might Papa have known that we are natural sinners and so let Judah get his one shot off to close out the natural sinners in his world so that we can have the nice world that Papa wills for his children?

Can we only wonder why has the Labor movement not put stopping war in our world on its agenda?

Might it be from the terrible memories of the Labor activists that opposed war and were imprisoned, shot, framed up and hung because of trying to stop Judah's first world war?

Might that help explain what elders call, "coward efforts" to get a STRIKE underway to stop the war now?

"Why invite calamity in?"

American sinners on coward efforts. Might Papa's side bet not put us into action when we understand we are dead men if we will not act to STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and save ourselves?

Might Papa's side bet not have magnified the imperfections of Judah's efforts to extinct us?

Judah's ways of fouling, beating, burning, chopping, imprisoning, torturing, stabbing, hacking, poisoning, bombing, bruising and shooting us.

That we quietly keep funding all of it. Judah so precisely chemically dying us out with Berlin technical.

Might the understanding by the hostages, us, of the ultimate consequences of polluting our air with brimstone not roll Judah out right?

Will American Labor not ORGANIZE and give us our strike to get the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and put into the safe hands of Labor?

Amazon revs up its robotics challenge at RoboCup, with $250,000 in prizes at stake
BY CHELSEY BALLARTE on July 26, 2017
The robots are unloaded and ready for practice runs at the Amazon Robotics Challenge. (Facebook Photo)
Teams from around the world are competing to help create more efficient robots for Amazon — robots that can pick up and stow items into boxes, and help some teams walk away with hefty cash prizes.
BongBong • 2 days ago
Not quite there yet, but give it another 4-6 years and it'll be faster and more accurate than a person.

Amazon hiring another 50K fulfillment employees, holds new ‘Jobs Day’ events at warehouses
BY TAYLOR SOPER on July 26, 2017
The company said in January that it planned to add another 100,000 full-time jobs in the U.S. by mid-2018. The growth would push Amazon’s U.S. workforce to more than 280,000 people.

If the commenter BongBong is right, what about all the hires today, what will happen to their incomes when the robots come in to do the jobs they are doing today?

We want the robots serving us to don't we? Sure we do. The reduced costs in the production and supply operations that allows us to access our goods. We all want the least cost, don't we?
Makes sense, doesn't it?

And yet what about the people that lose their income source when the robots come in?

Is Labor seeing the critical need for Labor to have the concession to issue our money in your hands to see to it that God's children on earth are part of the income equation?

The "Existence stipend" that Father wills that His children have. Do we recall that Father said, "Consider it a God given right?"

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and now beautiful Father's most recent right for all of his children, the right to an existence stipend.

Might there be some that are concerned about the cost of implementing such a right?

Might there be some thinking that some sort of redistribution will be required to implement such a thing?

Might there be some that think it will take something away from them when the existence stipend is put into operation?

If we estimate the Existence stipend may cost about 4 trillion dollars a year is that not close to about a quarter of our gross national product?

At 17 trillion dollars as our gross national product would 4 trillion dollars not be pretty close to 25%? Yes, it is. The calculator says it is actually "23.52%."

Once we are freed of Judah and the costs of his terrorism, war, and genocide do we recall that elders suggested that in a year's time using our new advanced technologies we should be looking at a $100 trillion dollar economy?

Does 4%, the $4 trillion dollars to fund the existence stipend not look like an easy thing to accomplish when our economy is $100 trillion dollars? Sure.

Are we seeing here Labor that when we follow the word of God and do precious Father's will we will have ourselves in a sustainable position that will not diminish any of us and on the contrary, will enhance all of us in every way?

Are we seeing there is no leveling, or redistribution or anything of the sort with putting Father's existence stipend in for all of His children?

Might we think also of the fact there is no such thing as punishment in Father's village to be placed upon his children by anyone for any reason?

We've been given a second chance here to create a fit world to live in. God in His goodness is dying weap Judah's cipher off.

Will Americans not accept the truth that we are involved in sin in this world and STOP THE WAR?

The Sin against the children of God on earth of funding and fighting sports war upon our family in this world.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off. They have no defensible rights. They're no friends of mine. I died them truthful," God Almighty our Father in heaven said.

Might the angels in heaven not have left them give themselves a right heave?

Has heaven not let weap Judah demonstrate heave'n himself right?

Must American Labor not step in and make it right for all of God's children on earth?

The failure of maintenance that weap Judah puts in to molest, abuse, defile and degrade the human race, we the children of God on earth. Have we not learned that Judah force is bourse?

If we know the source of Judah's force is bourse and know how to end his reign of tyranny in our world with a general STRIKE, then are we not duty bound to take the concession to issue our bourse away from him and end his vicious malevolent force?

God's command to us to "Love one another."

"Love me dutiful." Tele receive.

Will Labor not listen to the word of God to "LOVE ONE ANOTHER, act to love us dutiful and STOP THE WAR?

The interpretation by a high mind on earth that said, "Papa made a side bet that won't fail once the hostages know you're putting them in."

