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"The Hostages Are Smoking Themselves. Receipts Are Clearly D
Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:14

"The Hostages Are Smoking Themselves. Receipts Are Clearly Deadly."

Those are a couple, of overnight Tele receives.

"The hostages are smoking themselves. Receipts are clearly deadly."

What is money other than 'notes, chits?' Little pieces of paper with writing on them that can be redeemed for goods.

Do we recall that our elders informed us that money actually is "Abstract receipts of Labor?"

Something as simple as a piece paper with writing on it. The vouchers, chits, notes, that let us access the aggregate resource base. All the things we purchase and need to live. Little pieces of paper with writing on them. Money, cash. Checks.

Abstract receipts of Labor, money, that allow us to exchange the products of Labor with each other.

Can we not say prayers of thanks to Father for having His angels explain the technical issues of our economy to us?

The "Organizing Principle of Society," elders enlightened us as to what exactly the issue of money is.

Will Labor not energize itself, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the "Organizing Principle of Society" into your own collective hands?

"A usable minnow makes our tyrannies," Judee say.

Will the usable people of Labor not help us to close Judah tyrannies out?

Tele receives:

"You're so smart you were refused. 7.25 pm

Their principles sale us. 7.41 pm

They're sinning us. 7.48 pm

That is the most incite-able thing I have ever heard. 7.58 pm

They're pushed out of our family, STRIKE THEM OUT! 8.01 pm

Jews rightfully died us fish died. 8.04 pm

They've got morgue receipts for you. 8.05 pm

They're going to rot you off physically. 8.07 pm

They're falsing us out in secret. 8.09 am

It's now four and a half years of lethal. 8.16 pm

The scrimmage boy, his perfect netted. 8.17 pm

A loser has to get out. 8.22 pm

A genital attack. 8.23 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, they're burning us up. 8.25 pm

They're coming in to beast the field. 8.27 pm

Incredible failure in the human breed. 8.37 pm

Efforts were made to salvage my checks. 8.42 pm

Pat, take the poison out, we're still kids. 8.44 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT for playful. 8.49 pm

Brute animal power won executive. 8.57 pm

The white man has failed to save his life forces. 8.55 pm

And that's what it is, they're folding us out of life form. 8.59 pm

They die for scoring this field. 9.02 pm

You die slow through some heaviness. 9.07 pm

Deadly they torch us. 9.08 pm

The martyrs fell. 9.13 pm

Catch you later. 9.16 pm

Pure war. 9.19 pm

Embezzling captured thee. 9.20 pm

A smoking enemy. 9.21 pm

It's failing here. 9.39 pm

The animals will harm us. 9.39 pm

STRIKE! 9.41 pm

Tech knowledged.

Bernie's pushing you. 1.08 am

Will you help me? 1.13 am

They scored you antimony reduced. 1.14 am

They're burning us through the air. 1.22 am

They've finished us fair. 1.26 am

They've smashed the white out. 1.28 am

Patrick, pull their racket off nice. 1.31 am

Once they repress you rightful they destroy you. 1.32 am

Bernie fails you, ISIS you. 1.37 pm

A permanent exhaust toss you out. 1.39 am

You are scored, you've been scored, you've been squashed. 2.14 am

Eternity wants to receive judgments here. 2.16 am

They score warring despot. 2.18

You've been wasted, the air is scoring you out. 2.21 am

They've perished us. 2.22 am

You are being escorted. 2.24 am

You failed to save your nice state. 2.25 am

It failed for cash. 2.25 am

Finish here before strategy puts you in. 2.29 am

East Germany's broken us locks. 2.32 am

Please save your own self. 2.33 am

Missouri rice is filthy. 2.34 am

Dairy has failed. 2.35 am

Visually stopped usage. 2.36 am

Service centers kill with cash. 2.41 am

You're exhausting out your safe. 2.42 am

Receipts are clearly deadly. 2.43 am

They deport you right proceed. 2.44 am

Goebbelesque. 2.45 am

The hostages are smoking themselves. 2.46 am

Total eviction by poisoning your fields. 2.47 am

Pure East. 2.48 am

They're holding us tar field. 2.51 am

Flayed ya, I lost my spirit. 2.52 am

We lost our nice future because we failed to save ourselves. 2.53 am

Your resources are being completely exhausted. 5.03 am

Oh, they've thrown them out? 5.04 am

I'm worried. 7.20 am

Pat, you made a major gaffe. 8.05 am

They've burned you with fire. 8.07 am

Try to understand it." 8.09 am

"My true Germany relationship lets me animal you when I want to. I phase you out with heart attacks with my core shot. Our true memory knocks resources out. A usable minnow makes our tyrannies.

We try as soon as we're able to to take you out. You are Americans, truly corrupt. Mercury stopped our relation between you and me because of our purpose. My animal life falls your spirit.

