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Author Jim Mars Passed Away Wednesday, August 02, 2017.
Wed Aug 2, 2017 19:53
2600:1:c328:486f:fd34:57d:f13b:f60d - Author Jim Mars Passed Away Wednesday, August 02, 2017. jim mars wiki - - Jim Marrs From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jim Marrs Jim PR 2010.jpg Born December 5, 1943 (age 73) Fort Worth, Texas US Died August 2, 2017 Occupation Journalist Author Jim Marrs (December 5, 1943 - August 2, 2017) was an American former newspaper journalist and New York Times best-selling author of books and articles on a wide range of alleged cover ups and conspiracies.[1] Marrs was a prominent figure in the JFK conspiracy press and his book Crossfire was a source for Oliver Stone's film JFK. He wrote books asserting the existence of government conspiracies regarding aliens, 9/11, telepathy, and secret societies. He was once a news reporter in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex and taught a class on the assassination of John F. Kennedy at University of Texas at Arlington for 30 years.[2] Marrs was a member of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth.[3] - - -

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Thank you for having helped me, Will P. Wilson, when I was working with Robert E. Lee Lewis, Bob on the Job, the lead investigator on the Kennedy Assassination for the US Senate under Senator Charles Percy from 1967 to 1976, when I had ghost written a book a year from 1991 to 1999, for Bob and for the Americans Bulletin - - - - Our books yearly published content that was used as the bi-monthly newspaper's centerfold articles that were being published by the Americans Bulletin took the subscriber number from 2,000 in 1991 to more then 700,000 in circulation by 1995,

Bob on the Job was arrested in 1999, om the alleged orders from George Bush Senior to stop us from publishing Bob on the Job's next book after our securing Secret Service documents revealing that the Bush Crime Family's next plan was to use voting fraud to get Bush Junior into the White House, and we were going to be publishing this classified information in Bob on the Job's next book.

Bob on the Job was set up to be arrested on literally no charges but to keep Bob and I from publishing in our next book the release of the Bush Crime Family's plan to used extreme voting fraud to get Bush Junior elected.

Bob on the Job was arrested in the late Fall of 1998, after being set up by the Houston based Joe Izen law firm and Joe Izen's legal assistant Vance Beaudreau, who were working behind the scenes and being paid off by the Bush Crime Family's powerful Texas organized crime syndicate.

It was this same criminal operation disguised as a law firm who had then created a counterfeit trust with my name on it The William P, Wilson Enterprise Trust, that they then used to forge my name to the titles to all of my assets with the help of a former IRS Attorney named Rochelle Parask, and two mob towing and lock smith operatives named Terry Heston, and Bill Schroeder, at that time to steal my entire multi million dollar estate in Seattle at that time.

When I had returned back from Texas after retrieving my Dodge Neon from detainment at the Houston Secret Service Headquarters where Bush Senior maintained his office on the top floor, that I returned back to the State of Washington to find out that everything that I had owned, and worked for my entire life had been either destroyed and or stolen by forgery to a counterfeit trust that the Law Firm of Joe Izen in Houston Texas had masterminded a forged trust to steal my entire estate.

Bob on the Job was marshaled off to apparently the Joplin Missouri underground top secret Federal Detention Facility and never seen and or heard from again.

Joe Izen, Vance Beaudreau Rochelle Parask, Terry Heston, Bill Schroeder should have gone to jail for what they had pulled off but instead Mr. Izen is still practicing law in Houston - - - and they were never even investigated after I had filed Federal and Superior Court Legal Actions in Seattle and King County to only to then have my cases literally dismissed thrown out and even my appeals were completely disregarded by the extremely corrupt Northwest Washington State Judicial System.

The wake up call was to find out that the entire state of Washington is literally an organized crime syndicate that is completely controlled by the New York Mafia and the Gambino Crime Family that the Gates Family, and the Allan Family, are a part of and apparently Paul Allen's grandfather was the head of the Washington State Gambino Crime Family for more then thirty five years and who had owned all of the Colacurcio strip bars.