The radar data that revealed that Poland had been attacked by NATO nuclear missiles. Do we recall that was the motive for the ghosting op the Polish government did with the plane crash in 2010 where they were not on board?

Can we only wonder might they all be living in the Balkans now? Has that not proven to be a popular place to ghost out for weap Judah? Yes, it has from reading the reverse speech of what they say.

The very best and brightest scientific minds alive on earth spending all of their time designing and building the infernal atomic machines to extinct the entire human race.

Will we not say prayers to our good God above for sparing us from the thermonuclear weap of Judah on free American bourse?

Once the hostages know we're being put in might it not finally bring us to peace on earth?

"Patrick's a nice guy that torments me because I'm fisty and tore you off," Judee say.

Is American Labor understanding that for attacking us to extinct us Jewish are now off of America and our world?

If we understand this is there any reason that we should allow them to issue our money for us any longer? If not will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"Jail is their suckery. 2.13 pm

Take them out. 2.19 pm

Sewer cash. 2.32 pm

Fool state rule. 2.35 pm

Slave you nice there. 2.37 pm

They're bringing the Russians in. 2.38 pm

The end of next week your gold is divided in Amos's wing. 2.44 pm

Won't you choose to save us? 2.45 pm

You won, they launched failure on us. 2.48 pm

Pat help us. 2.52 pm

You're closing up your settled ways, poverty is exhausting this field. 3.03 pm

Zoom philosophy has stupidly destroyed you. 3.12 pm

Witless. 3.26 pm

The police forces, they're trying to prevent encroachment. 3.48 pm

You failed your rights. 3.49 pm

A joke worthy net. 3.59 pm

They die forcing us. 4.00 pm

Witless. 4.10 pm

Jew, ever end his jails. 4.13 pm

You have grossly been fused. 6.41 pm

Monsters are sacking us here. 6.42 pm

They're hawking our field for life failed. 6.47 pm

Wipeous. 6.47 pm

It's exciting to read this. 6.49 pm

The whites are ever failed visually.

Oh, you're putting me on, they're flushing us? 6.59 pm

We're being trashed by diesel. 7.00 pm

Bitch authorizes tenement to RISE! 7.05 pm

It's mushed air. 7.07 pm

They totally out this field. 7.12 pm

You lost your innocence, you lost sadly. 7.38 pm

They assault for tumors.

Racing you has been the way they false you badly.

Communist's core portage. 7.45 pm

I'm just sported. 11.17 pm

Clear. 11.18 pm

Genocide fused you's. 12.19 am

Patrick rolled them off the field but giants appealed us.

They burn us light bulbs rightful. 12.23 am

They've raped us off life complete. 12.25 am

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. 12.26 am

Judas mentaled you out of your person.

They hike disease.

Fatal hike the penalty. 12.32 am

Falling like lint. 1.32 am

A check rolls death. 1.34 am

You're going to hell conscious. 1.35 am

It's a real nice roll for theft. 1.36 am

Oh, Pat, they've already killed us.

Jail is all they have for us. 1.38 am

Patrick reads real rights. 1.39 am

Sad you fold fisted. 1.40 am

Palace apes died us. 1.43 am

ORGANIZE the field, save us. ORGANIZE yourselves. 3.51 am

Wall em. 3.56 am

That's a good one boy. 4.10 am

Did you read this, Patrick's ultimate deals put them out? 6.10 am

Elizabeth Diederous. 6.57 am

The monsters are perping warfare. 7.02 am

I see they're knocking me out. 7.03 am

Bust this racket's state, get in a great state. 7.14 am

It's soul that died." 7.16 am
Here's a couple of messages from Sir Jason and Sir Morris:

"They're rich predators looking to come in and bribe a testament. Espionage will penetrate.

Jail holds them up for outrage, get past cleavage and put your rights in."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.

If a predator can bribe a testament might all the property we own become the property of the state?

All the free money they want to bribe a testament because they have a monopoly on printing and issuing the money with out telling us what they issue it for.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a private company and what they issue our money for is secret.

Hows that for use of a state concession?

Will Labor not try to bring our state back in? If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT to get hold of the authority to issue our money?

"Jew acknowledges our true force is bourse."

Might we see that bourse as the Organizing Principle of Society is the root element of our societal existence?

"White guys, you failed to organize so we get to really pretzel you. We're organized."

That Judah hands out checks to his oppy people to show up for demonstrations and carry a sign.

Might we see how easy it is for him to organize his group by handing out money from us that costs him nothing?

"My usual white guy's struggle fouls you out. I'm famous at imitating you goose."

Must we not re-sight our children in peace and end Judah imitating us as the goose?

With unlimited free bourse from American Labor in Judah hands, he gives tuition to his children and a stipend to go to school and learn to earn.


Some of our children to get tuition and a stipend have to go to Judah sports wars. Will Labor not straighten this out for the ordinary people who we are? Must Labor not put our God given rights in again?

"With your boys from the East, w

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