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"We Extincted You. We have a Tendency to Roll Death," Judee
Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:34

"We Extincted You. We have a Tendency to Roll Death," Judee say.
The Time for action is now. It's never too late to do something."

That from Will Wilson's post at APFN
willpwilson 908
Now or Never, Be Prepared or Be Ready For The End, Up To You
Fri Aug 11, 2017;article=157998;

An extinction level event well prepared and continuing on with the demise of a third of the human race in the last days of weap Judah with us.

And those who are paying for it, American Labor, never having missed even one payment to Judah to smoke us out of our fields, our air, our water, our natural resources, our lives.

A picture of a diaper, a pooch, and Bitch stupid fault and sin of anger causing him to insult the people that could save us if they only tried it.

The perfected destruction of America with nuclear blast weapons attempted twice and Americans survived due only to the love of our good God above who has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR.

And we now have funded Judah's nuclear brimstone waste war to die the majority of Americans off in a few years more.

Nation after nation being destroyed by poor young Americans who can't get an income source unless they go to war.

Now in the last days of sealing ourselves into being died off completely. Might we think of what Father asked Labor about the STRIKE, "Why didn't you try it?"

Did Father not give us the peace? Yes, Father did give us the peace. "Must you fail?" Father asked.

By having His angels pull all of Judee's Continentals out of the sky when he tried to burn us all up in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, did Father not give us the peace? Certainly.

Once Judee loses his control of free money from American Labor much chance cruelly manipulated poor people will be bombing and shooting for him anymore? Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

Not a peep on the news about us being died out in Judees brimstone waste war but story after story telling us about the so called "opioid crisis."

Might it be described as a "Crisis" to make it easier to justify kicking doors down and throwing stun grenades through windows?

Might we surmise that Judah's main thrust in whatever line he is giving is to deny us our American rights? Certainly.

With our rights in might we not appreciate that we are not easy targets then to Judah tricks on us?

If understood will American Labor not put our American rights in?

Tele receives:

"It's favored. 2.42 pm

Peace never sleeps. 3.11 pm

Terrible defeat. 3.17 pm

It's fairish. 3.20 pm

Pat, martial they fell. 3.23 pm

Your police forces have been ciphered racially. 3.28 pm

Their heroin ops are generational. That long they've been with us. 3.38 pm

Finish it. 3.49 pm

Impossible waste is gnawing us out. 3.57 pm

You're leaving your whole country go shear son.

Patrick tossed them out and we've done nothing about it. 4.12 am

Tumble ware. 5.26 pm

I'm on the mend. 6.08 pm

Choice of hell is over. 6.10 pm

Pat, your embarrassment streaked us. 6.13 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT for April amusement. 6.20 pm

Your sightful rightfully irks us right. 6.33 pm

Tragic. 6.41 pm

Beating us all beats Englewood tough. 6.51 pm

Jew thrill kills died domestic. 6.52 pm

Bankrupt our symphony. 6.53 pm

They do feasts. 6.56 pm

Will you be in heaven? Harold will be there too. 6.57

They're out for wretch. 6.58 pm

STRIKE this fascist mire. 6.59 pm

Dumb rate you true. 7.01 pm

He chump us true menacing. 7.02 pm

It drives the police to save us. 8.06 pm

It's a weird out sad. 8.07 pm

When a criminal fails you will you do a STRIKE THEM OUT?

They ramped us. 1.54 am

You're deceased, been morted. 2.11 am

They rifled to clear-ish you. 2.14 pm

We failed to a great dull. 2.20 am

They're menacing genocide. 2.22 am

We encourage you to pass their wit. 2.24 am

Terrified embarrass you lethal. 2.32 am

He advises us to bruise completely. 2.38 am

Bull forcing you out of this place nicely. 2.45 am

Oh, Pat, you did apply yourself. 2.47 am

Cancer canceled you out. 2.51 am

We're breathing hot radioactive particles in and it will be forever. 3.03 am

ORGANIZE! 3.38 am

The guy's a racist sexopath. 3.57 am

Iowa force Jew out famously. 4.12 am

Victim of analogous. 4.36 am

Judas fell. 4.38 am

You've got some challenges. 4.42 am

It's perish. 5.12 am

Righteous cow is completely out. 5.24 am

Bitch makes their force idle. 5.25 am

How sweet you are." 5.28 am

"I beat you up to bamboozle you dumb. You let us fashion you guys useless. Basically, I shot you is my truth to you, it's freedom rightfully for me. We just waste your time with our racket. We want to get you off yesterday dumb.

