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"My Beautiful Children Have Burned Themselves." That Bitch
Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:48

"My Beautiful Children Have Burned Themselves."

Bitch heard that at 3.11 am this morning.

"My beautiful children have burned themselves."

Could it be that some Americans just do not know the truth, we have been destroyed in a silent, odorless nuclear war?

Full bellies living comfortable lives. And now we have lost our fields, our settled ways of life.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us the 6 hours needed to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

6 hours was a recent estimate from a weap Judea of how long it will take in a general STRIKE to get them to hand over to Labor the authority to issue our money.

Tele receives:

"Oh, they abolished us. 9.05 am

You're welcome. 11.05 am

Shoot us apple. 11.08 am

Take them out. 11.39 am

Witless guys late. 12.05 am

The guy that tumored you is breaching you failed. 12.08 am

They naturally die us. 12.26 pm

Botch this score. 2.56 pm

Illogical fright. 5.46 pm

A HUGE fault falls you. 5.48 pm

Stalking for free failed. 5.55 pm

Pretty nice bump, looks like they get us here. 6.03 pm

Thank you. 7.22 pm

He's the top scientist on the planet. 7.26 pm

I still love you. 7.31 pm

You lost your real sight, your real ment. 7.48 pm

You've been forced to itch. 7.49 pm

Patrick true got great brains. 7.50 pm

Tragic. 7.56 pm

The cow is defeated attack. 8.01 pm

Lifers failed us. 8.02 pm

Lincoln failed. 8.43 pm

Patrick save us, please save us. 8.45 pm

Jew hostages just have to follow the STRIKE and he is permanent out. White fish pushed them out, get the right key.

Organize, a fail is death. 11.48 pm

Jerk noodles refused.

Got nothing to eat will commence in America for many.

Patrick save us delightfully. 1.15 am

Get them off, it's an awful field.

You've been fisted. 1.18 am

It's inadequate sub.

Patrick lightens this field.

For the turkey I failed molested.

Ignore the chaos tumbled you great. 2.19 am

Shooting away holds the kerchief. 2.20 am

Weap convenience holds you.

Punishment is already here.

Stop coming police assault, STRIKE!

Tyranny assaulted captive.

Chase them off of us here. 2.23 am

This is as gross as our fiend ever got.

My beautiful children have burned themselves.

A great fall idiots. 3.13 am

It's a fail to fool to die. 3.12 am

Idiot falsing out yourself. 3.15 am

You lost your field." 3.42 am

"Shell destiny way was free. I'm trustworthy to snatch you off the street. My force ways will fall out by Tuesday. It's our beast obvious, it's all wrong but the white has fallen. My Palace rates.

We take advantage of you then take off your life. We boom cite you. I'm a Morgan welcher. Because of Iowa boy, we eventually leave. We're going to weap until we're through without a jury.

A passionate revolution we scored is out. It's impossible my whole purpose. My horsepower with interest failed you all. I error oopy. The right child will mouse. Because I'm making war you're making new arrangements for me.

I just box you right to make a bad kid. Our whole purpose right is to chapel wit. Patrick rolled Jew UNICEF and end my core-dee day. We're going to bust you all up. Our cots are our receipts. To get casualties we make threats. Tyr your day through Federal life.

I shot Lincoln with a spiritual to force my way. Ever Missouri I rude you blightly. The free energy surely pushes that's why I bourse bad. Because of Jew way an average man's sex dies. I do you jail Judee well, it's part of my conspear.

I push big with my Oregon. It's my right to force you bad, that's why I can never come back. Because of the big advantage of divisive, I'm a big attack. I hate you mouse of Judas. It takes a weapon to keep Auschwitz in also heart attacks to skin deep.

The West in April eventually pulled you out, now I can't come back. I rest you how big I stage fries. I'm a summons chump to score you dead, purpose rate. Your average is dying down.

I swallowed you basically with force. I'm allegedly foul. I've fallen your rights, I'm booming your appetite, I'm Jew to you. I have soda pop. It's my big bourse that gives a right to me," Judee say.

"It's my big bourse that gives a right to me."

And takes all rights away from the people that make the big bourse available to weap Judah, American Labor.

So simple to put us on the right street, take the bourse away from Judah, and we have not done it yet. What might explain that? Better yet, are we aware that a general STRIKE will correct it?

"Lifers failed us." 8.02 pm

Sure we know lifers failed us, but did we not fail lifers first?

Did we not let them grow up with no secure access to bourse? Did we not just turn our heads and look the other way when they were growing up in need?

Did we not help by our neglect to set them up to be used for Judee sports on us?

