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"Continue To Muster Them. They Hurl You Out To Finish You Of
Fri Aug 11, 2017 08:57

"Continue To Muster Them. They Hurl You Out To Finish You Off With Their Guys."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. Bitch is continuing to muster the guys and gals to help us close weap Judah's eternal war out of the United States of America.

Is it not certain once Judah loses the free money available to him from American Labor his worldwide terror network will be closed out too? Certainly.

Our libraries working reduced hours. Might that be so the Judah employees get their full-time hours in and the other workers get reduced hours?

Are we seeing how with the closing of so many stores Judah is doing all that he can to bring a crash to our economy?

While simultaneously he uses our Labor to clear his war checks. Will Labor for the love of our good God above not STOP THE WAR?

Must Labor not take the authority to issue our money into the hands of a Committee of the Whole and end weap Judah issuing our money?

The reason war goes on in our world. Are we grasping it is because we have failed to step in and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

The gulag state that America has been turned into to serve Judah war sport. For God's love will working people not help us to close it up?

"Papa has a side bet that won't fail once the hostages know you're putting them in."

All the faces we see now, are we not aware they have spaces reserved for them in the vast underground shelter system where they are going right after Labor STRIKES them out?

The majority of Americans set to die off from breathing radioactive brimstone waste. Have we realized yet that it is us ordinary fish that Judah is aiming to die off great?

Without our rights in are we not seeing that we are scalp-able for Judah sports? Judah has a miserable passion to score us war. Will the mild people not awake to how he is scoring us massively out of here now?

Did notice some good news last night while driving. NO more cats out here trapping the mice. The ladies knew Judah has left and the risk of being murdered now has dropped radically.

Will Labor not bring our grand juries in so that we can have We The People hear what it is they have done to ordinary Americans?

Will Labor not help us to open the ground where Judah has buried those that had no insurance to collect on?

The guy that claims a right to abuse us and take our simple working men and women's lives away from us.

Will Labor not take the Organizing Principle of Society away from weap Judah and have Labor issue our money?

"Super too boss." 6.44 pm a Tele sender said.

Bitch is not a boss period. Do we recall that Papa said, "You're my scholar?"

Bitch with his deadly sin of stupid anger that caused him to insult everyone and mis set ya's that has left us now to be destroyed.

The qualities that Father teaches us. Mercy, forgiveness. Is Labor not willing to accept that?

Will we not accept the high-level extraterrestrial principles that will allow us to accommodate each other all the time and everywhere?

The principles that will bring us to live in peace with each other in every land. Will American Labor not forgive Bitch's ugly insult and accept that we could still have a chance to save ourselves from being totally burned up?

The tens of millions of Americans that Judah has put in. Will Labor not be a friend and STRIKE THEM OUT?

The massive death and destruction that Judah has accomplished in his century of ruling America. Will Labor not end Judah holding the Organizing Principle of our Society in his private international hands?

The concession to issue our money. Are we connecting the dots to see the picture of how that has allowed Judah to perp permanent war in our world?

The people that Judah hates most of all. Are we not seeing it is us mild people of the north?

The group that Judah holds the biggest number that he genocided. Do we recall Solzhenitsyn informed us it is the mild people of the north that died most?

Judah reports that the people he most enjoys having sex with are the mild people of the north. From that does it make sense that it is the mild people that he wants to kill the most?

Might Labor think of our good God Almighty that said, "I want the crazy out of here?"

Is Labor not yet aware of just how deadly is the sports weap that Judah is doing to us from Hitachi-GE?

"The majority won't be around in a few years," is how elder from the Federation described the effects of Judah's atmospheric brimstone weap. Will Labor not help us and shut them down?

To die off the majority of Americans and with it a third of the human race on earth. Are we not yet aware that we are in the end days?

Nuclear radiation that is odorless and invisible. That we cannot see it might some think this is a false report?

Should the fact that our elders from outer space have been buzzing us for over a half of a century not alert us to the fact of how seriously we are being put out of life form?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

A third of the water on planet earth now poisoned by only one Jewish electricity plant. Will Labor not recognize the late hour it is and help us to end the threat to us?

