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"I Pulverize You Now That I've Twisted Your Rights Off Of Yo
Thu Aug 3, 2017 10:50

"I Pulverize You Now That I've Twisted Your Rights Off Of You," Judee say.

Recently the town of Chelmsford, England was "MARKED" by our extraterrestrial family.

Two Large UFOs Spotted In The Sky Over Chelmsford
July 27, 2017

Several nuclear war fighting industries are located there. BAE at the top of the list of those who have been building the machines to extinct us all.

Along with the nuclear war fighting industries came upon a fellow from Chelmsford's past, a son of a Puritan clergyman, Mathew Hopkins (1627-1647).
Mathew was a "Witch finder" and may have been responsible, according to wiki, for the executions of 300 women that were accused of being a witch.

From wiki
Witches were heretics to Christianity, which became the greatest of their crimes and sins.

Within continental and Roman Law witchcraft was crimen exceptum: a crime so foul that all normal legal procedures were superseded. Because the Devil was not going to "confess", it was necessary to gain a confession from the human involved.

Might we see how the court rules were set up that there was an invitation to torture to get a confession of collaboration with the Devil?

Might we see when regular legal procedure is bypassed what can happen? 300 women hung.

Might some say, "Oh that was in the superstitious past long ago, what does that have to do with today's world?"

Did we not read recently about the 7,000 modern days witches in the Philippines that have been summarily executed under cover of the war on drugs?

The claim they were all, "Drug pushers, drug addicts." Might the word, "witch," be interchangeable today with drug pusher or addict?

Might we see how by hanging a tag on people, "Witch, drug pusher, terrorist, registered sex offender, felon," makes it easier to bypass the ordinary rules of procedure and go ahead and do harm?

"We're a competent bruise but our full package got pulled," Judee say.

Might we spot "Witch finder" Mathew Hopkins as a "Fornian," a hybrid transplant Judah shell that was hanging English women? His father a Puritan clergyman. Might we not recognize the Puritans as hybrid transplant Replicon weap Judah?

While it might today be easy to see the basic Witch finder tricks that Judah has used to terrorize the simple working classes and take our property after hanging us, might we note in our modern world we have let Judah put upon Americans that same basic legal procedure as witch finder Mathew Hopkins used to get his score of fish, NO RIGHTS?

How about the word, "Terrorist?" Have we not noted for decades now by Judah putting that word on people he has us holding prisoners in many foreign lands with ever going to a court?

Might Witch finder Mathew Hopkins not have been right at home working with the jailers in Guantanamo Bay Cuba?

Once Labor gives us our general STRIKE might we not have grand jury procedure look into what is going on there and why American legal procedure is not in place?

Might Labor not give us our STRIKE and close out Reich procedure in America?

Witch finders Hopkins and Stearne, accompanied by women who performed the pricking, were soon travelling over eastern England, claiming to be officially commissioned by Parliament to uncover and prosecute witches.

Together with their female assistants, they were well paid for their work, and it has been suggested that this was a motivation for his actions.

Hopkins states that "his fees were to maintain his company with three horses", and that he took "twenty shillings a town". The records at Stowmarket show their costs to the town to have been £23 (£3,400 as of 2017) plus his travelling expenses.

The cost to the local community of Hopkins and his company were such that, in 1645, a special local tax rate had to be levied in Ipswich.

Parliament was well aware of Hopkins and his team's activities, as shown by the concerned reports of the Bury St Edmunds witch trials of 1645.
Witch finder Mathew Hopkins traveled with a group of women that did the "pricking" of the alleged witches skin looking for insensitive spots, which was proof that the woman was a witch.

Without our rights in might we see a resurgence of witch finders with their prickers searching America now looking for witches again?

In our modern world we have Judah medicine with administering sodium pentothal, called a "Truth serum."

Might we see in Mathew Hopkins day they had some thing similar to get to the truth?

Witch Cakes

A bizarre form of counter-magic, the witch cake was a supernatural dessert used to identify suspected evildoers. In cases of mysterious illness or possession, witch-hunters would take a sample of the victim’s urine, mix it with rye-meal and ashes and bake it into a cake.

This stomach-turning concoction was then fed to a dog—the “familiars,” or animal helpers, of witches—in the hope that the beast would fall under its spell and reveal the name of the guilty sorcerer.

A dog—the “familiars,” or animal helpers, of witches..."

Has Judah not had a long run with the dog to hold us?

Might we note that witches have been hung and put to death in other ways in America before our Constitution gave those accused of being witches the right to have a grand jury first examine the allegations?

