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You Tube Announces More Censorship
Mon Aug 7, 2017 04:41

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Isiah 6:8 : I Heard The Voice Of Adonai (Lord) Whom Shall I Send, Who Will Go For Us, I said “Here I Am”

You are my friends and Family - I will go.

We will do our best to help you prepare for what is coming.

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Both You Tube and Google are now introducing more restrictions on what you can watch.

Videos on Porn are OK

Videos on how to hack into a bank are OK

Videos pertaining to starting riots and killing are OK

Videos telling the truth about Vaccines and Prescription Drugs are now being banned.

Sounds allot like NAZI Germany in 1935, right?

Create ONE News Outlet then restrict what can be said on the news.


New algorythms are now being introduced into You Tube to search your “Words” on exactly what you say.

Further - Google (You Tube Owners) are hiring lots of NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) to watch your You TUBE Vides and either remove them or make them or make them unavailable to the public.

For Example: we can no longer publish a video that says: The Cure For Hepatitis and the one we did put out was simply removed - along with about 20 other videos You Tube found “Controversial.”

The problem in all of this editing is we never know what we can and can’t say so what we said yesterday may be banned today.

The now “TRUSTED FLAGGER” program will bring in 15 different Left Wing FASCIST organizations to identify “Extremist” speach - such as the “THE CURE FOR CANCER” video and flag it, then pull it.

Imagine if you exposed the Rape Culture that is allowed under Shariah Law - your video gets pulled. A law, by the way, that would clear out the roads in one day. You see - under these restrictions:

1) Women can’t go to school
2) Women are now allowed to drive
3) Women can’t work outside the home
4) A woman may be raped by anyone if she looks provocative
5) A woman may be beaten like a dog women are property.
6) A woman cannot give a speech.

The most Holy Muslim Mosque has these words inscribed at the entry way:


So here we go again - NAZI Lefties restricting news.

Please pray that You Tube and Google Executives are changed to allow us to produce the truth every day for YOU or are removed from their positions of power.

Please also pray that the Google Stock Holders and Advertisers have their eyes opened as to why they are loosing money - the censorships - and that they take actions to remove those who are destroying their income from Google.


1) It has been confirmed - President Trump left the White House so that listening devices and explosives may be removed form the walls, floors and ceilings.

2) Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, is suing the US Corporation to force them to fully fund “Sanctuary Cities.”

This Perverted Mayor refuses to take action to stop the 3,000+ shootings a ear in his city, now he wants more Illegal Immigrants so they can work for new factories for SLAVE wages.

It’s all about bringing in a New Groups of people to work as Slaves in their factories.


3) The United Nations has now officially sanctioned North Korea.

Do you really think these sanctions will hurt the Elites in Power?

All it will do is allow China to sell more goods overseas instead of North Korea.

4) More Microchipping of Humans

First we traded Freedom for Security, now we are trading Privacy for Convenience.

Finally - Factory Chickens grown in the US are rotting before they are killed.

Think about ti the next time you go to the Grocery Store to buy a chicken.

We wonder what FAKE NEWS SERCO will publish this after noon.

Please pray that the CEO, and the other staff, of the SERCO Corporation either Immediately Repent or are thrown out of power.


This show is brought to you by:

This morning I already ate the Gymnema to control my Blood Sugar Level, Allicyn C to help reduce fevers, and Life Change Tea.

As for Anti - Aging we are still eating Immusist and Get The Tea’s 8th Element for Resveratrol.

When I entered the hospital they opened me up pretty good and rerouted everything from the ribs to the hips. The original opening for the wound was about 10 inches in diameter. We have pictures. It was pretty gnarly.

When I left 25 days later it was still a pretty large wound - too large for any rehab center to take me. They all said NO - so I asked to go home.

Today - 5 weeks later - several nurses and two doctors have told us they have never seen anything heal so fast.

So between your prayers, our overly positive attitude, and the 8th Element and Immusist the outside wound is now only about 3 inches by 3 inches. Inside - will take some time. I still get dizzy when I walk more than about 10 minutes.

Apparently in about 4 months I will have to go in for a series of short surgeries to re-rout everything and these are likely to last fro about 18 months - but with the healing going on so fast - they should be a simple in/out procedures.

One last thing - I have not been able to wear glasses for about 10 weeks now my eye sight is back to where it was 10 years ago - so I am wearing my 10 year old glasses.

Your prayers really work.

Words cannot express my gratitude to you, the viewers.

You are the best.

Please pray your family is safe and well fed in all of this “Economic Upheaval.”



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