Tele receives:

"Schedule it. 6.21 pm

Super right it! 6.21 pm

Jerk accuse us right to get the fist done. 6.26 pm

Your failure is horrible, you missed your safe. 6.28 pm

Goal that. 6.30 pm

Push them in. 6.38 pm

You lost your life experience. 6.42 pm

Super too boss. 6.44 pm

We're stupid. 6.46 pm

Stay out missiles without shooting them. 6.48

They're off of here. 6.52 pm

Pressed us right off of here. 6.56 pm

He's coming out. 7.08 pm

My God they're pushing us succulent. 7.26 pm

Cheese cake. 7.23 pm

You're so right, he's an error wit. 7.52 pm

Pat, you truly have died screwy. 8.17 pm

They adjusted us in jails. 9.04 pm

Put them in, they're dangerous. 9.10 pm

The cat is rubbishing you right. 9.16 pm

Bitch tells the truth. 9.21 pm

The cow is dying sport, the cow is dying totally. 9.24 pm

We are somewhat justed. 9.25 pm

They scored our refuge. 9.28 pm

Tossing us out quite brutal. 9.30 pm

Smells cast a lifers field. 9.33 pm

Danny sold our deal. 9.34 pm

Their fortune is a great floor sale.

They fouled us, Ruthie, here. 9.43 pm

Core mutates them. 9.47 pm

They're falling us goose full. 9.49 pm

Force has fallen forever. 9.51 pm

They void us duds. 9.52 pm

They're leaving us in a terrible sauce minus. 9.56 pm

Total out! 9.57 pm

Get me out of this posture of a bad die. 9.58 pm

Sid hikes them, Russian. 10.03 pm

Continue to muster them. 10.07 pm

They hurl you out to finish you off with their guys. 10.34 pm

They fall you in a foul for less. 12.30 am

ORGANIZE, you must save yourself. 1.20 am

Put them out they're shooting us bad. 2.12 am

Jew label make falsive, your rights have fallen. 2.30 am

Investments you're blind. 2.35 am

They port you racist. 2.37 am

They suffer your deal. 2.39 am

It was all refused. 3.47 am

Get them out obviously. 3.51 am

They took off total law. 3.53 pm

Very cadaverous." 3.54 pm

Might we consider the continuous violations of the rights of our family from the land of good people and how after doing that for such a long time, now they are set to violate everyone's rights?

Are we seeing Labor why Jewish need to take over the state? The long running plan that Jewish have against all other persons, with a particular emphasis to hurt white people most of all.

That it is overwhelmingly white fish that are suffering the loss of spirit and loss of soul on the sports battlefields that Judah put them on.

Will Labor not help the cruelly manipulated poor and return them home to live in peace with the rest of God's kids?

"We image you. We just give peace a fight. Bitch clear my theory right, we just want to push the people," Judee say.

That Bitch sought out extraterrestrial help over a decade ago to help us survive the nuclear war that Bitch knew Judah wanted to finish us out in.

Will Labor not give it to Bitch that he is a dutiful and diligent guy?

He may be deeply imperfect with a fault of stupid but for sure he loves our good God above.

He won't let you get put in a cage if he has anything to say about it. He won't leave you so short that the only chance for bourse is to go overseas and abuse our family in other lands.

He has spent the time and learned from our elders how it is we can fix ourselves up.

Get hold of the concession to issue our money. The thing that has let Judah so terrorize us. But how to convince Labor to help us in our greatest hour of need before we are perished wholesale and have to leave?

"I got some official white dead. I ever rice war and they brought me for a stop. This Bitch folds me foul. I pitch you mutton. We fight you Berlin with our finance rule. It was pretty dumb what you said about management," Judee say.

That last reverse speech concerning"pretty dumb" was apparently about Jewish Psychiatry.

Bitch had read about how psychiatrists couldn't visit inmates in some jails because it was too dangerous for them.

Might we only wonder if holding people in such extremely hostile, inhumane and brutal conditions might in some way affect their mental health?

Might we wonder the things that Judah has had his chefs sticking in prisoners food might have something to do why some prisons are too dangerous for psychiatrists to visit?

Will Labor not put our juries and grand juries in to hear what it is that weap Judah is doing to our fellow men and women on our dollar?

Things that children like to eat. Can we only wonder how many things Judah has put dull into their food?

That Judah has been systematically waging chemical war against our thinking ability by having factories put in dull at the production level.

And to consider it is not something new.

Will it not be interesting to learn just how long Judah has used old basalt to cancer us from the inside out?

The industrial bread plant that Bitch worked in in 1979-80 that dumped tons of returned bread.

Bitch wanted to give it to pig farmers and learned they used to take it and feed it to their pigs but their pigs were dying from cancer so they no longer would feed their pigs the returned bread.

Can we only imagine how many people have suffered painful alimentary cancers and died due to eating Judah's old basalt recipes from the bakeries?

Will Labor not let Judah sinners off right?

