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US Company Begins Chipping Employees
Wed Aug 2, 2017 07:27

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Year ago I spoke with Carl Sander several times of “Trumpet Ministries.” He developed the Verachip to track drug shipments for the CIA from Vietnam to the US.

They tried using them in Naval Munitions Tracking but the frequencies put out torched off the Ammunition - oops.

So what do you think they do to the Human Body???

Now we see them being used in people across the globe as almost all Presidents and their Congresses are chipped.

Now - as you read this - Three Square Market Software Development Company out of Wisconsin is asking their employees to be chipped with this device.

Placed between the thumb and forefinger on the right hand it allows you to Buy And Sell without ven having any Photo ID.

Apparently Finger Print and Print ID is not enough - now these Elites are pushing the Chip.

Employees are lining up to get chipped and they are even throwing parties for those that comply with this evil act.

Further - if you wish to work for this Company that is contracted by a CIA Owned Company to make Software - you must agree to be chipped.

Remember - Computers never Make Mistaaaaaaakes.

Yes - no more Photo ID - we just rely on the Master Computer.

The Bible has much to say on this matter - and I am sure this audience is well aware of these verses:

Deuteronomy 11:18, 6:8
Revelations 7:3, 13: 16-17

Think about this.

Suppose you go in for an emergency and during an operation you are chipped.

Suppose you get an artificial limb - that is filled with computer modules - does this separate you form GOD?

Suppose the doctor reattached a thumb and chipped you without you knowing about it

Does this separate you from GOD in any way?

GOD speaks in spirit so the Mark that Revelations is talking about is the Mark of Lucifer - not some electronic device that can be removed.

Make no mistake - the goals of the Illuminatti is to chip everyone on their Right Hand and on the back of your neck and in this way control every aspect of your life.

If you rebel - you are dead.

They apparently forgot about GOD.

So we leave you with this quote from Alexis De Toutville in 1835:

Not until I went into the Churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power……

America is Great because she is GOOD and if America ever ceases to be good she will cease to be great….”

When was the last time you heard a Preacher aflame with Righteousness???

Pray that the Wimpy, Luke Warm preachers are thrown out of the churches and GOD takes hold of a New Generation of those who will preach the Word of God.

In other news:

1) The Quatar Economy is Collapsing - making it ripe for China to now begin trading Oil and Natural Gas for the Yuan.

2) California Ranchers revolt After State Sets Aside 2 Million Acres Of Land For A Frog.

Yup - Governor Moon Beam Brown (CIA Appointee and one of Lucifer’s Finest) has signed legislation to set aside 2 Million Acres for the Yellow Legged Frog.

This will completely destroy Logging and Ranching in the entire Sierra Nevada range and displace hundreds of thousands of people as major tracts of land are put off limits to logging and cattle.

This will also reduce meat production it the United States by over 200 million pounds of beef a year - enough meat to feed over 2 million people a year.

So expect meat prices to begin to skyrocket in about year as this will then impact the market in a huge way.

This act alone should raise Beef Prices by over 10% across the nation.

3) The EU seems to be breaking up In the latest round the Government of Poland told the highest EU Courts that it will just keep on logging it’s dying trees in it’s ancient forests rather than seeing them die and rot in place.

Please keep in mind that the British Royalty own the United States Corporation, and the US Corporation owns the European Union Corporation and the NATO Corporation.

4) In Moscow - apparently the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned the United States State Department and Moscow Embassy of the eviction of 755 US Employees months ago

So when the Russian Police walked into an active Bio Weapons Lab in Moscow being run by US Embassy Employees it should have been no surprise.

Truth be said - they actually received an eviction notice of sorts 90 days ago.

So now you know the rest of the story.

This show is brought to you by:

William Mount Cooking on You Tube

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Send Love and Gratitude into the Water supply in Washington, DC and to your Governor’s Offices across the nation.

Please also pray that if we do have an economic “Crash” that you and your family take the necessary steps to prepare for all of the planned events.



This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM and the only way to have Freedom is through GOD.

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