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"Iowa is Holding Us truthful Here. They Make Us Future Less.
Mon Aug 7, 2017 11:39

"Iowa is Holding Us truthful Here. They Make Us Future Less."

Iowa is truthful. The occasional mistakes, Bitch corrects them as soon as identified. Is there a general acceptance of the fact that Iowa is holding us truthful here? Should be, shouldn't there?

By poisoning our fields, our air, our water, both surface, and underground, might we see Judah is making us future less?

The courts on judges don't work for us, have they not demonstrated time and time again they have not worked for us? Historically have they not proven as failed as failed can get?

The complete tyranny state that Jewish have put on the ordinary American people. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and put our fair American state in again?

The jury system that freed a working man from his labor racketeering master. Will Labor not put our jury trials in again?

The jury decision in 1854 giving the bound worker his freedom from master that the Supreme clerks over turned re-enslaving Dred Scott claiming he had no "legal standing" in the first place to sue for his freedom.

And we know the supreme clerks themselves had no legal standing due to the fact that they are clerks, non-elected corporate clerks.

Might we see in this one issue, "Legal standing" how it is we can fix ourselves up?

Will Labor not put our rights in and give everyone legal standing in our courts? The right to have your side of the story told to as jury. Does Labor not see the value in having s chance to explain what happened here?

As we are right less now, legally in the status of peonage, master that issues our money, the only one that has any rights at all.

Not only are we in the status of peonage, or serfs, we also legally are slaves due to the fact of a forced taking of our labor in the form of an income tax.

Might we not try to get a view that the real master here is Father from the Universe?

Our precious sweet Father who lives in heaven 38 light years away from earth in the direction of the North Star.

Our Master in heaven that wants the prisons closed up, His children freed, the war stopped and an existence stipend with something in it for everyone installed in His village on earth.

Are we not recognizing our sweet Lord, our good God Almighty as the Sovereign of planet earth?

Our Lord who saved us from the nuclear blast war that Judah put on us to wipe us all out.

Will we not pray that our good God in heaven will gift His children with the wits and ability to try and save ourselves from extermination in Judah's last nuclear war on us ever?

The brimstone nuclear waste war that now has claimed over 3 million American life forms.

That is what Bitch heard last night, 3 million of us have already succumbed to the high radiation we are living in.

The excess deaths due to the high background radiation we are now living in. Are the American people not yet aware just how deadly is the radioactive waste that Judah has been burning on us for over 6 years now?

The social life of the ordinary American now gone forever. Sterility upon us now. A huge crash in population coming in.

Could this all be due merely to who it is that has the concession to issue our money in their hands?

"Genital spicers." 1.38 am

Shot us in the gonads as they are leaving us this time. Are we understanding that all the Jew is to us is brutality, death, misery, poverty, homelessness, suffering, destitution, famine, disease, and war?

"A cancer state is a nifty mouse. We perished you well," Judee say.

Set to get their catch of 200 million Americans out over the next few years from their brimstone waste dirty bomb shot from Hitachi-GE.

With a combined 87 million years of life form history might we perceive how it is that our elders from the Federation knew thousands of years ago what Judah would do to us when it was time for him to leave?

"You're a sour person." 12.20 pm

"Disappointed, disenchanted. Suffering from anger."

Just some of the definitions of "sour."

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from them and give us our liberation so the disappointment can leave? Will Labor not STOP THE WAR, put the peace in and help the sour to go?

This war sport is not something new, the constant shooting in this Jewish zoo. The unwillingness of Americans to bother ourselves to act.

Are we not seeing it has cost us our nation now?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us our liberation from Jewish sports so that we have the 2 weeks needed to let "sour" go?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and pull this continuing insurance murder for hire threat off of us?

Will Labor not recognize that old master and his Fornian Replicons on earth have been permanently removed by our true master in heaven above having His angels let Judah show us what sort of stuff he is really made of?

Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Might we think a little about our elders' computer simulations at the time of Jesus that estimated that when Judah finished his time with us there would be the loss of a third of the human race to fire, smoke and brimstone?

As we are now dying already in America in the millions, are there any doubters that Judah will take the majority of Americans out of here in only a few years time?

Doing all he can to put a full blown military attack upon us by using North Korea as a show for inciting Russia and China to come together and finish us off.

Will the American people not try to show an ability to stay alive this time?

As we are being died off massively in a full blown nuclear war will American Labor not step past the useless and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Those that have the $5 million dollars may survive by being able to buy a seat in the undergrounds.

