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Now or Never, Be Prepared or Be Ready For The End , Up To U.
Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:55
2600:1:c354:84e4:d176:c877:d0b9:228d - August 11, 2017, To whom it may be concerned, I need your help to begin to build plasma technologies and also pertaining to the possibility of our architecting Plasma Vacuum weapons as soon as possible in order to protect our communities from the possibility of alien and terrestrial foreign attack upon our nation. I am a physicist and I need to bring you all up to speed on this as soon as possible. (Dr.) Will P. Wilson Please watch the following Youtube as soon as you can. I know things and I cannot sit back and not try to help to try to protect our community and all of our communities and to then my also not to try to put into motion knowing what I know, in order for my trying to rightfully protect our communities the best that I can and to get us to all to try to help to protect all of our communities. I have to do what I can knowing what I know. Please try to help all of our communities to be able to survive what is about to take place here on our God Given Living Planet. Please. (Dr.) Will P. Wilson -

Warning - Please watch ! It's happening right in front of our eyes -

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 6:27 PM, Will P. Wilson wrote:

End Times Approaching As Americans Side With EVIL -

They are currently also interfering with all Cell Phones as well right now.
get prepared now while you can -

Government Tells Funeral Homes To Prepare For Mass Death “Just In Case” -

Britain Newspapers Tell Citizens To Go To Bunkers For Trump/Korea “Fire-Fury” and WWIII -

The Crash Is Coming! Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse 2017 Stock Market CRASH! -

What You Need to Know About North Korea NUCLEAR STRIKE -

August 11, 2017 Dave, besides the fact that Browns Gas, Hydroxy Gas, and Paul Pantone Plasma Technologies could very easily take down and fully destroy the entire Nuclear and Oil Industries completely. Are they utilizing the hoax idea in order to keep the alternative and plasma technologies from being known let alone utilized? - Dave, can you explain to me the mass disappearance in the Pacific Ocean let alone the rest of the entire planet? - How do you explain the following information that you have sent to me mentioning that entire nuclear hoax is just that a HOAX? As that I have checked the statistics and the there are literally less then twenty percent of the remaining sea life still present in the Pacific Ocean. linked below from - and other sources. FUKUSHIMA: something unbelievable set to happen in North American shores. -

Fukushima: 10 shocking mutations caused by Radiation. -

August 11, 2017 Dave, where are all of the fish and the sea otters? - Fukushima news; PACIFIC OCEAN DYING FAST, STEELHEAD, CHINOOK in epic collapse, 2017 -

August 11, 2017 Dave, I had known several of the (Retired.) sailors who had served at the Bikini Atoll Nuclear Bomb Test(s) in the late 1940s - bikini atoll nuclear test video - - that clearly had informed me that right after the detonation of the Nuclear Bomb test(s) as that they clearly had witnessed several tests, had all mentioned to me that the entire ocean had turned blood red. Two of these former sailors had died from nuclear exposure from their service at that time.

And, you and the following links that you had sent to me do claim that entire Nuclear Contamination Circumstance so called, doesn't actually EXIST? What is your reply and thank you Dave for at least keeping us all on our toes. Will P. Wilson - Oh, also, people are reporting to me that they have been keeping geiger counter readings at their locations in the Northwest and the readings are going off of the charts. geiger counter readings on West Coast going off the charts -

Extremely High Radiation Levels All Across America As Fukushima's Pummelling Of Pacific Ocean Brings 'Invisible Blanket Of Death' To US Shores. - By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die "We have a very very serious problem. Nobody apparently believes it to be so, but my guess is that the folks at the highest levels of our world governments are preparing for the societal breakdown once this ‘cat’ gets out of the proverbial bag. 20 years? Who knows?

But one thing is clear: As the Pacific Ocean dies, so do the rest of the world's oceans in time. The onslaught of the radiation is never ending in human lifespans." Since we last published an update on Fukushima death in the Pacific Ocean back on August 26th, we continue to run across heart-breaking reports of what's happening to animals, birds and ocean life all across the Pacific. Through stories such as: "Skyrocketing Deaths On The West Coast" from, "Fukushima:

The End of Mankind?" - the story quoted above from Dennis Simino at Veterans Truth Network and "Animals Delirious, Disoriented Up And DownWest Coast," also from ENENews, we see that things are not getting better and in fact, according to many, our own problems have only just begun.

