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"Jews Main Sight Is Flying Missiles. The Cats died So You're
Thu Aug 10, 2017 09:04

"Jews Main Sight Is Flying Missiles. The Cats died So You're The False."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

The tens of thousand of missiles that Judah built and equipped with his fantastic inventions, fission enhanced atom bombs and thermonuclear hydrogen bombs.

Are we all in agreement that the cat is dead for attacking us with them in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

If so are we seeing that now we are the false in our world?

"The cats died so you're the false," the Tele sender said.

That Judah shot himself by attacking us all out with thousands of his great balls of fire in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end us being the only false left around?

"I embezzled to cheat you some. I'm so happy my assault leaves you bruised. It was the oxygen we psyche you out right theory. It was our municipal molest that let us Jew you here.

To Judas cow house you have completely fallen. If you're a diamond in the rough you're the first one I put away. My sheriffs' white sauce empower in a nice way. The council authorized jail punching.

More H bomb coming in. I'm a whole molest family, I raped your future with errors. Bitch's rights told me to stop with my general fist. Jew have economy threat of your generation. We want your good welfare off," Judee say

Judah shooting his missiles from North Korea. Might we understand it is Judah staging to hold Americans in fear to obey?

Here's a reverse speech concerning the North Korea Jewish missiles staging:

"We're rusing here for rust."

Are we perceiving his missile shooting is rusing us to hold us to rust out?

Do we recall that Sir Casper deactivated all the radioactive blast plutonium 239 before he returned to His home inside of Mars?

Are we not accepting as truth that Judah can't detonate a thermonuclear warhead over our heads anymore because his blast plutonium is missing ten and a half neutrons?

If we understand this show with North Korea is all staged psychological terror by weap Judah will we not act and take the concession to issue our money away from him and end his propaganda he is using to try and scare us?

Tele receives:

"They're pulling the light bulbs off. 5.28 pm

Sniper, sniper, you lost your life here. 5.48 pm

Iowa won. 5.49 pm

They just give you a lot of hokey.

You're welcome. 6.36 pm

You're out of your city right. 7.20 pm

You lost your life communistic. 7.30 pm

Psychtricity. 7.35 pm

Fail kidney sports. 7.38 pm

Whiskey authorizes the solar puff. 7.41 pm

They fool-a-chase us. 7.42 am

The industrial administration is taking you off awestall. 8.51 pm

They've negatived ya's. 8.52 pm

Acknowledge you'll soon be passed.

You got yourself an Irishman that died for you.

They want to know if they have a mental to break you.

We're dying this place awful dastardly. 11.29 pm

Bitch will put you into the clear without waste. 11.36 pm

You're failed strategy, STRIKE THEM OUT!

We authorized you. 11.34 pm

Understand you're evilish, understand you're evilness. 11.41 pm

Pure energy failed you off of here. 11.43 pm

True production die. 11.45 pm

They pronounce you fabulous.

The Wall Street predators pushed you. 11.47 pm

Pat is peaceful. 11.48 pm

Theirs is a waste beyond compare, cement. 11.53 pm

Their decease Bitch ended. 11.55 pm

Life has threatened us. 1.27 am

Jews now replacing health care. 1.28 am

Excited core-rage. 1.30 am

Psychic hard protest. 1.32 am

It be cat savages. 1.38 am

The chapel rightfully STRIKE us. 1.41 am

Drugs they use for infidels. 2.19 am

Jews main site fly's missiles. 2.22 am

The cats died so you're the false. 2.25 am

Tricity finds us a little humid. 3.01 am

Patrick throws off outrageous. 3.07 am

We can't survive it, we're toast. 3.08 am

It's completely over." 3.45 am

"Irish shame me in one week, our harass is over," Judee say.

One week after Bitch reported in October of 2011 that Judah attacked us with 64,000 thousand Hiroshima blast and heat effects from 3,200 thermonuclear warheads he shot at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, did Irish not shame Judah in one week after that?

"You got yourself an Irishman that died for you."

Between doing the mathematics of nuclear war in November of 1965 and being in Vietnam waters for 4 months Bitch researched it and thought it through for several years and became a pacifist.

Chose in his mind to starve himself to death before he would ever allow himself to be used to harm his fellow man in war again.

Then spent the rest of his time looking for the words, the solution to end this social organization of war.

"They war you mental. 4.24 am

Police die for a fistdom fistol." 4.26 am

The mental war they do with what is termed the "news media." Contrived stories put on that the Israeli psychologist orders to confound and confuse.

Will American Labor not end funding them?

The best deal ever offered to Labor anywhere anytime, the authority to issue our money as Labor leader William Sylvis advised us before he was assassinated in 1869.

Along with issuing our money, a chance to stop the war and also to survive the brimstone waste war that Judah is waging against us using our American Labor dollar to do it.