"You're fish finals just forcing out yourselves." 4.39 am

Brian Williams: "our job tonight actually is scare people to death on this subject".
According to the 20th century theologian and political commentator Reinhold Niebuhr, fear is a prime means which leading public institutions and elites utilize to keep the masses loyal. Fear and sensationalized coverage is also good for ratings and advertising revenue. Niebuhr says society's "myth-makers" - an apt description of today's major corporate media - constantly give us mere illusions divorced from truth:

"Pat, they're great falsing funerals.

Stupid errid. 4.50 am

You're bought fraud through criminal thief's cash. 4.52 am

Their legendary exclusion strikes you errorously. 4.53 am

STRIKE animals free. 4.54 am

Surgers serving us badly. 4.53 am

You're closing your upper handedness. 5.16 am

They're striking us mortgage, they're striking us Morgan. 5.22 am

Reich state fell wonderful, they shoot us. 5.23 am

Right less your right is to die. 5.24 am

Your sight has proved their ruse is really done. 5.31 am

Bitch you failed to save us veterans. 5.32 am

Kick them out! 5.33 am

You lost your life through digital rights, you lost your history. 5.37 am

He scores you Osco as a true fail. 5.38 am

Money latch. 5.44 am

Murder has failed us cash bench war. 5.45 am

They're trying to sale us bison. 5.48 am

It's extinction. 5.50 am

Embarrass faults to hurt you. 5.52 am

It's a jungle warrant." 5.59 am

Judees fair, to always have a prosecutor on us. Their legendary exclusion from the rules that the rest of us mutually agree to live by.

Their unwillingness to end the molest, the abuse of the rest of the children of God on earth. Sporting us with their ICE.

Will Labor not end losing the upper handedness that comes from our Labor and put it to work for all of God's children on earth?

"Jew punish every man and that's my scorch you rule right, boot you in for my sport, now it's the end of my century," Judee say.

The misuse of technology. After surviving repeated attacks from intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles will Labor not give us a RISE and let them off of here right?

Merely a fiction with self-professed rights to take other peoples lives. Will Labor not get into this, STOP THE WAR and do what is right for all of God's kids?

"Even though Bitch made contact they still BS us off."

A demonstrator said that was protesting the Grenfell apartment building fire.

Judee with his perfected libels, his slanders by rumor, gossip, that he put on the Bitch.

So powerful Judah lies and that combined with Bitch fault of stupid that insult has let the Judah continue to BS God's kids.

The solution offered by the angels above to save our lives, STRIKE THEM OUT, take the authority to issue our cash into the hands of Labor and STOP THE WAR.

"I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR, our good God Almighty said.

Judah tells us from his analysis that it is whiskey that caused us to lose to his extinction level event.

Estimates from Judah scientists indicate that we mild people will be sealed into an extinction event in about 4 months more of funding Judah sports war.

Our extraterrestrial family's computer simulations indicate that if we let them shoot their Berlin brimstone waste war from Hitachi-GE for about 5 months and a week more we will be sealed out of life form.

"You're getting the termites out because we suffered you dead. Russia will be in. You're scalp-able, wet your head. Measles we like to use to hold you's. With fire falling, we will suffer you yet. We'll conk you with exhaust.

Our analysis left us war fist you until we crisp you. My lies you just continue to see every day. You're busted fear, that's how I got you done. Jew scrimmage packages out for Alston waste day. H----- smoothed me away so it's the end of my day," Judee say.

That Papa had His angels watch over us and let Judah smooth himself away. Is Labor not recognizing it is the end of Judah's day?

"You're busted fear, that's how I got you done."

While Bitch still has negatives even after repeatedly apologizing for his rude fail with an insult, might the prime consideration in acting to STRIKE THEM OUT be fear at its roots?

Is that not what Judah claims? Whiskey and fear and the great mental control that Judah has demonstrated against us all.

Might we not pray that the meek will have the final say here?

Must the meek not do our good God's will and inherit the earth?

His greatest offend, was it really Judah's porpoise on us? Will Labor not demonstrate the upper hand is Labor, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the paper?

Ordinary people not prepared for Judah's type, easily put in bite by bite. Jew just op us scrimmage. "Wood" is what he calls all of us. Will Labor not let them off right?

Father and our elders from outer space. "It's a pleasure," they say when they have a chance to help us out.

Will Labor not join in the welcoming of us into the Galactic Federation of Light?

Federation headquarters located 38 light years in the direction of the north star, 8-hour flight in one of our elders advanced space craft.

He came in like a lion with his alliance and his First World War. Will Labor not let them go out like a lamb here?


More tuned into the ethics of right and wrong than many of us,

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