The days of my juvenile package leave. Judees got a state tosis. I'm dead for Iowa swish. Bitch you erupt our theory great. Jew has always lost, that's why I fist you. In disgrace we're falling Druid," Judee say.

That it is Druid that is funding the destruction of nation after nation. The misery and suffering of our family worldwide.

Bombing and shooting them out and making tens of millions of refugees so that Judah has more victims to sport.

Harmless simple farmers that would not harm anyone in millions of years and yet it is American Druid Labor that is funding shooting them and chasing them from place to place.

The minutiae that elders describe the things that Judah claims to have on Bitch. Will Druid not STRIKE THEM OUT and pass Judah wits?

Do we not see how Judah is dying us in disgrace?

"STRIKE fail Jew immensely and pull them out.

Boring you with a torch and you go swit."

Thank you Sir Jason and Sir Morris for those Tele receives today.

Is American Labor seeing that a general strike will cause the Jew to fail immensely and we can then pull them out right?

The assault and battery people, the torture crowd. The guys that have a sport to homeless us out.

Baby formula our children need. Judah monkeys it to make our kids weak. For the love of God your fellow man and yourself will Labor not get Judah out?

Only one Jewish electricity plant now set to take us out in the billions. Was this not known when these plants were being built?

Of course it was and some scientists told us so then.

Yet Judah with unlimited free bourse was able to silence the opposition of course.

Over 40 Jewish electricity plants shut down, dropped off of line safely over the last few years now.

Are we perceiving that it is our extraterrestrial elders that dropped those Jewish electricity plants off of line preventing Judah from shooting any more of his dirty bombs off on us?

"Bitch way is a nice way but he entirely screw up. You disestablished me great. Jew is a never ending right sin. We just core you to make you suffer. My insurance pistol falls out for embezzling and hitting you.

My war camel's leaving tomorrow because Jew took out your fields. We're impossible thieves and nice boy found us. When you anticipate my errors I'll be fine away from you," Judee say.

"Anticipate." Defined as, "to think ahead about. To give advanced thought to. To foresee. To act before another as a counter measure."

Will Labor not try to anticipate what nuclear brimstone waste will do to us and act to take counter measures to spare us loss of life form?

The hospital in the news Friday that was evacuated because some strange smell made many feel sick.

Here' a few reverse facial speech from news reports:

"This is Judee chasing a bird. Bitch effort find our illusive uppercut. This was all municipal. David Marx pulled it through."

The money paid to bribe municipals for that Judee op. Will American Labor not take over the issue of our bourse?

Another video shown on the evening network news was a guy high up on a bridge hanging over the side.

Here is a reverse speech statement found in the broadcasters reverse speech as to why that video was put on the news:

"Jew fearess you."

Might we not serve ourselves by taking advice from our extraterrestrial elders and get passed Judah's cunning fear based wit?

"We encourage you to pass their wit." 2.24 am

The wit Judah has that has kept his group focused for thousands of years on remaining aloof from us with a deep plan to exterminate us when he got the chance.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end their toying with us?

The planes where the pilots became ill while in flight. Reported yesterday also in national news. Are we perceiving it is Judah doing his ops on us there too?

Will Labor not take elders advice, "Get Smart" and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"With marks we image you better. I ever suffer righteous to fold.

"Nuts." 6.41 am

Will Labor not try it? The STRIKE Labor that will let Judah misery and death cult off of us right. Will you not try it?

Did Bitchie not report the truth of how Judah threw himself out right?

Is it not clear to those that have given the time needed to figure it out that we are now in the last phase of being died out right?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," our extraterrestrial elders said.

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin." God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

The continuous bombing, shooting, stabbings, all sorts of false news reports to throw us off what it is that is actually happening in our world now.

All the bizarre stories in our news. Are we not seeing yet that it is Judah trying to confound, confuse and stump us good?
Bitch drew a couple of negatives in his post where he mentioned the mice on the streets in town know that Judah is no longer with us.

Dates for dollars that Judah has made illegal. All sorts of claims that he is right because of his police powers.

And are we understanding his laws against dates for dollars is all part of his false to harm us good?

Bitch asked elder why there are prohibitions against dates for dollars and elder said, "It violates the masters right to exploit the Labor resource."

The war on drugs. Are we not yet aware it is to take our rights away to make it easier to shoot us good?

If these are true facts then why do we not know more about them?

If only our rights would have been in all these years might our grand juries not have discovered these truths long ago?

