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"You Real Government is Completely Dead. I Just Booze and Mo
Wed Aug 9, 2017 11:08

"You Real Government is Completely Dead. I Just Booze and Mort You," Judee say.

That our Bill of rights is no longer the law of our land. Might we not accept as true, our real government is completely dead?

The well crafted American Constitution that was presented to the state delegates at Philadelphia in 1789. The Constitution with no Bill of Rights in it. The Constitution the delegates refused to sign. The first Constitution lacking an exculpatory clause.

The United States Constitution that was negotiated and mutually agreed to, the one with an exculpatory clause built into it. Our Bill of Rights.

And what is the exculpatory clause? It is the one that was agreed to in 1789 that gives us the presumption of innocence.

The one that presumes we are innocent until otherwise proven guilty by a jury that hears the facts.

The Constitution that has no arrest of suspects, arrests only based on "Probable cause." The Constitution that lets the people hear the facts first to decide whether or not the government can act.

Innocent until proven guilty. The deal our state delegates held out to get for us a couple of centuries ago. Now tossed out by the corrupt bribe.

Have we reflected on what we have allowed being put on us now as the law? That is we hostages now are presumed guilty until otherwise proven innocent in Jewish law.

And what is the end result of such a proposition?

Might we see that now an employee, a clerk working for us may act and take our life with no remedy available to our family to recover the economic loss, much less repair the emotional loss of a loved one?

Might we have some feeling of why the state delegates insisted that the exculpatory clause, the First Ten Amendments to our Constitution, our sacred inviolable Bill of Rights must be included in our Constitution before they agreed to make the Constitution our law?

Might reasonableness not guide us to agree to organize together for mutual benefits to each other? Sure. Is that not why governments are formed so that we can mutually benefit each other?

The reasonableness that brings us together for our mutual benefit to form governments. Is it any other thing than reasonableness that we find in our Bill of Rights?

Will the 40% of our population that make up our work force not put our Rights in once again?

"We set you for a foul attempt and you're still letting us cataster you. Jew made you limp and weaped your guard. We still weap you today until I die," Judee say.

The shooting of JFK. Has Judah not truly weaped our guard?

The cakes, pies and coffee creamer plus the fire department standing by with a tank of double oxygen for Harold Washington. Has Judah not weaped our guard right?

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah before he ends sealing us all out of life?

UFOs Join At Air Show In Washington State

August 8, 2017, LUFO
Skyfest this past weekend lured several dozens of people, and at least one of them recorded a video of what he believed a UFO. John Whichelow said that he never captured anything like it ever.

The air show at Fairchild AFB involved the Thunderbirds and Whichelow thought he was just recording them at first, but when he watched the video again, he noticed two different UFOs in the frame.

Whichelow said that the UFOs were likely moving incredibly fast as they appeared when the announcer said that those jets were going 500 mph. According to the amateur videographer, some suggested that they could be meteors, birds or bugs close to the camera. However, he does not think it is any of those.

The video shows a mysterious white object passes across the frame before the Thunderbirds pass each other. At around 36 seconds later, a smaller black object appears following behind the ascending Thunderbird.

Here's a comment that Bitch posted st LUFOs:

Might an extraterrestrial space craft showing up at an Airforce demonstration be a way to send us a message? A Meta transiliatory communication?

If so what might we guess is the message?

As the US Airforce has already repeatedly attacked us with nuclear weapons, might that air show have some of the nuclear war fighting perps involved?

The next attack on us by the nuclear war fighting elements of the US Airforce. Might elders from the universe be trying to tell us what is coming at us to give us a chance to save ourselves?

Here's a link to the 1.06 video:

Are we understanding that until he no longer is able to insult us Judah will go on insulting us with his free war everyday?

Will Labor not ORGANIZE, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

Tele receives:

"It's failed iperin. 6.15 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, end storage. 6.20 pm

Pure op repossesses up for luxury. 6.22 pm

Perceived. 6.24 pm

Using opticals to bang us with was pretty sharp. 6.39 pm

Contact you failed. 6.41 pm

Unbelievable you falsed up yourself. 6.49 pm

ORGANIZE yourselves, they've got a free underground. 6.50 pm

Your courage failed to save us. 6.52 pm

Nitrouscide. 6.53 pm

Staging fell, STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.56 pm

A great in and you tossed it. 6.57 pm

It's so weird, were burned to death.

