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Internal Civil War Begins In America
Mon Jul 31, 2017 04:53

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There is a Civil Was that is now going on at the highest levels of America.

The two sides are pitted against one word: Freedom.

This war has been going on from the beginning of time and has reached a Pinnacle with the advent of the Internet.

Slavery is nothing new and it has been going on since the beginning of Man Kind.

Even today we see the slaves coming up on camel to Casablanca and being sold on the open market.

Heck - in Los Angeles another Pedaphile ring was just broken up using young women as Sex Slaves.

As for America between 1618 and 1775 the British imported 500,000 blacks and 300,000 Irish Slaves into north America to work as slaves.

In 1857 in the Dred Scott Decision the US Supreme Court - 7 Democrats and 2 Republicans - ruled Blacks were inferior to Whites and were therefore better off as slaves and Slaves became Property.

It took a huge Civil War to end that ruling.

Six years after the Civil War ended the Supreme Court of Virginia - after the 1871 Incorporation of the United States in the Organic Constitution - ruled that if you have committed a Felony you became a Slave of the state.

The wording was later changed to “Ward Of The State” but it means the same thing.

So today - the United States is importing huge amounts of Immigrants to act as Slaves in the factories that will be built to reindustrialize America.

Today an immigrant will work for $8.00 an hour with no benefits and put his whole family to work and the father then takes the money and redistributes it as they see fit.

So in order for this to work the elites must eliminate those who demand air wages and would compete with these huge corporations.

That is exactly what is being done.

Just keep in mind:

…a) 13th Amendment Abolish Slavery - 100% Republican Support, 23% Democratic Support

…b) 15th Amendment - Right To Vote: 100% Republican, 0% Democrat

14th Amendment: Free Slaves: 944 Rep, 0% Dems

4) Obama Care: 0% Rep, 86% Dems

Today almost all of Congress and the Senate - they all are n Worshipping, Human Sacrificing Democrats at heart.

Time for some arrests.

You really should read the article.

In other news:

1) 1,800 Tone of Radioactive Waste has An Ocean View And No Place To Go.

Over 890,000 Used Nuclear Rods sit in a containment ponds just South of Los Angeles at the San Orofre Nuclear Plant - which is now closed.

These Nuclear Rods will now have to be care for on a Major Fault Line for the next Million Years.

The last President blocked all attempts to find a permanent place to put them and the New President is trying to locate a permanent Place to house them - 80% of all Used Nuclear Rods in the nation.

The most likely place is in caves under the areas the US blew up over 2,500 Nuclear Weapons - Nevada. You can simply put them there and block the entrance to the caves.

A Second place could be Yucca Mountain, Utah.

Every time a new place is mentioned every Federal and State agency blocks the transfer of these deadly Nuclear Rods.

President Trump has 5 choices:

…a) Leave them there until after a Major Earthquake and let them sink into the ocean. With currents this means the entire Southern Pacific Ocean would be dead in 10 years.

…b) Move them to a permanent storage facility in the South Western US Desert

…c) Hit them with Lighting 15 times through Geoenginerd storms and eliminate their radioactivity.

…d) Use Radionics machines to dissolve the radioactivity

…e) Use Brown’s Gas to neutralize the Used Nuclear Rods.

2) Russia throws out 755 US Diplomats leaving 458 remaining in the Moscow Embassy.

The reason is clear - there was a plot to kill President Putin and his staff and it was traced right back to the US Embassy.

One of the odd things the Russian’s Discovered is when the American’s Left they abandoned a Bio Weapons lab right there in Moscow.

The RNA Samples that were collected were from prominent Russian Citizens were being used to create a Virus to kill Russians.

So - Good Job President Putin. If you had done as GOD asked tyou to do this never would have happened.

The course Congress has recently set, thanks to in part Senator Traitor McCain, is to completely isolate the United States form the rest of the world financially, economically, socially, politically, and even in all forms of trade.

3) Vaccinated Children Are Sicker hat Unvaccinated Children.

Vaccinated children are:

…a) 2 ½ Times More Likely to have Chronic Illnesses

…b) 4 Times More Likely To Have Autism

…c) 5 Times More Likely To Have Learning Disabilities

…d) 30 Times More Likely To Have Allergies.

4) Finally - The First Human Embryos Were Genetically Modified In US.

Please note that when you read this article this was done with a Chemical - and could be given to full grown adults.

For them to admit it means those in the Underground Complexes have been doing this for over 70 years.

Please pray that congress falls flat on their faces and is neutralized.

Send Love and Gratitude into the Water supply in Washington, DC.

Whatever state you live in - send Love into their water systems so the Governors will authorized the money in their state CAFR be released to pay their State’s bills.

Open each Governor’s eyes as to how much money is really available to him to pay his bills and to begin obeying US laws.

Please also pray that if we do have an economic “Crash” that you and your family take the necessary steps to prepare for all of the planned events.

We The LITTLE People (UN Term) will win - we have over ½ a million people praying every day.


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This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM.

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Dr William B. Mount

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