Some day I'm out for my big ruse on you. Minimum of war we swep you soon. I die you after I fall myself off of here. Druid didn't catch on to what I do to him that's why I molest. I make your life a Jewish possession.

The white guy was always a tough guy to shoot. As soon as I'm forced off my receipt I end my war zoom right. Judee possesses you with Jew shot.

Nationwide our paralysis is letting us bust you pencil. I was quite stupid to shoot you impossible, it's going to cost me my bank force. Lets bomb. Bourse I app to win. I'll be sewerage in weeks for the stupid missile.

One day I'll catch you in a big catastrophe and take you out with my freebie. Bitch truly ruined our heretic. We push hydrogen on you Mabel. I molest as soon as you don't notice me.

I mees you app out. Because I always throw you out, nice man threw my chemicals away. I am going to give you a creepy foreign minister because you have been rude to the Bitch. We bust your name out with fiction, that's how we core you," Judee say.

"You're so smart you were refused." 7.25 pm

How about we think of the late great Elvis who sang to us, "Don't be cruel to a heart so true?"

Bitch don't claim so smart. Didn't "B" say to him, "If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed? That was when he figured out the plan all along was to do a surprise attack and smoke us all out with hydrogen. He didn't get that clear until he had not drunk alcohol in 6 years and was 49 years old in July, of 1997.

He was a 4th level thinker at that time. A 6th level thinker before that when he drank the juice.

"You have a limited range, operate within in it. You're not to rule, enrich them. Your technical is better than you are aware of," elder said.

"Patrick's fault is stupid. It comes from enduring prolonged periods of suffering. It set you back a ways," Father said.

And besides, didn't Bitch apologize several times to his fellow hostages for his insult over 5 years ago? Yes, he did.

Do we see that now Judah is going to give our family in Asia a creepy foreign minister because we have not gotten together to STRIKE THEM OUT?

As far as Bitch being refused, by American Labor but not by our elders from outer space. "Minutiae" is how elders describe what Judah is using to falsely smear Bitch.

American Labor has not been refused by our elders from the Federation. Judah has been refused because of his inability to accommodate others.

WE are welcome in the Federation. All of us that want to join with our family in peace.

"That is the most incite-able thing I have ever heard." 7.58 pm

Might that Tele receive be in response to this in yesterdays post, "Papa's made a side bet here that won't fail once the hostages know you're putting them in?"

The particularly sharp odor in our ordinary air pollution. Might that be due to the synergistic effect of the odorless tasteless brimstone that is coming out of our mouths now?

"Once they repress you rightful they destroy you." 1.32 am

Are we understanding that Judah conned us out of our rights with a specific plan in mind?

Are we understanding that for him to do his wilding in our society he must have us right less to move his robbery forward?

Instead of spiting Bitch for his fault, might Labor not try to forgive, have a little mercy on a heart that's true and try to get together to save ourselves from what is upon us now?

Might it not help to think of the Tele sender that said that Bitch fault was due to, "being at the front too long?"

The last thirty years in Chicago have seen literally tens of thousands of people murdered on the streets of the Windy City.

Are we understanding Labor these are boursed tyranny state slayings?

"We're breathing brimstone waste out our mouths. 8.26 am

They're beating us, they beat us. 8.27 am

Brush them off. 8.43 am

These son of a bitches burned us up. 9.03 am

Put them out of here, give us a RISE!" 11.01 am

We lost our force right. Are we ready for our funerals?

How right is it when we fund a sin state and have been warned by the top of our house, our good God Almighty to STOP THE WAR and we continue on a deadly course?

"Jew acknowledges our true force is bourse."

Will Labor not take Jew force away from him that he has used to put our beautiful nation into permanent war and is now using his private bourse to poison our fields and air?

"A usable minnow makes our tyrannies," Judee say.

Will we not Get Smart, STRIKE THEM OUT and act to prevent the complete decimation of ourselves at the private bourse hands of weap Judah?

"Gently release us from them." 11.05 am

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and gently release us from the financial grip of weap Judah that are taking their last nuclear war shot at us?

They're set to crumble our economy now.

"A usable minnow makes our tyrannies," Judee say.

Might we try to keep in mind that being usable to Judah tyranny will lead to loss of life form if we do not end Judah possession of us?

Those that are usable to Judah tyranny state. Now that he is finished are we not perceiving that he is doing all that he can to destroy us now that he has lost his place here?

Are the usable workers not aware yet that Judah is leaving us an unsustainable environment?

A broken economy due to exhausting us in war. A sick environment that will tumor our lungs.

Poisoned fields that will take away our abundant food supply away from us. Will Labor not help us?

