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Trump Needs Our Help Now Patriots
Fri Aug 11, 2017 06:42

From: Bob Todd
Contact: FACT Report/and/IAMUFREE/YOU-Tube

Former Congressional Candidate And Journalist, Bob Todd Calls On All Patriots To Help President Trump On All Fronts

Bob Todd, who is considering a serious fourth run for Congress in Northern California says he is calling on all Americans who consider themselves defenders of our God given freedoms guaranteed in the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence' to assist President Trump with every truly right way needed to protect our nation.

"This is my message to President Trump as an American Refugee ,who has felt the brunt of attacks on our people' from a very young age; God bless you in Jesus' name for your labors for our nation' our prayers are with you and yours." Todd Said.

"Today the documentary, 'American Refugee' is Beginning and we intend to show what is going on in America to our refugees who have no sanctuary but under God's wings in America today. These problems we face are not discussed and it is time to bring them all out; beginning with the spiritual issues from holidays to Holy days we never hear about, the legal, financial and lastly the physical things that must be done to help American Refugees now; like let the Bible be read an cut out the teaching of pagan holidays to our children along with all the other under-mining sublets that should not be taught. How about real money and not electronic currency and implanted microchips for our future. Like clean water fountains in the mountain, free camping and jobs making and improving camp sites, just simple medical treatments like suave and band aids, and lastly homesteading for the homeless like in the 1800's and no property taxes so people own their land." Todd went on to says.

"President Trump, you have done better, by a 1000 times, than could have been hoped for, so let me be frank, fine job and if you would like to hear from a common man on what is seen from down hear I've launched a You-Tube site called FACT report to keep all informed of what we see as American Refugees, veterans of the American Purge. The F.B.I. has been spying on me for a long time and have published proof so I decided they wanted to blackmail in case I won a Congressional race and now they are busted and all connected to them. The issues are not all in plain site so here is what I've been shown from here. The judicial branch needs to be purged by impeachments, Congress needs to be flushed out by Republican new people, and you Mr. President should us your emergency powers created in 1933 through the judicial approval of F.D.R.s unconstitutional emergency powers based on the economic emergency of the Great depression. Emergency powers must be rescinded after repealing all unconstitutional acts by any branch of government; Patriot Act, NAFTA, Propaganda Dept.. etc... We have criminals as governors in California and Oregon and all those who have been involved in these crimes of true sedition should be removed from office by recall or arrest. The homeless refugees of America don't need much but land and emergency free camping in federal forests and clean water with showers need to be built. We American Refugees can do any thing with God Mr. President just get the States and Cities to follow the principles of equality; foreigners should not cut in line and get favors while our people die from attrition." Todd said.

Todd says the solution to the health care crisis and other issues are simple, "Cut the cost of health care at the source, the providers are charging too much for being charities, arrest people breaking the law and quit treating them like the are not all equal with 'We the People'; North Korea should not make threats like even a school child knows what happens to bullies."

PS:(Mr. President, the Chemtrails are greatly decreased out west now but the woman appointed to head the Northern Command is not for us from the first day on the job the Air force or whomever, chemtrailed this region heavy as a taunt I believe when Obama left. God gives me dreams about things that are happening and all have been well about you, but the dreams about Obama were dark and the last one I had I was told Obama was assassinated as plain as a voice from heaven. Just thought I'd mention it, and Donald, we all love you out here, in Jesus; name God protect and guild you with His Holy Spirit.)
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