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Exposed: Elite Handbook On How To Destroy America
Tue Aug 8, 2017 03:09

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In 1966 Professor Cloward-Pivens of Columbia University, working with Frances Fox Pivens, developed a plan to destroy America called the Cloward-Pivens Model

Quickly adopted by the Democratic Socialist Party (Democrats, party of Adolf Hitler, a NAZI) the strategy involves growing the Government to large and having it fall in on itself, allowing a FASCIST take over.

Seeking funding from the “Elites” overseas the Democrats have done everything in their power to destroy this nation.

Recently a Private Book was published on just how to complete this job.

Written by “Democracy Matters: this “Strategic Plann For Action” calls on the complete take down of everyone who tells the truth.

If they cannot take them down politically they will do it with the courts.

If the courts do not work, they will kill them.

The Primary NGO’s that are doing this - Lying, Bribing, Murdering include:

1) Democracy Matters
2) America Bridge - 21st Century
3) Media Matters For America
4) CREW - Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics In Washington
5) Shareblue

Both Media Matters and American Bridge were founded by David Brock - a real Satanic Worshiper who works directly for those destroying America - a Traitor.

The funding for these NGOs come primarily from overseas and from Public Employee Unions - an illegal use of Public Employee Union Dues.

Like all good National Sozhalelests (NAZIs) (Democrats) they will do anything to regain power.

Until they are behind bars, or repent, the attacks on news that is true will continue and you will eventually be left with Propaganda and an utterly destroyed nation - splintered by these NAZIs.

That’s what NAZIs (Democrats) do - they attack their friends and kill their enemies.

Please pray that they all either repent or go down immediately.

You will find the link to the secret 49 page book at the end of the story and please realize - they have unlimited finds and will continue to have this money until President Trump has them all arrested.

In other news:

1) Government Energy Report clearly states the US Energy Grid has been made - MADE By Orders Of Homeland Security - highly vulnerable to complete failure.

So apparently we have allot of Traitors working within Homeland Security attempting to destroy America.

Rather than regional power grids that were not susceptible to these Vulnerabilities Homeland Security has connected these grids all together so a Power Failure in New York could destroy the power grid in, say, Alabama or California.

So apparently the Department of Homeland Security is still trying to take down the electrical grid in America.

2) Finally, Fannie Mae and Freddie will need another $100 Billion to keep functioning.

As you recall - these two Corporation were “Nationalized in 2008 - seized by the US Corporation - had their assets stripped by the last President to pay for his Health Care Reform and these corporations never got paid back. Now - they are utterly bankrupt and begging for dollars.

Then these loans were sold off in Hedge Funds.

Today there exists - thanks to the last President - over $1,500 Trillion Dollars in Hedge Funds Alone and most are worth Zip, Zero, Nada, Nothing.

For example: A $200,000 home loan were $200,000 is owed has a net value of $0. Yet -- under the last Presidential Rules these loans were sold into Hedge Funds with a value of $200,000.

Only these loans were broken up and pieces (Derivatives) of it were sold to a hundred different Hedge Funds - making it impossible to find out who really owns the loan.

Thus the Entire American and European Home Loan System is not only ready to fall but illegal.

Please pray that the system is returned to the people and those suppressing the people are taken out if power immediately.


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