To quote one Canadian Parliament Minister on Fukushima, 'an invisible blanket of death covers everything'.

A look at some mind-blowing August 29th to September 5th high-level radiation numbers in cities across America from Bob Nichols at Veterans Today reveals that sea life in the ocean are likely not the only life forms being devastated by radiation. Check out the radiation CPM's in US cities such as Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Concord, New Hampshire and Washington DC as seen in the chart below.

Once we understand that NORMAL background radiation should range between 5 to 20 CPM, the chart below should speak in mega-volume. Keep in mind that some of these readings are combined gamma and beta but either way, the readings are off the charts! Much more below including several new video updates on Fukushima and our own health and what all of this radiation in America could mean for us as well at a look at the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center website that shows an America being 'nuked'.

While a look at the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center (NETC) for Ft. Wayne, Indiana doesn't show the whopping 1,326 CPM as seen in the chart above, we still see the high coming in at the mind-boggling CPM of 777 in BETA particles as seen in the 1st

Again, please keep in mind that between 5 to 20 CPM is the normal background radiation levels and anything above 50 is considered an 'alert'. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th screenshots from NETC show the radiation levels for Washington DC, Fort Smith, Arkansas and Mobile, Alabama all at extremely high and dangerous CPM levels.

Is Fukushima responsible for all of the horrific sea, bird and animal wildlife that are dying off in the Pacific Ocean and on US shores right now? With the mainstream media still largely silent on Fukushima, we have to take a look at what local TV and radio stations are saying.

We see below why the MSM stays silent. First, from Fukushima Watch.: Whales have been dropping like flies in the Gulf of Alaska. Approximately nine whale carcasses were sited in late May and early June. Now, fisherman have spotted five more decomposing whales, a fin whale and four humpbacks, to add to the death toll. No one knows what caused the death of the whales; however, scientists are narrowing in on the kernel of truth as they weed out possibilities. What scientists do know is that all the whales appear to have died around the same time.

The mainstream media has cited a rise in ocean temperatures and acidity as possible causes of the whale deaths while ignoring the presence of cesium-137, a radioactive isotope with a 30 year half-life released from Fukushima. One possible explanation that has been downplayed by the mainstream media is that the radiation leaking from the Fukushima power plant, including the radioactive isotope cesium-137, has contaminated and warmed the ocean. Scientists predicted that radiation leaking from the power plant should hit North American coasts by early 2014.

The rise in whale deaths just so happens to coincide with the Fukushima radiation making landfall on the West Coast. Some scientists have tried to annul these worries by claiming that the radiation from the Fukushima power plant has become so diluted in the Pacific Ocean that it does not pose a serious health threat to the coast. Yet the recent rise in whale deaths shows otherwise.

In addition, exposure to even small traces of radiation can have an accumulative effect over time. Furthermore, the radiation from the Fukushima power plant has not stopped leaking into the Pacific Ocean. As long as hundred of tons of radiation leak into the ocean everyday, the West Coast will continue to be bombarded with radiation. Reports from local news stations read like the ongoing opening scenes from an apocalyptic disaster movie: KION, Aug 13, 2015: “I noticed them out here.

And I looked over here and seen all kinds of dead little fish over there,” said fisherman Tucker Bergerson. Bergerson fishes in the Monterey Bay every day. He like others who make a living out in the open waters, know something isn’t right in the bay.

KION, Aug 13, 2015: [Kamyar Shareghi, tour guide:] “There have been fish dying, there have been a bunch of birds dead in the water as well. Some of the marine mammals like the sea lions, seals and the otters, they’ll have seizures and they will be delirious like dementia.” NOAA, Aug 20, 2015: a common murre die-off was reported… along the Alaska Peninsula… unusual numbers in nearshore areas with many appearing weak and approachable by skiff. We do not know whether the bird mortalities were related to whatever killed the whales.