Is it merely Bitch disgrace, embarrass and insult that is holding Labor from acting to save yourselves?

"He remained true to me," Father said of His Bitch boy.

Never accepting any of the wars that Washington-Wall Street has put on our world.

Bitch didn't even believe we had a God above until Father spoke to him in 2009.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death."

Judah, going ahead with his hubris attacked us all out in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with his extinction level event of Americans.

Again, 3 years later on June 11, 2014, Judah attacked us with 6,400 Hiroshima amounts of thermonuclear blast and heat force from his 2 British submarines.

That attack captured on video and available to see. Less than 3,000 people have found it important enough to look at to see a nuclear attack that if not burst off high in the sky would have decimated America with 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads.

2,565 views of thermonuclear warheads being burst high in the sky over Florida on June 11, 2014.

Here's a picture of one of the warheads that were burst off by Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians:

Here's a link to the 7.47 video:

"I urge you to end corrupt." Elder just said to Bitch at 4.54 am

"Error holds you right. 5.06 am

Shorty fears your life. 5.14 am

Stupid's fair. 5.33 am

Lever carriage." 5.44 am

Is there not yet some sense in ordinary working people of the hazard that we have allowed weap Judah to put us into?

Just came back from the store and here's some Tele receives from along the way:

"Pervistan. 6.58 am

It's failed peacefully. 7.01 am

Sir, they've got you made well. 7.12 am

Lies figured a way to get you all. 7.38 am

The most dutiful favor Jew pulled off of here. 7.44 am

The Palace mashed ya. 7.56 am

You emphasize stufus to comp me. 8.26 am

Crown air. 8.30 am

Their thievous parasite put them off of here. 8.34 am

Papa's on your side. 8.49 am

Papa will receive us. 8.51 am

We've been abandoned, huh? 9.24 am

Plant hanger. 9.45 am

They progest us. 9.50 am

Mental age fights you bare ass. 9.54 am

Maximum thief causes you to suffer. 9.56 am

Bitch, authorize a STRIKE here. 10.04 am

Waste war fell bonsai. 10.06 am

Shownistic dies animals. 10.07 am

He cripples us here as a suspect." 10.09 am

Saw some Judee along the way. Here's some of their Tele receives:

"Our century is out. 8.18 am

It was our highest sin.

You resemble us.

He disestablished me great.

We're impossible thieves and nice boy found us."

Their highest sin. Was it not opening on us with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of radiation, blast, and heat on us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Will Labor not listen to Papa and give Judee a fall for their sin?

"You emphasize stufus to comp me." 8.26 am

A senior looking Druid said as Bitch passed by.

Is there not some way to forgive, for get about it and help us to get a STRIKE?

After food shopping Bitch stopped at a local garden center to get a couple of plants.

While looking at some plants took some pictures. What does this look like? Is this insect damage or something else?

Might those be signs that the plants are starting to burn up from something in the air or rain?

Are there some Americans who think it not true that we are on the eve of destruction such as we have never experienced in our entire human history?

The fataling out of existence of a third of our species on the surface of planet earth. Can only one Jewish electricity plant in continuous open air burning for 6 years really be that deadly?

That's what Judah scientists are telling him. That in less than 4 months he will have sealed the majority of Americans to die off in the next few years due to a variety of illnesses caused by radioactive brimstone poisoning.

Will Labor not forgive Bitch fault and help us in these last days that we have to save ourselves?

"Super rightly wise you. 11.33 am

Patrick Sullivan saved you and you decide to die yourselves out." 11.33 am

Bitch will keep listening to our elders and our good God above. For those that want to survive this MEGADEATH that we are now sealed into will we not keep praying to our good God above to save us?

"It's over, you guys have been accomplished." 11.39 am

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you. God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Thursday, August 10 — Psalm 95
Jeremiah 4:23–5:25; 1 Thessalonians 4:13–5:3

O taste and see that the Lord is good; happy are those who take refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

Jesus says, “I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats of this bread will live forever.” John 6:51

Our Lord, with gratitude, we pause to notice your graced gifts that surround us. May we embody a faith that shares generously with all. Amen.~~~

4.12 pm

“It's your attitude. 11.42 am

Oh my God they cage you well. 11.14 am

We're perishing for dullness. 12.15 pm

They finely deceived us. 12.24 pm

We're being extincted. 12.34 pm

Exorcising us out. 12.36 pm

It's a miracle they accomplish us. 12.40 pm

They're squashing your fortune abuse here. 12.42 pm

Pat will see us all free. 1.03 pm

They trashed us. 1.30 pm

Set them off of here. 1.45 pm

The circuit hold you in to foster life. 2.02 pm

Weap Judah trying to put us in. 2.35 pm

Voyeur failed. 3.01 pm

You're falsing out your safe for criminals. 3.14 pm

Criminal.” 3.31 pm

Please STRIKE THEM Labor. Thank you, God bless.



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