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"My Hostile Is Policing, That Holds My Insure Perfectly, Per
Sun Aug 6, 2017 07:35

"My Hostile Is Policing, That Holds My Insure Perfectly, Permanently.

My mission is off all of the states now because of my mercy fiend. I'm over with my core-a-ship fist. It was a bonerous fight to get hold of the ship to make you. I'm always crazy with a dole fist.

I always break you with a right hiken. My merchants always have right patches to serve me. I'm just someone to get you to do something, I'm deceased. My merchant wits eventually pushed Washington out.

I use fourth of July to ruin you. The gentlemen got great papoose for screwin. Unless you void me I'll force you ransomly. I'm a turd outrageous stumbling. I hold you for some forgeries. We're out on enforcement group completely because I fired you falsely. I weap sin. You have a great fail to schrump us for free.

You hold to our narrow side vision, it lets me pull you out. My over-ship died me. We roll you right with camps, that's how we get you and push, that's our merchess, it's making us go because I washed you good.

Our Mercury bully won't sell so they weaped me dead. I'm basically a corrupt man. I shoot and give you governments over force. I've got a British house here that lets me break your day, and that's my vision that you just follow Jewish law rules when I summon.

The bourse makes me question. My true perma-head makes me assault you bad. I give you government where I manage you right and pitch you. I have you hold fights for me, that's how I memory you. We're always fisting, it's memories too.

I hold you poison and advertise you aged whiskey. I'm a rude over ment. This time Germany push you basic. We radiate some new that lets me hold you effigy. My force did set me suicide. This Irishman gagged me with a nice force and made my baggage sufferage.

I just boom you with a torpedo, that's how I suffer you. The great age of Judee force is done, the courage man put us out, we're out of war. Our package is scrimmage you, it's a complete end to my time, it was a sport.

I cherish you in a right way, that you fell. For my fight the British go. I contest you to do mischief force. I will leave when you strike. My passion was to take you out with horsepower. When the English establishment fails I'm over.

I opped you, I'm a big force. We force you with a big Germany. I know how to screw you out of engagements, a baby true. I just have a vitamin that philosophizes you dead. Jew head lets me port you for free, so I throw you true.

We're all corrupt here. The new guy's going to see right. I see rolling the white seed bad. I suffer you as my basic right. My force adventure took out your state. After this, I'm completely dead.

I make you guys virtual apps for Judah rule. I'm seen as a keen symbol with a force app side. I hold you in a devils space. I make you look savage for my economy. I ever was foolish and rash with my bum.

Without the British, I'm beautifully dead. My redemption is dead because of my big tumor. I ever incite your hopes for a full molest. We're outrageous fiends that semper right, that's our narrow head.

I pushed four buttons and I'm set to go for my pyramid life. I'm going ahead ruining Druid. Your voice is what late you, it was our witless. Our sign gets over you with the mint. I'm a boursed goose rate going down tempest.

Bitch state protests my wars so he took me out with a Martian. Your tables ever severed because of my lunch. I'm a tight ship. My communists get over you with a sword. I'm so laxative, I tomb communist way with threat.

Our operation contains you with a diaper. We just wax the family municipal. I always make you my nourishment and bore you simple. We have a whole wolf policy that renders the Druid permanently fallow," Judee say.

The strategy of Judah, to move into a terrain, breed up look alike Replicons and take over the state and sport us great.

And when it is time for Judah to go, are we seeing it is to sport as many of us as possible dead?

Tele receives:

"They schrufted us. 4.28 pm

They're going to pummel us. 7.22 pm

You're winning. 7.31 pm

Lift it off you. 7.41 pm

They are the molesters. 7.42 pm

Your Labor bosses are not useful. 7.50 pm

The Irishman fooled with them right. 7.52 pm

Dying falsing out yourself. 7.56 pm

They're tumbling us jesting. 7.59 pm

Psychic tells you they're bank robbing bears. 8.05 pm



It's a complete fail. 8.07 pm

You're leading on to some good technology out of feudal. 8.11 pm

STRIKE THEM Jokers. 8.54 pm

It's suitable. 8.55 pm

Bitch does wise your family up.

I believe you weaped man. 8.57 pm

The office of Judah keeps icing people.

Somebody's harmed you right. 10.35 pm

The son of a bitches burned us off of here. 11.39 pm

You did it all with your expose'. 11.45 pm

Sick you're sighting yourself up selfishly.