Did we not allow them to be caged for trifles when they were kids? By not having a just social and economic system in did we not fail them before they failed us? Certainly.

"I just box you right to make a bad kid."

Did we not fail lifers and many others by letting Judah keep his cage system in?

100,000 prisoners of Jew punishment in solitary confinement in America. Might we understand that we are involved in Sin?

The foul brutality of the Jewish prison system that has ruined God's children in England.

Might we understand it has come about because it is only weap Judah that issues the money for England?

Are Americans not seeing that Judah has accomplished Americans in the same way that he accomplished our family in England?

The sniper sports teams from Parliament and the Palace. Will American Labor not get them off of us?

The corrupt judicial system that is in place in America. Will Labor not put our rights in and close the corporate crime wave out of here right?

KBR Not Liable For Iraq Toxic Burn Pits, Judge Rules
By Chuck Stanley

Law360, Washington (July 20, 2017, 2:12 PM EDT) -- A Maryland federal judge tossed a multidistrict litigation against defense contractor KBR Inc. on Wednesday over allegations that the company exposed military personnel to toxic fumes in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying the decision to use open burn pits was the military’s decision, driven by the “exigencies of war.”
KBR is not responsible for health problems related to water treatment services or its use of open burn pits to dispose of trash at military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan because the contractor was acting as directed by the military, which had the authority to determine that risks related to waste and water treatment were outweighed by battlefield dangers posed by other disposal methods, Judge Roger W. Titus said Wednesday, granting the contractor’s motion to dismiss.

Might we note that was a judge and not a jury that ruled against the workers that were injured on the job?

Might we understand that when our American Bill of Rights is in a judge cannot throw a case out before the jury hears the facts if a jury trial demand is made?

All the workers poisoned by the open pit burning. Do we see how the corporate hides behind the “exigencies of war” to cover their decisions to do hazardous things that harm their workers?

If only a jury had heard the facts, might there have been facts uncovered that the open burning was done specifically with the intent to sicken the workers?

Might the open pit burning have been merely more of Judah burning sport? Might those sick workers have big insurance policies on them?

Might a jury not have heard the facts about it all?

Might we not be thinking that Hitachi-GE is merely the radioactive variation of KBR open pit burning to poison us in the hundreds of millions right here in America as it poisoned the workers for KBR?

Might we see when our predecessors let the Supreme clerks get away with putting chains back on Dred Scott in 1858 after a jury set him free, where it has fallen us to today where judges block juries from even hearing the facts before a decision is made?

Will Labor not put our jury force in once again?

Do we recall it is the jury that saved our earlier predecessors from Judah sins in 1215 AD in England?

Might we see Labor that with the combination of a false judicial system combined with snipers on the street we will never again have a fair day for ourselves or our kin?

The “exigencies of war” to prevent a jury from hearing the facts. Might we recall that it was Chicago Union elevator workers that helped wire up the World Trade Center buildings that gave Judah his war so that the courts could rule that it was “exigencies of war” as to why the jury could not hear the facts?

The joys, both little and large that Judah enjoys taking out of our lives. Are we not perceiving that it is through the war that Judah has held himself in to do wrongful things to us?

Will we not take the force that Judah uses to take the joy out of our lives away from him?

And what is the force that is holding Judah in to molest and abuse us?

"Jew acknowledges our true force is bourse."

That reverse facial speech from an Asian political weap Judah.

Their superior mental they claim that holds us. Their great weaps that they shoot us with.

Their planetary destroying hydrogen packages and their psychiatrists that like to play with our minds. Might we not understand that as deadly as they are, that their true force is bourse?

Are we understanding that it is the purchasing power force of our collective Labor efforts in Judah's private hands that have let them get so far away from the rest of God's children on earth?

And how far away from us did Judah get?

Did he not get far enough away from us to attack us all out with enough nuclear blast force to wipe us all out? Yes, they did. Anyone doubt it?

"They're coring us dreadful. 4.26 am

They cheat us with their great bench." 5.19 am

And now after thousands of years of their perfected foul we finally have the chance to get rid of them for good. And what do we do other than nothing?

Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

The great and unlimited power that Father has. And yet Father does not use it to force any one.

Will Labor not "Get Smart," get a clue, STRIKE THEM OUT and let us join with the love of our Father for us all?

"I would have given you anything," sweet kind beautiful Papa said.

"Jew out! 6.02 am

The excrement people. 6.04 am

You're welcome for outing Jews. 6.08 am

Spies kind was born vicious." 6.15 am

We are living in our Father's village, one of 1,300 villages that Father is raising His little children in.

