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Hanford Leaking Plutonium Into The Air
Wed Aug 9, 2017 04:20

We will do our best to help you prepare for what is coming.



Hanford Nuclear Reservation has been leaking Plutonium into the air and it was confirmed by officials at Hanford according to KATU2.

So not only is Hanford dissolving used Nuclear Rods and dumping them into the ground just outside of Wellpinit, Washington just West of Spokane.

Not only are these Dissolved Nuclear Rods being shipped by train to Bonners Ferry Idaho and being randomly dumped on the ground - tens of thousands of them.

Not only has Hanford admitted the are finding radiation employees clothing as they leave the plant

Now we have Hanford Officials stating that the Air contains Plutonium.

The kicker is - these Nuclear Rods could be placed in a container and hit with 15 - 20 Lightning Strikes and almost all of the radiation would be gone and the cost would be negligible.

What happens if the 890,000 Used Nuclear Rods sitting 100 feet from the Pacific Ocean experience a huge Earth Quake or Tidal Wave???

Planet Earth dies.

This recent Hanford Incident makes those who oversee the Hanford Nuclear Reservation flat our Murderers.

Please pray that Men of Courage take charge of these Nuclear Programs and neutralize this horrible radiation.


In Other News:

1) Left Wing Canada is herding up their Illegal Immigrants and refusing to give them welfare and sleep in stadiums. Yup - only here in the United States do we not send illegals home.

Miami Dade County is also not working with President Trump and is now allowing Immigration to round up Illegal Aliens so they can once again get Federal Grants.


2) Congress has 12 days to raise the Debt Limit???

When have we heard that before - a Fake Story.

3) The Big H #3 now wishes to be a Pastor.


4) Grand Junction Colorado had itís Invication done b a Satanist - who followed his speech with ďHail Satan.Ē

GOD says - Grand Junction City Council and Officials - You want to worship Satan then he will turn his Demons Loose on your council in full order. So he has said it - so it shall be.

5) US Retail Sales were $5.5 Billion Dollars in 2016.

Out of that $5.5 Billion, $.3 Billion was money spent for Health Care Insurance.

So apparently Mandatory Health Care Costs are counted as retail sales???

The Entire US GPD is faked. False, a lie.

True Estimates place the Real US GDP around $10 Billion a year and fo the first time in a decade it has stopped dropping as President Trump has added around 1 Million Manufacturing Jobs to America in the 6 months he has been in office.

6) House GOP has launched a Truthful News Site to counter the FAKE NEWS now so prevalent here in America.

7) President Trump has also launched a News Website.

A serious question to President Trump: Since Google and You Tube controls the Internet - why are the not a Public Utility?

Finally we now discuss three people now prominent in DC

1) General Flynn. The News Media says he was fired when in fact he was moved to an Intelligence Organization that is gathering evidence on Lefties for arrests in the near future.

2) Anthony Scaramuchi. He was asked by President Trump to come into the White House Staff to help find a Leaker. He was on loan from the United States Export Credit Agency Bank, found out that Reince Priebus (White House Chief Of Staff) was the Leaker in about a week, and then was moved back to the Bank.

President Trump - I read you loud and clear. Your mind leaks and what I am reading is a man who really does love America. Your Double (All Presidents have Doubles) - not so much.

3) Robert Mueller - Former Director of the FBI 2001 - 2013

It was YOU who worked to start this coming World Conflict, attempting over 100 times to either terminate the President or start a conflict involving 90,000 100KT Firecrackers. If your own agents had not contained you Planet Earth would not be here.

It was YOU who tried to sell the Russian Orthodox Church $750 Million Dollars Fake Bond and destroy their entire church financially

It was you who tried to get someone named Eugene in Moscow to divert $100 Million Dollars Per Year of Putinís Personal Oil Money to your outfit and thus increase tensions between the East and the West

It was you who tried to start a US/Iranian Conflict to turn Planet Earth into a meteor shower.

For exposing this to the Russians they gave me their highest awards.

For this Robert Mueller placed a person in my home and made me homeless for 6 months so that this would not be made public- and stripped me of all my wealth and thanks to some of your underlings I was able to keep my small pension - which I am very grateful for.

Now - like the United Nations stated in a Private Broadcast - this is the year of Karmic Payback.

GOD says that from now through Eternity HE will scramble YOUR brain until YOU, Robert Mueller, bow to GOD and have a Change of Heart.


To those of you who have assisted us in this Grand Effort to keep our Presidentís Alive and stop the Planet Earth from being destroyed - I give my greatest thanks to --- including YOU the audience who is praying for these.

You are - the Salt of the Earth, the Cream of the Crop.

Just by watching this program you are helping feed families across this nation and into Mexico as all moneys go to a nonprofit.


Special thanks go to Ronnie from GET THE THE and Charles from NOBLE GOLD for adding a little extra to our Nonprofit to help feed these folks.



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This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

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