That the entire Northwest Washington State Judicial system be it Federal, County, and Metropolitan are completely corrupt and controlled by these New York Jesuit Crime Families, and a person like myself didn't stand a chance of ever having my estate returned back to me.

willpwilson 908 A Letter To My Graduating Class of 1971 from Will P. Wilson. Wed May 31, 2017 -;article=157697;

willpwilson 908 Arrest the Satanic Crime Families of Washington State Now? Sat Feb 11, 2017 -;article=157257;title=APFN - While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in - - - - The Statement about Michael Wells Mandeville in this article is retracted and requested to be removed from this 2001 news report. - - Posted on the Message News Board -
By (Dr.) Will P. Wilson on August 03, 2017 on the behalf of the concerned American and World Community - - - - - - - -
The book The Puzzle Palace - Karl Nikolai The Puzzle Palace - - Cryptex corporation - - Yes, as was described in the book The Puzzle Palace that was published in the early 1980s shortly after I had helped Karl Nikolai to create the Cryptex Corporation, whereas, once Karl had begun to manufacture the Micro-Slave peripherals and started to distribute these encryption devices for mostly the banking industry, and international money launderers also caught on and also started to purchase these un breakable encryption code five inch by about six inch telephone line data transfer systems that the NSA within one year realized that they could not break Karl's encryption encoding and scrambling.

I would visit Karl, when he began the company and when he was living in Lake City Seattle, and you wouldn't believe how he figured out how to architect the entire concept. First of all, I was working with him also when he was working in the Silicon Valley back in the late 1970s when I went with him to a Radio Shack one day and I was behind him when all of a sudden, he went into a mesmerized state and stood still for about some five minutes and this was unusual for Karl because he was an incredibly high energy never a still moment person. And, then in this moment of earth changing stillness, he said to himself, yes, yes, yes, and that was all he would say the rest of that hour.

So, as to now try to visualize visiting Karl, when he was living in his Lake City apartment in the late 1970s and early 1980s and enter into his apartment only to realize that you couldn't really enter his apartment. Because he had gone out and some how rounded up around six hundred and or probably more computer systems and had series linked all of them into one entire phase lock loop system.

This was how he had figured out how to figure out how to architect the unbreakable encryption codes.

This was also how he had figured out how the NSA and other communications intelligentsia would never be able to break his Cryptex encoding.

He realized the theorems to be able to create an infinite loop that no one could eve break.

Karl, was an incredible entertaining guy, and to have known him was like having known a serious famous movie star type of person. He was always non stop high energy and he loved his weed and his wine.and his women. A true Scorpio with grace, dignity, humor, class, leadership, and most of unbeatable brilliance. He was a classic gift from God to the human race. And, he loved to be doing something all of the time.

He loved life and he loved people.

Anyway, when Bobby Inman, the head of the National Security Agency called Karl one day and told him that he was flying Karl to Washington DC to with Karl, Karl, accepted the free plane trip there to thus have a coffee with Mr. Inman.
I was at his apartment when the call had actually came in from Washington DC that day.

Now try to imagine, this apartment was where Karl actually had started the entire project and then due to his having a large cadre of fellow programmers and he had grown up in the Seattle Washington State area and his family were one of the actual original pioneer families in the Northwest and one of his great uncles had been a governor etc.

Karl was liked by a lot of people and he had many friends and supporters and shortly after his creating the world record for stuffing the most computers in history into a two bedroom apartment that his associates, friends, and the cooperative of fellow programmers who all knew Karl, and highly respected him, helped to get a two building facility to begin the actual Micro-slave encryption boxes. I had been working with Bob Wallace as well at that time to create the Northwest Programmers Association as that Bob Wallace was the founder of the Micro Computer Marketing Seminars in the late 1970s and I had helped Bob, to build this organization up to being more the three thousand members. The Northwest at that time had the highest number of brilliant programmers of any where else on the planet at the time and this why the Mafia Gambino Famiily of which Gate and Allan's families were both Mafia.