And if the allegations are found more probable than not, do we see there still is a second chance with a right to a jury trial to determine if the facts of the case go beyond a reasonable doubt to the point of a moral certainty before anyone can be put to penal suffering?

Might we surmise that it is the grand jury that may be the most likely to uncover the frauds that are used to persecute us? Certainly. Will Labor not put them in?

"Bitch asked us to Strike but we're afraid to get Jew out."

That reverse speech came from a regular working guy. Will Labor not try it? Will Labor not have the courage to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Will Labor not have faith in Father to see us through so that the meek can do Gods will and inherit the earth?

In the New England colonies with the hanging of Alse Young of Windsor, Connecticut on May 26, 1647, followed by the conviction of Margaret Jones.

As described in the journal of Governor John Winthrop, the evidence assembled against Margaret Jones was gathered by the use of Hopkins' techniques of "searching" and "watching".

Jones' execution was the first in a witch-hunt that lasted in New England from 1648 until 1663.

About eighty people throughout New England were accused of practicing witchcraft during that period, of whom fifteen women and two men were executed.

Some of Hopkins' methods were once again employed during the Salem Witch Trials, which occurred primarily in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692–93.

These trials resulted in 19 executions for witchcraft

Might we only wonder how many of the witches put to death may actually have been Labor activists? Spirited women? Useful ladies? Brightest of our community of love?

With such imprisonment and death arising from such falsity, might those events and others have shaped our founding fathers who refused to create the United States of America with out a Bill of Rights as our law?

While still looking at Chelmsford, England discovered Saint John Payne (1532–1582) was an English Catholic priest and martyr, one of the Catholic Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.

Early in July 1581, John Payne was arrested in Warwickshire whilst staying on the estate of Lady Petre (widow of William Petre), through the efforts of the informer George "Judas" Eliot (a criminal, murderer, rapist and thief, who made a career out of denouncing Catholics and priests for bounty).

Payne was indicted at Chelmsford on 22 March on a charge of treason for conspiring to murder the Queen and her leading officers and install Mary, Queen of Scots, on the throne.

Payne denied the charges, and affirmed his loyalty to the Queen in all that was lawful (i.e. not contrary to his Catholicism or allegiance to the Pope), contesting the reliability of the murderer Eliot.

No attempt was made to corroborate Eliot's story, which had already been rehearsed in large part at the trial of Edmund Campion on 20 November 1581. The guilty verdict was a foregone conclusion.

At his execution on the morning of the Monday 2 April (nine months after his imprisonment), he was dragged from prison on a hurdle to the place of execution and first prayed on his knees for almost half an hour and then kissed the scaffold, made a profession of faith and declared his innocence.

The government's intentions for a smooth execution with minimal trouble and maximum propaganda value had failed – indeed, the crowd had become so sympathetic to Payne that they hung on his feet to speed his death and prevented the infliction of the quartering until he was dead. The executioner, Simon Bull, was meanwhile rebuked for dithering over the quartering in case Payne revive and suffer further.
Frame ups, set ups as part of government policy. Imprisonment, torture. Insurance collections. Psychiatric evaluations. Deputy cakes.

Execution after being held in prison for decades. Is this really America the land of the free, home of the brave, the nation advertised as having liberty and justice for all?

"What happened here? " Father asked after Bitch had his stupid mistake.

And today Chelmsford home to the genocidal spirited international weap Judah directing BAE creating extinction technology. Might that be to finally get a good witch burning going to send us all away?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and help us to give our long suffering family in Chelmsford and our world hope that Judah and his thermonuclear war fighting technology of genocide will soon be out?

Judah has mined our planet with tens of thousands of thermonuclear bombs and called upon his most honored brass to burn us all up with them. Will we not say prayers of thanks to our good God Almighty for sending His angels in and letting Judah, his Royals and Vatican throw themselves out precisely?

Refused by the universe, no friend of God or man. Will American Labor not let these errant life forms off of us now?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

Will Labor not act, STRIKE THEM OUT and let them get into their tunnels while we still have some chance to have air to breathe?