Thank you for revealing their secrets. 11.45 pm

You lost your rights and failed to save your lives. 11.50 pm

Embassy false you emphasis. 11.51 pm

We witness abuse, I've cautioned you. 2.13 am

They're jetting. 2.29 am

Your psychage used might be suicide. 2.30 am

Seriously challenged life, your life now grows dim. 2.31 am

Inept is cured by just STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.32 am

Foolish your life away. 2.40 am

Contact will deliver us. 2.41 am

Completely obvious we're extinctives. 2.42 am

Error wits counsel their joy and wisdom, our death and destruction. 2.45 am

Peaceful life is ruined by too faulty. 2.48 am

A chance to get a big check criminal they bruise. 2.49 am

Dope fish you out of this field. 2.50 am

Mouse scores you out oppy. 2.52 am

Moscow enforce fist to challenge your day. 2.55 am

Let's get help with hope for sure. 3.06 am

Thank you. 3.51 am

It's gibberish. 5.12 am

Pat, they pass missile for good. 5.27 am

Rude you HUGE. 6.00 am

ORGANIZE, your social life is gone for good. 6.04 am

They're bashing all of us. 6.34 am

It's a complete state wash. 6.52 am

Cheats with tax receipts. 7.15 am

The fully molest us. 7.17 am

Focus. 7.19 am

Curiosity pulls this relationship off. 7.28 am

Score. 7.29 am

They now leave us grief. 7.30 am

It's carriage. 7.40 am

Thank you Hun. 8.10 am

It's a typical off after cheating us." 8.21 am

Did we get a Judee Tele receive at 7.29, "Score?"

Will Labor not get the receipts away from Jewish and end their scores on the mild people?

"Curiosity pulls this relationship off." 7.28 am

The late Dr. Mallove informed us nearly 2 decades ago how in the laboratory they were producing over unity at 100 times over input energy and kept the device running for over 3 months continuously.

"Curiosity is not useful," Judee say.

The curiosity of Dr. Mallove to seek where the free energy was coming from and how to put it to work for us.

"Boom Boom."

Bitch reading from Dr. Mallove's web site right after he was stolen away about the Moldavian cavitation pump that was investigated by members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, measured and proven to be 4 times over unity.

That is it produced 4 times more energy than was put into it.

The team leader, Dr. Lev Saporsky suggesting the excess energy may some how be coming from the "zero point fields."

The "standing waves" that Tesla discovered in 1911. Also known as the "zero point fields."

What we understand now is the zero point fields are actually the most powerful fields of them all.

The "zero point fields," the source of unlimited clean free energy. Available to us 24/7 until eternity.

Judah could have brought free energy in a century ago when it was demonstrated by Dr. Henry Moray in 1928.

Is it not something to think about, if only he would have let the free energy come in, Judah today would be a hero for doing such a good thing for us?

Elder told Bitch that his group earns in our terms $80 million dollars a year.

Those who are not engaged in Labor activities in the Federation, their yearly stipend is $10 million dollars each.

There are only 2 out of a 1,000 Beings engaged in production-service Labor in the Federation.

Labor is automated and handled by robots.

The great wealth that would have come in at the time Dr. Moray built his free energy machine and demonstrated it to the world in 1928 and for many years after.

Might we see from Judah's opposite to us, the free energy would not have let him get his great depression going in 1929 that put many Americans out of income, hungry and on the street?

And how would Judah have ever sold his world war two that stole tens of millions of lives away if we all had a lot of money?

Are we understanding why Judah forces poverty in? Are we seeing poverty supports his sin of sporting us out of life?

Nearly half of our available Labor force on the side lines in Judah genocide, war, poverty economy.

Our $100 trillion dollar economy we can have in a years time elders inform us.

Are we appreciating that to bring our full employment, an advanced technology big dollars economy in we first must close up the parasite war economy?

"I believe you weaped man." 8.57 pm

To that Tele sender, that belief is wrong, it is not true. Bitch has not killed anyone. If that were true, is it not probable that Judee would have made it public? Certainly.

Bitch has not put anyone in. Judee put everyone of them in. Bitch did not put anyone in. Period. Believe it. Bitch has not beat up anybody either, period. It's all Judah false. Bitch has never acted with intent to have anyone harmed. Will Labor not accept that Judah is a man of Lies?

"Cheats with tax receipts." 7.15 am

A private corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank taxing American workers. A forced taking of Labor. And to think, not even a government corporation. A private for profit corporation.

"How did it ever get so crazy?" Have many of us not asked ourselves that question at least once in life?

Might the answer to that question be found in who it is that has the concession to issue the receipts of American Labor, weap Judah?

"I want the crazy out," God Almighty our heavenly Father said.

Will Labor not let the crazy off of here right?

Elders go on journeys in search of discovery and travel throughout space for centuries at a time. They have traveled to thousands of other galaxies in their 9 million years of existence as a peaceful Federation.

