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I Want To Apologize For What I Write.
Sat Aug 12, 2017 03:47

I Want To Apologize For What I Write.

I Want To Apologize For What I Write. After having been a target of the CIA NSA Mafia and the Jesuit Crime Syndicate for most of my life time, and having been Electronically Lobotomized by them and my entire life time ruined and my entire estate having been stolen by them.

And, a world where their Psychotronic Warfare Weaponry and mass targeting of the American People that has now thus forced most of the American women to now become depolarized from the male of this so called culture and this country.

And, now the women of this country having now without any form of conscience, they being most of the American women of today are relentlessly forcing mass numbers of the males of this country into to now being forced into being put into the for profit American Corporate jail system.

Where it is now mentioned that the United States has now incarcerated more then twenty five percent of the entire imprisoned population of the entire planet. And, mostly all being men who are incarcerated.

Filling up the corporate jail system to the hilt to it now being (Over loaded.) and filled with mostly men.

With hundreds of now scheduled for construction for profit prisons being built in all fifty states.

A For Profit Corporate Prison System and that is now wholly serving as the highest revenue acquiring sector in now more then half of the fifty states in this nation now. That literally, more then twenty five percent of the entire prison population of the entire planet are now being imprisoned in the United States.

An estimated more then five million prisoners are now in American For Profit Prisons and this doesn't list and or even mention anything about the floating, and or foreign prison systems that are being supported by the hidden ABC Soup Military and or the Secret Intelligence Apparatuses and the hundreds of other unknown Rendition prisons around the planet and or in subterranean locations as well hidden and being located underground in North America and around the planet.

And, a world that is and has been solely and only a literal Man Factory, literally over populating the planet with males.

Forcing the world's targeted countries to have to have wars to get rid of the excess male populations. Wars where men kill men. Wars for vast profiteering for the Vatican and Jesuit Globalist Deep State Banking and Global Money Laundering System. A banking system that has been overwhelmingly A Very profitable worldwide money laundering system for these globalist Deep State Pedophile Banker Mafia Gangsters.

A world where the male of the species is blamed for all of the problems when it is the female uterus that gives birth to the mass and excessive over populated male births.

A world where the Jesuit Globalist mind control technologies have not only created and forced mankind into continual warfare of men killing men.

Where the Roshschilds and the Jesuits cut out the funding for Demographic Research in most of the American Universities in the nineteen twenties, thus only funding three Jesuit Funded Universities to have the only (Jesuit Rothschild) funded Demographic University Studies Departments being what I thinks are Western Washington University, Georgetown University, and Boston College, I believe but I may be wrong on this.

They, the Deep State Rothschild Jesuit Globalist Bankers don't want the American People to ever be allowed to know and to understand how all of the Bankers Wars have been and that are mapped out and preplanned based on higher male birth spikes.

That these Rothschild Jesuit Bankers want to be the only Criminal Banking System who can plan and architect their future wars for profit by their knowing the population birth rates so that they can plan out their future wars for profit based on eliminating future male over population cycles like they had on their agenda knowing the male over population spikes that then transcended into becoming their planned architected world wars, their Vietnam War and all of their for profit banker's wars.

A world where these Jesuit Globalist's are now controlling the world through their highly advanced and mostly secret Psychotronic Warfare Technologies, many of it being broadcast from spaced based technological warfare satellites and over the horizon radar microwave and high altitude drone transmissions.

Blanketing the entire Planet's Surface with Mind Control Warfare on the entire World's unsuspecting populations while also making vast amounts of profits from this for profit, global money laundering system that is out to their millions of operatives for example, through the Homeland Security Fusion Centers.

A globalist Jesuit CIA NSA Homeland Security money laundering system that is supported by Cloud Computing companies like Pro-mega and Tableaux corporatioin that have both sprang up out of no where in only a few years and that are now multi billion dollar companies with more then fifteen thousand cloud computing programmer Perps short for perpetrators, employees and contractors.

It is estimated that these globalist Mind Control Targeting Operations are paying billions of dollars out to the now more then fourteen million neuro phone equipped Perps (Perpetrators.) in just North America alone.

A mostly hidden Psychotronic Targeting, Tracking, Banking System that is paying out literally billions of dollars to an army of Perps who are and who have been assigned with a hit list of Targeted Individuals that they are then paid to then track these T - I-s with their specially equipped Smart (Neuro) Phones.