And the rest of us? Have we ever done anything other than merely die out when Judah decides it's time for us to go?

The designers and builders of the atomic and then the hydrogen bomb. Are we not aware they are the same designers and builders of the dirty bombs that are poisoning Americans and taking a third of the human race out of life form now?


The reason our elders from the Federation dropped one of their space craft at Roswell in 1947.


The over all plan by the Proper Behavior Committee of the Galactic Federation of Light as to how to let Judah let themselves off right.

That we have been made aware for nearly 6 years now that Judah using his combined military forces attacked us with the force of 64,000 Hiroshima sized atom bombs in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and have done not a thing about it.

Before we are totally away will we not try it?


Father asked American Labor about the STRIKE.

Might it be the threats and violence that Judah puts on us that has kept us too sheepish to even try it once?

That American Labor is involved in sin by funding all of the war sport and genocide that Judah wants to do, are we perceiving that our good God may let us go if we do not stop that?

The few hours of a general STRIKE that will deflate forever the great windbags of war. Will American Labor not try it?

With Westinghouse, Boeing, GE and several dozen more nuclear war fighting corporations they tried to give us their best boom boom rush ever.

Will Labor not fall them now for their sin?

"I URGE YOU TO FALL THEM FOR THEIR SIN," our good God Almighty in heaven said.

Are we not all flawed Labor? Bitch addresses it to Labor because you are the only ones that can do something about our melting world.

Those not in the work force can do little about what is happening to us, but you that are driving our buses and trucks, flying our airplanes and loading them up. You are the ones that can STOP THE WAR.

And how do we stop a war? Is it any other than ending funding of it all?

The three million that have already succumbed to Judah's brimstone war against the mild people.

The excess Heart attacks, strokes, fainting spells that cause us to fall down and bump our heads. Are we prepared now for the years of tumors ahead?

The only ones destroying our world in war, the cruelly manipulated poor kids that have no receipts to call their own.

Will Labor not give the cruelly manipulated poor hope by putting God's existence stipend in and handing out some receipts?

"White children don't have any receipts so we have them beat you up," Judee say.

A simple thing, a bookkeeping issue. Who records and issues our abstract receipts of Labor for us.

Will Labor not do us a civic duty and help us here please?

Will Labor not ORGANIZE and take over the function of recording and issuing our Labor receipts for us?

Boeing that shot us so well with their intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Will Labor not Get Smart and help us out?

Our elders that flew in from outer space and pulled all of Judah war machine out when he opened up on us. Will Labor not recognize our elders from the universe and join in with them to close out Judah and his extinction molest of us?

The advanced machinery of life that can help us out. Will Labor not end funding the sniper teams so that we can call upon our scientific community to help us out?

"They took us out through fear." 4.30 am

That we have a kind Father that wants to help us. Will we not get tuned into the love of God and save ourselves from any more Jewish war sports genocide molest?

"Act Right As I Treat You Right," Sir Maximilian said in 2008 when He spoke those words to Bitch.

Might we agree that we're all flawed? Is there not some acceptance that we're not angels?

If we can accept each other with our flaws can we not follow the words of Sir Maximillian, "ACT RIGHT AS I TREAT YOU RIGHT?"

That elders have pulled every single nuclear missile off of us that Judah attempted to extirpate us from existence with, will we not act right now and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"I would have given you anything," Precious Father said years ago to us.

The first few million of us snuffed out by brimstone waste. Not a sound to be heard. People dying before their natural time was done.

And Judah has left us, the only remaining thing holding him in is his cable line that he orders more death and destruction worldwide while American Labor keeps making all of Judah war sport checks good. Must we not try it?


Judah has chased himself away from us Labor. Will you not help us to close them out right?

His Alcatraz that he tortured the pacifist Hofer brothers to death who refused to harm their fellow man in Judah's first world war.

Will Labor not take away Judah force, his Auschwitz that he has put into America?

"The prisons have ruined my children, let the fishies roam free," precious sweet Papa said.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and get us free?

Tele receives:

"Perma-hits. 3.42 pm

They're going to morgue us. 3.48 pm

They're punishing us.

They're closing us up. 4.10 pm

They've spared us. 4.14 pm

A new inhabit. 4.23 pm

Jew unfocus to separate great. 4.31 pm

Westinghouse supported a whirl.