They costed us fail. 7.07 am

Insulted. 7.18 pm

Houston failed us. 7.19 pm

You fall deceased. 7.21 pm

They degenerated this place.

Switch boys take advantage of their swords. 7.22 pm

They die us hyacinth. 7.24 pm

Quite a daft received, Pittsburgh ain't useful. 7.25 pm

World thinks you are narrow bots. 7.26 pm

Mush die. 7.27 pm

Discrimini failed unaccosted. 7.28 pm

They've taken us off of our humanity. 7.29 pm

Vultures false failed us. 7.30 pm

Druid has been compromising.

Druid has a nicer mental. 7.31 pm

Maypole hits you right. 7.32 pm

Can't you RISE US, they're trying to flush us out? 7.34 pm

Somebody's failed wits us. 7.35 pm

Activist gives us less spirit, 100% launched us out. 7.37 pm

Bitch, take my hand, please take my hand. 11.05 pm

Scored his mother diesel.

Research revealed you've been way fouled by war. 11.45 pm

We're sealed sinned. 11.49 pm

Scientist bash your memorials up and you're going to lose a mutual Detroit. 11.52 pm

Bubble gum spaced us.

The guy is helping us mental. 11.56 pm

The pregnant minnow is great wasted. 11.57 pm

You're closing up beautifully corrupt. 11.59 pm

You're out because Judah waste you. 12.04 am

A simple falling here. 1.48 am

You're accused of speech that ultimately let them run you's. 1.50 am

It's basic, Jews fisty fantastic. 1.51 am

Failed Bitch rumpus. 1.52 am

Wasting your appetite seriously. 1.53 am

You have made them breeze breathless. 1.54 am

A nice man bust all their signals. 1.55 am

Abusive is switchage. 1.57 am

They failed to save us. 1.58 am

Oh my God, please STRIKE THEM OUT!

Your fate is now abused fantastic. 1.58 am

It's now fused. 1.59 am

Terror page op you. 2.02 am

Terror bust you right boys. 2.03 am

They punish you by taking right things off of you. 2.05 am

They boom us theft. 2.05 am

It's just a false fiend day. 2.09 am

Fabulous they thieve us Air force. 2.10 am

They scrimmage shells. 2.11 am

Your spirit fails you awfully abusive. 2.14 am

Pat, you obviously suffer us fail. 2.17 am

The cheat us poison. 2.17 am

It's a wicked die diaperly. 2.18 am

I fault you timid. 2.24 am

For their performance, your settlement is dust leaves. 2.27 am

You're welcome. 2.32 am

Jew nebulizer is going to kill us all. 2.54 am

Take them out, they de-spirit here.

Stupid curious. 3.42 am

It's a demented wash. 4.23 am

He's shot us in the gills. 4.31 am

Error jerk done. 4.48 am

Let's STRIKE. 5.26 am

Squirrel is done." 6.22 am

"They shot us and Druid you did not protest." (Hiroshima Atomic bomb Survivor.)

"Your hustling reach us. Jew whole emphasis is to die your ass off and foul you with perjury. I got rich on my foul wit dirtying boys. I'm a great observist and learn how to push you. I focus, I fisty you to put in a bruise museum.

Our history is we harass you for free. The nice turkey has savaged us, ruthlessly we've fallen, we won't be coming back again. I cite you right puppy to force you to de-exist.

When you take my cannibal I bring in my Jew fist. I'm dangerous on my hype side. I munch you on the payroll, for months you've been seeing me. I'm basically a failed ruler, with my room I did some problems.

We got you on false Jew rule and that's what got me completely dead. My police service you rental so I got to go. Your Chicago analysis caused my whole country to fail.

I'm still sparkling. Dopey sins die us. My Russian I wholesome organize. I'm so useless frail. I die you for some income. Jew hike is awesome, deadly and corrupt. Witless is proof I can take you cheap, that's why you hate the Jew.

A stupid tumor is our right gear. Cause of how I fall you I had to quit. My suffer of you waste is done. Bitch, because you got us out right you're welcome. Druid said we got a new racket, my core rich is out.

