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August Financial Armageddon - Pray It Fails
Sun Jul 30, 2017 05:44



Folks - time to pray hard. What is planned for next month in August is horrible.

First - On August 22nd all states must begin paying hospitals back for the dollars they have spent under the Affordable Health Care Act - “Obama” Care.

When the Affordable Health Care Act was passed Congress did not set any money aside to pay for this Huge health Care Bill and now that there is actually a “Budget” proposed for 2017-2018 Congress has not set aside any funding for this Health Care Act.

The cost of this Affordable Health Care Act has exceeded $4 Trillion Dollars each year.

Since most states average 25% of their State Budgets for Health Care - reimbursed by the United States - they have simply taken the money the Feds have sent them and spent it on other things such as supporting Illegal Aliens on welfare.

According to a Federal Court Ruling given 22 May 2017 in which President trump asked for 90 days to implement this request and only one state has thus far complied - Illinois.

The State of Illinois has been ordered to do just that last month and the literally have stopped paying their bills.

Of course - if you look at the State of Illinois Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Not their budget) you will realize they have literally Billions in Stock, bonds, and cash in banks - but this is obviously not being used to pay off these hospitals.

This will be the situation in every other state as they try to hang onto their huge assets.

Instead they are trying to do it using their annual budget to pay for this Heath Care and it si solely inadequate to do so.

It remains to be seen what the courts will do to force these states to begin paying back the Hospitals for the moneys they have illegally “Re-Appropriated” for their own pet projects.

It is all a big show where the Elites get richer and we - the public - get poorer so we pray.

2) This all came about as the US Senate voted to reject the Republican Health Care Bill.

As the story goes - Vice President Pence held the Senate Chambers opened until Senator Traitor McCain came waltzing into the chambers to vote at 2AM against the Republican Health Care Bill.

So - this Senator went in to have a Huge Brain tumor Removed, walked out fo the Hospital to vote???

And Vice President Pence waited until 2Am for the Senator to waltz in and vote?

It is all a big show.

3) Second - This should be of great concern to all of us as the Chinese are now leveraging their Yuan to force the acceptance of their New Gold backed Yuan to pay for Oil - thus challenging the Supremacy of the US Dollar as the World’s reserve Currency.

If you go to the “Golden Jackass” website you will learn that this may mean a new US Dollar will be issued and that will be devalued by 50% within the first few months of being issued and then face a devaluation of 30 % every year after that.

3) As for Crypto Currencies - they are easy to hack. And who is to say that these currencies - now being regulated and taxed by the US - will not simply double the amount of Crypto’s just line the Banks do --- just add digits to their accounts to increase profits.

If you don’t hold it ain’t yours.

With one exception - physical Gold and Silver in a secured and insured vault - like Noble Gold.

Since it is nontaxable and simply a holding place - it is not subject to any state or Federal interferences.

In other news:

A) In the recent Drama in Washington D.C. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has agreed to testify against the Big “H” in the DNC Leak Investigation is exchange for Immunity - something about dead attorneys and a body on the beach that all are connected to her after the FBI raided her house and found lots and lots of evidence.

B) Another Holistic Doctor (Dr Glenn Scarpelli) and his wife Patricia Colant) were is found dead on the side walk with suicide notes in their pockets in plastic baggies.

Apparently there was a whole lot of screaming and fighting in their Manhattan High Rise Apartment and then they both went flying out of their Hugh Rise Apartment windows.

The count of murdered Medical Doctors now practicing Holisitc Medicine has reached 60...

C) Former White House Chef Walter Scheib - hired by the Big “H” - was found dead in Taos, New Mexico in the desert mountains. Cause of death - Drowning.

Think about it.

D) President Trump fired Reince Priebus - White House Chief Of Staff - for leaking Classified Information.

Ta Da Trump

E) In a current conference hackers were asked to attack our voting machines and they have had great success in doing so - proving the Electronic Polling Machines are worthless.

Yeah - think about it.
For You Intel Geeks;

1) 15 August you plan to torch off 25KT Firecrackers across the nation? - it has been stopped

2) 15 August you plan to place an Encapsulated Slow release bio-weapon in a City water system just north of Fort Collins perhaps Laramie?

Please pray that the governor of as Wyoming is ready for this potential disaster and send Love to his office in Cheyenne.

3) 22 August you will crash the States and shut down all non-essential state services.

4) You are planning to begin buying Oil using the Gold Backed Yuan from Saudi Arabia - thus challenging the Supremacy of the King Dollar.

…5) 28 August - an attempt of Both Trump and Pence - it will fail miserably as Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz begins to testify and release information on the Awan Brothers.

Please pray that congress falls flat on their faces and is neutralized.

Send Love and Gratitude into the Water supply in Washington, DC.

Whatever state you live in - sent Love into their water systems so the Governors will authorized the money in their state CAFR be released to pay their State’s bills.

Open each Governor’s eyes as to how much money is really available to him to pay his bills and to begin obeying US laws.

Please also pray that if we do have an economic “Crash” that you and your family take the necessary steps to prepare for all of the planned events.

We The LITTLE People (UN Term) will win - we have over ½ a million people praying every day that not only does the United Nations closes down and President Trump succeeds in his endeavours but that those following Lucifer either immediately Repent and do what is right in the eyes of GOD or leave the Planet immediately.


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This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM.

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