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EXTREMELY important !!!
Sun Jul 30, 2017 08:42

As of tomorrow there will be a court case 'Tennessee vs Heather Tucci' which should be of huge importance to everyone wanting to take back our Justice System. But the powers that be do not even want you to know about it let alone be there tomorrow in DC. Heather needs our backing. Those of you who can be in DC by tomorrows hearing on the 7/31/17 must make every effort to back up Heather Tucci!!!

  • August Financial Armageddon - Pray It FailsWilliam Mount, Sun Jul 30 05:44
    AUGUST FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON - PRAY ========= Folks - time to pray hard. What is planned for next month in August is horrible. First - On August 22nd all states must begin paying hospitals back for... more
    • EXTREMELY important !!! — scantv77, Sun Jul 30 08:42
      • Further Information About Heather Tucciscantv77, Mon Jul 31 07:51
        Published on Jul 28, 2017 OFFICIAL CHARGES ARE- Both Randy and HATJ have been indicted in US District Court Eastern Tennessee District, case number 3:17-CR-00082. From: Anna von Reitz... more
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