They know of tens of millions of other Etherean civilizations, Space travelers like themselves.

As advanced as they are they themselves are awed by the immensity and majesty of our universe.

"The delights of the universe," Elder said to Bitch some years ago. "WE chose peace with no regrets," Mercury also said.

Will Labor not try to see there'll be no regrets when we go the way of peace as our big brothers and sisters in Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury have?

If so will Labor not choose peace and true prosperity for all us kids?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and bring in the way of peace for us all?

"Since Bitch has been shouting at us our Polish Lobby is out, Bitch blew my register. I'm free rising still. If you've ever had an erection, that allowed us to fridge you. I've got some more time left because a dog assembles us.

Morgan's holding you for our big chemical push. A bondsman affords me a purpose. Since Bitch has seen me I'm about failed. My police won't hold me ruble. My debit dream sold me miniature.

I'm a clap memory. I have some great Toronto ethics. I schrump you Oswald force. I'm impossible with out vegetables to molest. Rapist with Jew fist allows me to homeless you.

I take out your state, true Martian ruined my accessory. My appess is to put you away right apple sauce children. Ever our souls have been evicting guys.

I'm a rich puppy that had to have appagen. My sight has to have divisive of you. I cite missile to app my performance. I invite you tupple to die insurance.

Jew score you in every kind of ship I'm in. I realize a gentleman is a carriage performance for my eyes. I want you minimum rights surveilled in a ghetto, that's why I'm rich. I just wale you right for cataster.

My mind just has an app for a siege. I'm a danger with a debt fool rule, set you out with my best men. My criminal age is almost done, we like to enforce your heads, I'm ready to ship out.

We just roll off the pacifists role, I'm truly eased passed you. My Jew is on top of you forever. I pull your vitamin with sub armament. I'm a Jew who don't give you maintenance because I'm jealous.

The white people I rape off because I'm full of sh*t. My appess age proves I'm pretty able. You know I'm a Jew great impostor right. We emphasize fist overall with our great weapatory.

April sin pummeled you with Jew rights and put us in. I'm just Judeous with a bourse weap and failed you here because I'm free. The ocean holds my proceed to make you die. My proceed molest prevent my contagious.

Jew made fists fun rules. My proceed caused H----- to wish to see the Western world not ruined. We weap a powerful bus but Bitch told me I'm over here.

I'm eventually out for luxury. I'm a first word. I app well Khrushchev. I'm fortunate I can use Christians on you for my rule," Judee say.

Might using Christians on us be what has blinded some to not see the true love of Christianity for all of God's children?

Might we perceive how Judah has hijacked the suffering of Jesus Christ and behind the love of God has used the pulpit to false us?

Now that Judah made his big move on us with his 64,000 Hiroshima blast and heat effects that he sent to take us out of life form, will we not act, STRIKE THEM OUT and end his issue of our American Labor money?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost Watchword for the Week — The Lord is good to all, and his compassion is over all that he has made. Psalm 145:9 Sunday, August 6 — Isaiah 55:1–5; Psalm 145:8–9,14–21 Romans 9:1–5; Matthew 14:13–21 Let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. Psalm 105:3 On the first day of the week, when we met to break bread, Paul was holding a discussion with them. Acts 20:7 Living God, may our being together today sustain us with the strength of holy presence in our worship. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

2.25 pm

"Close them off. 10.27 am

Police embarrassed us. 11.35 am

They were serious to do H. 11.59 am

Gentle beaster. 12.01 pm

Purity is dying us off." 12.04 pm

Reading some posts with so many telling us what is going wrong in our world.

The trade sanctions against Russia just signed into law. While the article was correct, trade sanctions are an inflammatory thing to do, the sort of thing that precedes the beginning of a war, it gave us no solutions as to what to do about.

The article even mentioned that it is AIPAC, American Israeli Public Affairs Committee that engineered the sanctions against Russia.

Lindsey Graham:
(Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Trump “told me” he will bomb North Korea if it keeps testing missiles “If thousands die, they’re going to die over there.” Updated by Zack Aug 1, 2017,

“There is a military option: to destroy North Korea’s nuclear program and North Korea itself,” Graham told the Today show’s Matt Lauer.

“He’s not going to allow — President Trump — the ability of this madman [Kim Jong Un] to have a missile that could hit America.

“If there’s going to be a war to stop him, it will be over there,” Graham continued.

“If thousands die, they’re going to die over there. They’re not going to die over here — and he’s told me that to my face.”

Graham’s press office confirmed that the senator was, in fact, reciting the details of a conversation he had with the president.


According to Graham, the president “doesn’t want a war” — but would be willing to start one that would kill millions of people in the region if it came down to it

Are we understanding that once you step in and t

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