That these Perps are then also provided their Perp, tracking, targeting, Fusion Center Banking System payoffs for keeping track and targeting the listed and Assigned Targeted Individuals that their phones are programmed to target. Thus paying the Perps through the electronic (Fusion Center.) payment systems that are also programmed into their smart neuro phones. Also disguised as being Neuro Economics Research.

A vast number of these so called Perps are also paying for their street drug addictions that includes millions also being meth heads, thus paying for their drug addictions with their Perp Neuro Phone Banking System payoffs.

These several millions of the referenced so called Perps, who are a literal hidden army running around being paid to target assigned T - I s Targeted Individuals. Are also at the center of this country's street drug manufacturing, peddling, and usage.

A system where for example myself, they have blocked me for the past twenty years of ever even having the chance to ever even know a women let alone my being allowed to have a sex life of any kind.

When this entire American Culture is now being overwhelmed with the females of this so called culture now being the majority who are comprised of being the addicted females on street drugs, crack, meth, and heroin and other drugs of choice that many many millions of these women are addicted to and who are shooting these drugs up on daily basis.

Street drugs that are mostly being the easy and the cheap to get extremely toxic meth, that is now being also injected and killing millions of meth users annually in this country alone every year. And, when the average women in this country is now hooked on street meth, there isn't much time left for this country to exist much longer.

A world where they, the Jesuit, Mind Control Globalist Deep State Tax Payer Financed Agencies have now literally destroyed not only the American family, but their also having thus denied most of the American men to be able to even know their children and or to even have the money to even try to even be able to see their children as is the case of my circumstance over this past twenty five years.

A world where these (Congress Financed.) Jesuit Bush Clinton Crime Syndicates have and still are mass targeting the entire planet let alone the American people forcing millions of unknowing and unsuspecting American People into being as I have observed, being and becoming what is now a depolarized system of no male female relationships whatsoever, and or anywhere.

As I have also observed, women and men do not even polarize together anymore let alone that the female population is way outnumbered by the excess male population.

This whole plan of the Jesuit globalist agenda is to depopulate the planet and their plan is working on overtime.

They have destroyed most of the marriages in this country with nano chip embedded mind control street drugs, and their overwhelmingly saturated Cell Tower Transmitted and Wireless Technologies, (That also transmit to the Nano Chips, that then embed into the street drug users brains, the street drug cravings and mind control programming.) and as well all of this is being supported with their Wifi and also wireless Smart Meters System, thus broadcasting massively saturating psychotronic broadcasting, and they have successfully fully destroyed the American culture electronically and quietly.

After all of this going on now for well more then thirty years and after my having also been disallowed to not to be able to have any female companionship whatsoever thereof, I am now realizing that I am in fact possibly also going insane, let alone the majority of the entire country around me is now literally observably insane.

Thank you and sincerely for letting me write this, Will P. Wilson, August 12, 2017 and posted on to the Message News Board - in my response to Dr. William B. Mounts posted news report - North Korean Warhead Found In Alaska William Mount, Fri Aug 11 -;article=157994;title=APFN and as well my also regarding my posted news report that reveals to me that I am now considering and that I may be waivering on my now personally realizing that the world is now getting to me after all of these many years of having been a Targeted Individual of the Globalist Deep State Jesuit Crime and Banking Syndicate - Now or Never, Be Prepared or Be Ready For The End, Up To You willpwilson 908, Fri Aug 11 -;article=157998;title=APFN

The Jesuit Globalists Have Had their Day of Fun Targeting us the unsuspecting American World People, and as well as me, and they have literally destroyed this entire nation from coast to coast, and from continent to continent, let alone my my entire lifetime here being fully destroyed by them.

What does keep me going though is also my knowing that these Globalist Rothschild Jesuit (P-1-P-2 Masonic Lodge Mass Murder Globalist Satanist Mafia.) will also have Their Day of Judgment Also Heading Their Way Soon. This is the only thing that keeps me going knowing that universal justice will be played out on them very soon also.

  • North Korean Warhead Found In AlaskaWilliam Mount, Fri Aug 11 04:34
    HERE IS THE STORY AS REPORTED AS REPORTED: The warhead of a long-range missile test-fired by North Korea was found in the U.S. state of Alaska, a report to the National Assembly revealed yesterday.... more
    • I Want To Apologize For What I Write. — willpwilson 908, Sat Aug 12 03:47
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