Tele receives:

"You failed me harshness. 7.44 pm

It's a chemical grudge because of their memory. 8.12 pm

Papa's letting you close fistables. 8.15 pm

Their philosophy is quite guilty. 8.06 pm

Daft. 8.17 pm

Ten-year-olds erasing light bulbs. 8.18 pm

We're lost here, we're dying out horrible. 8.19 pm

Finish peacefully. 11.18 pm

Cheap Julius. 11.19 pm

For failing peacefully you lost your state. 11.22 pm

Loss of state leads to loss of status. 11.23 pm

Finish, the government destroyed us. 11.26 pm

They're rifling us out of here. 11.30 pm

Patrick is a nice boy to arrest them. 11.31 pm

Contact fields up inventions. 11.32 pm

Scientist failed us truthfully. 11.37 pm

You are reduced. 11.38 pm

Contact failed to save us. 11.39 pm

Blind officials op you. 11.40 pm

Tossed you out of this field.

Their synergy possesses you hemorrhage.

All mercy is failed disastrous for Jew discipline. 11.42 pm

In a week you will wretch.

The mouse failed his custody. 11.44 pm

We've already been cashed. 12.50 pm

ORGANIZE and STRIKE THEM OUT, they strategize bad. 1.01 am

Bitch rustled them and they're still petulant here. 1.03 am

They sport arson disease arsonly. 1.04 pm

Moused by infant morality.

You're so crunched, you're virtually squeezed by jail rub. 1.08 am

Performance by the universe failed, let your vicious play here.

They're blazing us sufferage sucker.

Cicero is how the fish bowl was conducted.

Received degenerate lousing here.

The mouse will contaminate yourself.

Earniot. 1.17 am

You personally just fell. 1.18 am

You'll disappear great summer outrageously.

A peasantry is Reichous. 1.22 am

Righteous cleared them out.

Since your rights fell territory is affected.

The professor identified West Germany failed you.

Too dumb be low, your write has given us a nice fall. 1.36 am

Ricevelt shot us nuclear.

Their thieving is accomplishing conspiracy.

They're lousy creeps creatures.

You write a book and never like to sign it.

Contact halts ravenous sight well. 1.57 am

You lost your life ratious." 2.24 am

"You failed me harshness." 7.44 pm

That is the fourth way that Bitch has failed Father.

"You failed me useful; Jostled; Personal. You failed me harshness."

"Get out of sport. 4.52 am

Kumquats. 6.10 am

You all die corrupt. 6.20 am

Kick them out fieldish. 6.22 am

Close down fear, they race us here. 6.25 am

Jew genius win. 6.54 am

Full sad. 6.58 am

Crushed." 7.06 am

"I did you bad because you ever arsed me," Judee say.

That was from yesterday's post.

That Judah travels to terrains and finds other human Beings that have had absolutely no previous contact with them and yet he fools them and sets them up generation after generation, century after century and kills them, what might we figure from that?

Does that sort of behavior remind us of what Papa said, "I want the crazy out?"

"We perish you threat," Judee say.

Are we understanding that is his genius, threat?

Have we ever heard it said that if "someone threatens to kill themselves take it seriously?"

Have we not read where people heard some say that and ignored it only to learn later the person that said it committed suicide?

If so might that not lead us to consider that as Judah threatens to kill us to get his way, might we not want to take his threats seriously?

Might we consider that it is Judah's threat that is holding us frozen while he perishes us?

"By the end of the week, I'll put you away virtual. I'm leaving you celibate. Our real passion was to screw the West right out of here. What we're doing Druid told Druid and we're still banging them off. I got your whole country Jew sighted to screw you," Judee say.

Are we getting what Jewish scientists are reporting to their bosses, that we will be sterilized by the brimstone waste coming from Hitachi-GE by the end of this week?

"With my corn popper in Japan it's easy to get you with my sport," Judee say.

The deadliest toxins to ever enter our environment coming at us from Hitachi-GE. Are workers willing to accept us, our children, grandchildren being sterilized by their corn popper in Japan?

"You have failed, you let them put a harsh rule in." 7.32 am

Has Judah not told us that he is now managing his blues in America from Moscow? Yes he has.

"I make noises to psyche you. I psyche you addelly. My rights hold Jefferson out with boots. I have FBI for Jew rascal molestory. With our Western sport is how we scold you. From Moscow I'm managing my blues now because I got some more sport.

My philosophy is George Rumplesticks beats kids until you cease. Bitch show you our op and how we make investments, for Drupid I made some H bombs. We just have to have you out for sport.

We're shooting HUGE, I'll totally cap you in 4 months. You didn't set us out in July so our purple is still rising. I punch war to put you in misery. To boom you right I take your rights off to set you," Judee say.

That Judah is managing his blues from Moscow now. Will Labor not help us by putting our rights in and getting Moscow management off of our blues here?

While we will be done with our reproduction at the end of this week if Labor fails us, are we seeing that our lives will be finished out in 4 months due to brimstone poisoning?


"My m

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