So the Gambino Mafia Family and Mary Gates being on the board of IBM figured out how to steal the Disc Operating System from Bob Wallace who had been the lead programmer for creating the IBM Basic Language for the beginning operating system as IBM was just beginning to begin cranking out their PC technologies and Marcell Vogel, the inventor of the Floppy Drive who had been working with Bob Wallace under the Seattle Software Company of which then Gates, Allan, Mary Gates, and the Gambino Family then stole the DOS software architecture from the Seattle software company and from Bob Wallace and Marcel Vogel

The entire Microsoft company entire foundation was founded on theft and murder as that after a six year back room legal battle in the extreme corrupt Seattle Judicial System, Bob Wallace and Marcel Vogel both died mysteriously.

Anyway, S . Thank your for inspiring me to write as that I will try to let my finger rest for a minute because I want to talk with you about my sic month on and off so called affair with a Jeannie Williiamson that had about fifteen personalities and she clearly had been a CIA (Jesuit) programmed sex slave.

Sincerely, Will P. Wilson and overlook the typing O's.
I did once upon a time and in the late 1970s and early 1980s when I was working with Carl Nikolai to help gun to create his company the Cryptex company which later Bobby Inman who had been the former head of the NSA as was written up in the book about Carl's company in the book the Puzzle Palace, where Carl had created an unbreakable encryption language that the NSA couldn't break.

So that then the NSA was forced to place all encryption operations under the ATF and limited the encryption theorems to only under 67 numerical variants.

One day Carl had me go with him to visit with two people whom he knew who working at that time at one of their homes in the Sunnyvale area in a housing district area of newer homes. We pulled into the driveway and I had walked up to the garage to meet with these two young men who were working on a computer concept that they were architecting and the experimental computer was in fact inside a wooden box on a wood bench. There names were Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak who became the founders of Apple Computer -
= = = = =
Good luck on trying to come up with a protocol to neutralize or lesser
radioactive water, Will. In general, I don't think the Jesuits let
technologies or disasters happen unless they want them to happen. One
of the Jesuits who was at ground zero in Japan when the bombs went off
went on to become the Jesuit General, his name was Pedro Arrupe. I
think these bomb drops on Japan were what triggered the push for the
United Nations and this is why these bombs were detonated even though
the Japanese were trying hard to surrender. The Jesuits actually detonated the bombs on the ground since at that time the nuclear detonation capability could be done from the ground level and not by being dropped.

I've met some interesting TIs Will. You are one of the most
interesting so far. Another one that I met who was similar to you in
many ways was the son of the man that Mr. Martin of Lockeed Martin
used to call "Mr. Radar." This TI's name is Ron McClean (if I recall)
and he claims to have been used as a guinea pig for testing since his

Regarding Seattle being especailly infested with Jesuit minions, I
think most big cities around the globe are totally controlled by them
and that they have now mostly weeded out any Constitutionalists,
Individualists, or dissidents within government, law enforcement and
the judiciary.

Karl Nikolai sounds really amazing. What happened to him? Karl passed away several years ago.

July 31, 2017 To Lyle Courtsal from Will P. Wilson, all of my research documents were stolen and destroyed in 1999 when Kunath and his Jesuit Crime Syndicate had forged my name on everything that I had owned and that I had worked for my entire life time.

Contact George Wiseman like I had placed on this news report linked below OK. Just scroll down and look. And, or try to contact Michael Wells Mandeville and go the first linked news report and scroll down to try to get in contact with Michael Wells Mandeville. He won't talk to me. They destroyed my life and they then put an invisible psychotronic fence around me and then they blocked everyone that I had known from knowing me anymo

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    • Author Jim Mars Passed Away Wednesday, August 02, 2017. — willpwilson 908, Wed Aug 2 19:53
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