My big apology to you failed. They pulled me off for my Jew missile performance. For the dog you let me weap you. Jew have ethics of sin. I hold you fist, the rule of a dumb state. I've set you to pull your income away," Judee say.

Are we seeing how with poisoned fields it may be easy for Judah to pull our income away?

If so and for so many other reasons will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Our extraterrestrial elders will guide us right. Will Labor not invite the love of God in?

"Dutiful brought the Martians in and made me fall. I've been boursed Fed all my life, I'm a true lifer now. For my whole life H----- wants me dead. My psychage is what let me put them away." Judee say.

"They cruel a state true for us." Non-Judah reverse speech of an ordinary American.

Will Labor not get the cruel Jewish state out right?

Please STRIKE THEM OUT Labor. Give us a chance to live without Jewish cruelty and punishment.

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin,"God Almighty in heaven said.

Will the 40% of the people of Labor that is employed not STRIKE THEM OUT and give them a right fall for their sin?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Wednesday, August 9 Psalm 94:1223
Jeremiah 3:144:22; 1 Thessalonians 4:112

The Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6

Jesus, filled with the power of the Spirit, returned to Galilee, and a report about him spread through all the surrounding country. He began to teach in their synagogues and was praised by everyone. Luke 4:1415

We so desire to know more of you. Gracious God, by the power of your Holy Spirit, show us the way of your Son, Jesus, our Savior, our teacher, and our friend. Amen.

6.46 pm

In yesterday's post Bitch started to do a thing about Lindbergh and his speaking of how the Jews were pushing America to get involved in the Second World War.

While Bitch was reading some things about Lindbergh's positions, he saw easily that Lindbergh had drawn incorrect conclusions from the evidence presented to him and so Bitch decided to not use any part of what Lindbergh said.

That the mild man jumped ahead of our family on earth in technology is not a sign of superiority, might we consider it is merely related to the terrain that we find ourselves in?

Might we think of Judah with his looking at us and learning about us so that he has the knowledge of how put us in, could it have been Judah that slipped in the intentionally incorrect understanding of why mild people jumped a bit ahead in technology?

Do we recall that Judah discovered that mild people possessed the "Unique value of cooperation?"

Might we consider that the unique value of cooperation is what afforded us the opportunity to develop technology most rapidly?

At the same time, might we consider that the unique value of cooperation is what Judah bored in on to build his fist machine using mild people to get it done?

Regrets on leaving that link in there. Are we not aware the supposed northern superiority is basic Judah deception to get ourselves into trouble with our brothers and sisters on earth?

Western mild people funding Judah for free who is using Eastern mild man to fist our family.

Will American Labor not take Judah off of our money and end the fisting please?

Here's some more Tele receives since earlier:

"Cruelty is obviously versatile. 10.11 am

Zipper genes been pulled out of commission. 10.33 am

You failed fogey. 11.06 am

They falsed us out of contact. 11.12 am

Jerk failed. 1.26 pm

Put them out! 1.28 pm

They disturb our state heavily. 2.02 pm

They're washing us out. 2.14 pm

Political life's coming off awesome. 2.16 pm

I suffer." 2.43 pm

Will Labor not bring about an end to intentional infliction of suffering that is being done to us and the rest of our family on earth by taking the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and putting it into your own hands?

Are we not seeing that Judah strategy is to reduce as many peoples wages as he can before he leaves us for evermore?

With our air lethally poisoned and our fields being wasted out will Labor not act and help us out?

Less than a day of a general STRIKE and we will be liberated from the long term molest of us done to us by the Jewish people.

Will American Labor not close the animal primitivism of our species out?

Will Labor not let us make full contact with our highly advanced peaceful elders from the Federation so that we can bring on the abundance for all of God's children on earth?

"We just embarrass you to destroy you. I lost here fair," Judee say.

Judah getting caught red handed opening up in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 with 64,000 Hiroshima blast effects to waste out the mass of the American people.

Will Labor not listen to our kind and good God, "I urge you to give them a right fall for their sin," and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Thank you. God bless.
Sinead O'Connor pleads for help in tearful video about struggle with mental illness
Reverse speech from video:


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    • "You Real Government is Completely Dead. I Just Booze and Mo — Patrick Sullivan, Wed Aug 9 11:08
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