KING 5 News, Aug 21, 2015: In addition to whales, Alaska’s seen dead walruses and a lot of dead or disoriented birds… Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium – Local Environmental Observer, Aug 3, 2015: Moose behavior – Found a dead moose in the lake… [others] said that the moose the day before was swimming in circles and struggling… We really don’t know why this moose was in distress or what sickness it may have. I’ve been talking to residents and other people they think it maybe a parasite that went to the brain… Meanwhile, we learn that nothing is ever going to least not for the better...the Fukushima fountain has not been turned off and there are no plans of doing so. Will Fukushima lead to the end of humanity? It’s like a roaring fire in your living room, only you realize you don’t have a fireplace. Then it gets rather sticky, if not downright soberingly dire.

Our inaction is the foreword to our very epitaph if we shrug our shoulders and decide it’s not our problem, or too big for us to worry about. If this is the best humankind can do in such a circumstance as this, maybe it is best we just went to our demise, oblivious, ignorant in most cases, and woefully incomprehending of the probability that it all ends here all too soon, for our children and their children, if we do nothing. And there may be nothing we can do. -

Our False Reality -
The North Korea Hoax (just part of the world stage) -
NUCLEAR WEAPONS DO NOT EXIST The Documentary By Edmund Matthews -

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 1:06 PM, daveapex wrote: Will,
Fukushima was a hoax. Nukes are a hoax. - - -
Maybe some of these folks who are ignoring you know the inside skinny?
What I think would be cool is a TV show from you exposing these hoaxes.
Thanks, - Dave

Sent: Friday, August 11, 2017 - Subject: Re: August 11, 2017 Pertaining to future Podcast Interviews and my also introducing you to possible other important people for future Podcast interviews such as Dr. George Friebott and other legendary people. To Ella, and thank you Sophia for introducing me to Ella for the podcast.

August 11, 2017 Ways to contact the lead nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen who has been the leading whistle blower reporting on the cover up of the worldwide Fukushima Nuclear Extinction Event, through his reporting in the ( and the,

Dr. Arnie Gundersen, for an interview and to inquire as to why the Tepco Corporation has continually ignored the presentations to them about the capabilities of Browns Gas, Hydroxy Gas, and Paul Pantone GEET International Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Capabilities, that are readily available to them and that these technologies do not need extensive budgets to be immediately implemented for cleaning up the Fukushima Nuclear Mess.

Why are they continuing to ignore these presented scientific remedies and why are they so intent on dumping more then a billion gallons of Fukushima Nuclear Contamination into the Pacific Ocean? Why, when the means to neutralize this contamination is readily available to them and that this technology will run on simply water as the sole power source?

Concerning the current Fukushima Worldwide Nuclear Extinction Event that has now contaminated most of the Aquifer of North America and the ready availability of scientific remedies that can immediately intervene and to stop this Planetary Extinction Event are being completely ignored by the Elitist Deep State Mass Murdering Mass Profiteering Corporate Crime and Banking Worldwide Criminal Syndicate and their Globalist Agenda and Their Mass Murdering Satanic Human Sacrificing Regime's Goals to Kill Off Six Billion People As Soon As They Can - Dr. Arnie Gundersen ENE News - - - - JAPAN STATE OF EMERGENCY FUKUSHIMA REACTOR FALLS INTO OCEAN — willpwilson 908, Thu Jul 27 -;article=157941;title=APFN -
apfn plasma nuclear decontamination -

apfn willpwilson Browns Gas plasma nuclear decontamination -

apfn Paul Pantone GEET International -

To Contact: The FaireWinds Energy Education - Managers of - and regarding the world leading whistle blower on the Fukushima Global Extinction Event and contacting Arnie Gundersen for interview and for requesting his help to get the Tepco Corporate Management to Immediatly Utilzie Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Technologies As Soon As Possible. Demystifying Nuclear Power Through Education Our mission is to educate the public about nuclear power and other energy issues. -

  • North Korean Warhead Found In AlaskaWilliam Mount, Fri Aug 11 04:34
    HERE IS THE STORY AS REPORTED AS REPORTED: The warhead of a long-range missile test-fired by North Korea was found in the U.S. state of Alaska, a report to the National Assembly revealed yesterday.... more
    • I Want To Apologize For What I Write.willpwilson 908, Sat Aug 12 03:47
      I Want To Apologize For What I Write. I Want To Apologize For What I Write. After having been a target of the CIA NSA Mafia and the Jesuit Crime Syndicate for most of my life time, and having been... more
    • Now or Never, Be Prepared or Be Ready For The End , Up To U. — willpwilson 908, Fri Aug 11 12:55
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