Our race is over. 5.26 pm

3 million people are dead already. 5.38 pm

Quite ghastly what's coming in now. 5.39 pm

It's evasive screw up. 5.40 pm

How stupid to call somebody else stupid. 5.41 pm

The stupid started us failed. 5.43 pm

Fired you awful sweat. 5.45 pm

Sparrow wrench disease. 5.49 pm

Cancer they're serving free. 5.53 pm

It's finished higher (hire?) door. 5.36

They hurt you vastly out through offend. 5.38 pm

You failed us. 5.42 pm

Recover. 5.54 pm

The popper will leave you tombed. 6.33 pm

Bust for average right. 6.36 pm

Jew whiskey formation just liable's to shove boys. 10.37 pm

You've been rused, help to adjust yourselves. 10.39 pm

You failed to support us. 10.43 pm

You're titled vicious. 10.46 pm

They're fighting you to get Jew effect insurance. 10.52

ORGANIZE to end abusive on radicals.

You have 100% on that equipment. 10.56 pm

You're falling out yourselves, you're dying rightly. 10.57 pm

You must keep the people from being scored out. 10.59 pm

Someone broke their shell ending their days of lies. 11.03 pm

Total Jew got grease off. 11.05 pm

He's thieving a dangerous fail. 11.10 pm

He'll set you Corpistan. 11.14 pm

My daughter is fashioned helpless. 11.15 pm

It's over here. 11.16 pm

Got it! 11.20 pm

They're Audy things. 11.21 pm

This guy has invoked an end to your money, could apper overnight. 11.25 pm

It's fused, the memorists are dying horny. 11.56 pm

Contact has told you you're rifled. 12.20 pm

Too many Gobbits and Hobbits. 12.43 am

The outside is reducives. 12.46 am

Might white not have failed us? 12.48 am

Cleverly imaged has cost you your lives here.

Focus. 12.50 am

They're out for forcive. 12.51 am

Contact has expired. 12.54 am

They hate you rightfully. 12.59 am

Jews tombed you awfully incredibly. 1.02 am

They're closed now, open Hyperstan. 1.03 am

Jew rightly abusive sell you. 1.05 am

Your Principal state will bat you. 1.07 am

We finished your racket phoneys. 1.08 am

We're now convicts. 1.18 am

They resigned the mouse. 1.21 am

They make us future-less. 1.26 am

Genital spicers. 1.38 am

It's permanently a score. 1.33 am

Liberation is a few hours away to end your rape. 1.34 am

O Lord save us. 1.39 am

Iowa is holding us truthful here. 1.49 am

Good luck. 2.08 am

Jews wise you up real good with a tree. 3.13 am

They took us out with fear. 4.30 am

It's vicious.

They announced push a button; STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.18 am

Over psyche rolls. 6.48 am

Wicked so real they sucker us out. 7.18 am

Patrick, they fault you so abusive. 7.51 am

Cherry busters have ghosted quite failed." 7.57 am

Have they've not announced push a button for sure? Here's from yesterday's post:

Lindsey Graham:
(Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Trump “told me” he will bomb North Korea if it keeps testing missiles “If thousands die, they’re going to die over there.” Updated by Zack Aug 1, 2017,

“There is a military option: to destroy North Korea’s nuclear program and North Korea itself,” Graham told the Today show’s Matt Lauer.

“He’s not going to allow — President Trump — the ability of this madman [Kim Jong Un] to have a missile that could hit America.

“If there’s going to be a war to stop him, it will be over there,” Graham continued.

“If thousands die, they’re going to die over there. They’re not going to die over here — and he’s told me that to my face.”

Graham’s press office confirmed that the senator was, in fact, reciting the details of a conversation he had with the president.

According to Graham, the president “doesn’t want a war” — but would be willing to start one that would kill millions of people in the region if it came down to it

Is American Labor understanding that when you take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah all of their Fornian Replicons will fold worldwide?

If we perceive this will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT before they get the perishing blow in on us?

"We expose you dead Druid even though we fell. I posed you. I just finish you up even though my Jew has fallen already. The day I saw you I aimed my scrimmage at you bad. I form you for poetry die.

It's violence on you I choose. My currency is out for my insures. Jew lawyer precedes you with a diagram to do a mouse scam. We always are submarine funnin. My currency is out for my insures.


Science man explains our rights are refused permanently. I'm dead, with Geneva we had a great time. I'm wiping your atmosphere so we can do some punishment. Des Moines wants my massive out.

Some Iri

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    • "Iowa is Holding Us truthful Here. They Make Us Future Less. — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Aug 7 11:39
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