That we should be so lucky to be gifted with the same high-level psychiatric genetics that our elders themselves have.

Our family from the universe. We that are made in the image of our good God.

And what does Judah call our family from the Federation that genetically engineered us into our high-level life form that we are? Do we recall reading, "our breeders" in reverse facial speech?

Judah enjoying miniaturizing us. Now that Father had His angels let Judah catch himself has he not miniaturized himself great?

"Illogical fright." 5.46 pm

Now that Judah has shown us his hand is it not certain that he is forevermore a real NO where man with us?

His hand of forcing the new state of America to engage in a state of permanent war.

His ability to smear all the people that might oppose his war plans. And those that he can't rifle, have we not seen how he is perfected at being able to embarrass and smear right?

Now that he has been caught attacking us with his great balls of fire that were mounted on top of his Continentals, should we not act logical and let them off right?

Judah's scientists are telling him that if he can hold American Labor to fund war until February that he will be able to destroy the entire United States of America and poison us out 100%.

Does that seem possible with only one nuclear artillery piece disguised as a Jewish electricity plant?

Has he not already poisoned out a third of the water on the surface of our planet, the Pacific Ocean, with only that one Jewish electricity plant? Yes, he has and he is dumping more nuclear waste toxins into the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis.

Might we only wonder when the rapture is to begin?

The time when Father pulls His righteous children off of the surface of planet earth as a third of the human race dies out sickened by Jewish electricity brimstone waste disease.

Might it be sometime before February when Judah scientists tell him he will have killed everyone in America with his Jewish electricity nuclear waste?

Mild people of the north ever having failed to Judah metal and mental force. Will we not pray that there is a different outcome this time?

"I urge you to fall them for their sin," Father said.

Might we like to review again some thinking from those that are still holding us hostage?

"Papa's made a side bet here that won't fail once the hostages know you're putting them in."

From reading comments and an assortment of posts, does it appear that Americans are just not properly informed as to how cunningly we are being destroyed?

My fellow hostages, that know that we are being put in, will we not share that dreadful fact with the rest of the hostages that seem to not know that we are being scientifically put in?

Will we not encourage each other to have faith in our good God above and throw away illogical fear and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Has our good God not willed American Labor to issue our money? Yes, Father has willed American Labor to issue our money.

Are we seeing that Father has set our destiny to be guided by the working men and women of Labor? Must Labor not end funding Jewish sports war? Must Labor not end funding Jewish sports genocide?

If your answers are yes, Must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
Watchword for the Week — God, turn to me and be gracious to me, as is your custom toward those who love your name. Psalm 119:132
Sunday, July 30 — 1 Kings 3:5–12; Psalm 119:129–136
Romans 8:26–39; Matthew 13:31–33,44–52
Do not trust in these deceptive words: “This is the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord.” Amend your ways and your doings. Jeremiah 7:4–5
Paul wrote: The Kingdom of God is not a matter of words but of power. 1 Corinthians 4:20 (GNT)
Wonderful Creator of Almighty Power, we gaze into the universe and are left speechless with the magnitude of your glories. All is your living temple. We humbly remove sandals to walk graciously upon your sacred ground. Amen.

6.09 pm

"Take off this awful state wisely. 7.20 am

Their arrest story is completely over here. 7.40 am

Get em out! 8.31 am

Get rid of them. 8.43 am

You're minor right now. 10.27 am

They're harming us. 10.28 am

Pat, lead us out of arson now. 10.29 pm

Irish drear war out. 10.30 pm

Ice rolled kids, nice rolled deal. 10.31 am

I don't believe this failed his mother's competence. 10.33 am

We're died out. 10.34 am

ORGANIZE without a jail. 10.39 am

We're passed by the century for breeze. 10.41 am

Nasty Iowa failed us. 10.46 am

Good luck was scrunched. 10.55 am

You have failed to receive us naturis. 11.03 am

Tear ashen. 11.44 am

They Herc us. 11.50 am

They mug sighted us. 11.54 am

Through their stupid ruse they're bruising. 12.05 pm

Jews have shoved you desperately. 12.52 pm

You've been harassed here. 1.07 pm

Jew is chased away so save us. 1.41 pm

Patrick, the great false are trying to wake us. 1.57 pm

You're welcome here anytime. 2.16 pm

They're de-socializing us. 2.41 pm

Patrick, they're poisoning us, RISE THEM! 3.00 pm

They've got an embarrass sight. 3.10 pm

Paris sighted. 3.12 pm


It's icy. 3.14 pm

The goos

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