If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Monday, July 31 Psalm 89:4652
Isaiah 56,57; Colossians 2:1123
I will remove the guilt of this land in a single day. Zechariah 3:9
Christ himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that, free from sins, we might live for righteousness. 1 Peter 2:24
Lord Jesus Christ, light our path so we may see clearly how to pick up our cross and follow you. Give us strength and fearless courage to face the challenges of the world, and help us to live simply within your power of grace. Amen.

4.37 pm

"You're stupid jailage. 11.27 am

America is suffering the greatest hell ever here.

They false us official vicious.

Good luck to you. 12.54 pm

We're failed on a bourse fail, Jew ends. 12.59 pm

Yank them out of here. 1.14 pm

Super raid them out for their cannibally. 1.47 pm

Get out of my stupid life, make the spirit rise right. 2.28 pm

Parasites have destroyed us. 3.37 pm

Jeremy's out.

Closeup this possess. 3.41 pm

Get ORGANIZED. 4.29 pm

They're sourcing us, we're complete source." 4.33 pm

"I'm doing the white boy right so you're not available for a lifetime. His mother couldn't stop me from paralyzing you. Bad Judee nosey on Drupid. The way we cage you let us get on you with ballistic.

In about 2 weeks you will hate the stench of death so much you will throw my wicked. I just use a diagram to core you out, I'm nuts, that's why I lost my state. We force your psyche into a rude cycle here.

Bitch, I fault him Kimberly. I'm trying to inflict a great loss of life before I'm over here. My taking titles for vehicles is over with. Kids set the people wild and it's more of my penetrate of you. X-ray can cripple.

Because we have been able to hold you in negative you have failed. I get you anxious with a visual so I can get a cow grip here. The new economy boy has gotten our poison out. The Martians I cabled right by you. With our purple, we're just fabulous pulling your life away.

Unless there's a rise in mental I'm going to take you off fierce. A Jews head can perish you away completely. Unless I have to die I'm going to put some ruthless behavior on you. I believe I'm going to die in the coming force. I do you irrevocable without a jury then cite you weapist.

Our rapes follow your detention. Shot you with obvious force. We have a future state that will violence you. Dog toss. 6 hours and we'll tumble. We brave you dud. We hold you to failure. You're perfect real jelly. We have a secret right, secret rights.

It's boursal, this will foul the cream puffs, foul the spirit. You leave me finish you off. We're rich from you fighting our wars. I'm off for horfiness. I'm making you fail so when I'm gone you'll hate Bitch," Judee say.

Reading Judee reverse speech they're indicating that the constant play on the pooch, diaper and the made up stories that Bitch is a mean guy is working to hold white in to keep funding and fisting for Judee.

"I got you out with gossip basically," Judee say.

Will We not pray that the love of God comes in and we free ourselves ever more from the errant life form that took over planet earth using the pocket book of American Labor to make permanent sports war?

Must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Thank you. God bless.



People fear what they do not understand. We are easier to delude and control when we are ignorant and afraid.

"The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he breaks, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime, and the punishment of his guilt."

John P. Curran

libertypatriot (1/13/2012)
Be careful - the new media paradigm has those talking negatively about "THE Fed" labeled as anti-Semetic. LOL. Standing up for America's Constitution gets one labeled a hater, racists, etc.. The insanity never ends with these America-haters.

The awesome truth (1/17/2012)
If we don't get smarter about this kind of stuff we are all doomed

This is not our true cause for being. We are meant to give and love each other. Maybe ultimately it will be a battle of good and evil that decides everything. As people are waking up to the fact that those we were told are good are truly the evil we have always feared. Again as Napolean said "history is told from the winners perspective", we as human beings are beginning to figure out the real truth, because in the end you cannot destroy truth--it is created out of light!
Terry (3/8/2012) edited

pasach (12/22/2011)
God help us all!!!

Citizen, U.S.(8/6/2011) Excerpt
Which network is following the Glass-Steagall resurgence issue? No, you probably haven't even heard of that, even when it is the first critical step to economical stability. All of these major "network news" entities have their marching orders from this elite group and their only purpose is to keep the public UNINFORMED. I would be willing to bet, however, that you know if Casey Anthony was declared innocent or guilty and you probably know exactly what is going on with the NFL strike.

How important are these issues compared to the demise of our entire nation? Maybe you would care more if I were to mention that if we do not wake up and apply ourselves right now, there will no longer be football, or any sports, or shopping, or walks in the parks, or anything at all. Who else but those who worship Satan could even devise such a devious scheme? No, this should not be a surprise to you at all, but only if you knew...
We need to know what their goal is. It would also benefit you to know what their motives and intentions are. Without going into great detail here (this can be researched further) the quick and

  • Internal Civil War Begins In AmericaWilliam Mount, Mon Jul 31 04:53
    Welcome to the smartest, most active, and the most loving audience in the world. We started this channel to garnish prayer to change to help save America and stop the coming World Conflict and so... more
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