Will Labor not act right and involve ourselves in real government?

Have we not noticed how Judah will use a guy that does a date for dollars to keep him out of government then?

Might we have to question how the peeping Tom Puritan has gotten Americans to accept his prudish show?

Judah's war with diapers. Now that he lost his missiles in an all out attack on us will we not let his Puritan dunking stool life style go?

The guy that has no defensible rights, weap Judah, and yet American Labor is still allowing him to shoot out our world.

Judah industrial strength investment grade nuclear war fighting government that God Almighty has told us, "It is no more." What is Labor doing falsing us for?

"This is a fasci nation, it has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more, put them out, they're criminals."

"It's your attitude," A Tele sender said.

"Super too boss," another Tele sender said.

Might we think of ourselves as sitting in the Iroquois theater in 1903, the fire is burning and the Jew just came up to the microphone and said, "Just remain in your seats, the fire will be put out in a minute," as he then fled through the back doors of the show leaving the 602 spectators to inhale the fumes and die.

The ventilator that would have vented the fumes and given the patrons a chance to escape the burning show. Nailed shut sealing in the fumes that killed most of the victims of the Iroquois theater fire.

Might we note it is through our breathing once again that weap Judah is taking us out this time?

Bitch attitude? His attitude is to try and stay alive. He made some mistakes trying to bring Labor alive.

Will Labor not take the bourse away from Judah and get us out of this world that is like being inside of the Iroquois theater?

The doors that were locked in the Iroquois theater that prevented the victims from escaping. If only it was understood fire is Judah cipher brand might that fact have prevented Congress from giving Judah the private issue of American money in1913?

Are Americans just not aware that we are in the final stages of our extinction yet?

"I stumped you out of your nice field. Turkey's circuit got us to roll but the strike failed so he saved us weird. Our average enterprise is to savage smart deals. You measure me for some foolish ops, there goes our camel. My sable's coming out for my cabbagery of you.

With tobacco I cite you gypsum. I fall you rude with a banker, I barest died you. Poverty I just want to enforce upon you. We rooted Jefferson out to die you. Our proceed is such a joke, we just shame a boy, die them all treasure, die them all oppression. I just keep them dog dumb," Judee say.

"It's your attitude," the Tele sender said.

Might it be something that continually is self-defeating in Bitch's head?

Might it be his one eight sand vibe that holds in his fault of stupid just like weap Judah?

Might Judah gene have a self-destruct factor as part of his lie? To live outside, away from everyone else. Might it put into the mind a death wish?

All one human race worldwide but Judah and his Palace partners keep us separated by shooting us out. Will Labor not end funding Judah's shooting of us all?

"Animals have various wisdom that holds you. I'm Jew cheap exclusively mental that fell you dumb. Die-a-friend. For my shoot, Boniface was with me. Jew on bourse put you on mental, I'm boursed to do the same," Judee say.

That last reverse speech came from a news broadcaster.

"Jew on bourse put you on mental, I'm boursed to do the same."

Will American Labor not let Jew mental off right?

Where's the gratitude at Labor? That our good God almighty has let us stay alive in Judah nuclear war, where's the gratitude to thank the Lord and STOP THE WAR?

God's most harmless children every day being shot and bombed by American Labor funded cruelly manipulated poor white kids. Where's the common sense Labor? Where's the decency? Where's the humanity? Where's the love that God commands us to have for one another?

Bitch insult you once in the last 6 years and you still have hard feelings to Bitch while Judah insults us all every day and Labor keeps funding him.

Where's the balance here?

Bitch tossed Jewish function Labor. Is it not clear they have lost management for clowning us wrong?

"I believe my state truth was right because we were the best-hung weapatures. I bourse cite you to keep you out. Our conspiracy is at a literal end. Our generation flew off for fraud.

Our taking you off is analogous to a mouse drill. Your veterans foul. It's been refused the oxygen sport, they know we're torching you. We got some right fights. With the British, we're going to face off right here.

The human from Germany is apped to lose, I'm anxious to go nuclear. Jew app you with your 5%s away. We're boursed for imbe-sight," Judee say.

That last reverse speech was also from a news broadcaster.

"We're boursed for imbe-sight,"

As we are being perished out in a full blown nuclear brimstone waste war is there not some hope that Labor will step in and take the concession to issue our money away from them?

Judah and Berlin nuclear war fighting investor engineering still pouring vast amounts of nuclear waste into our atmosphere and onto our fields. Using Hitachi-GE at Fukushima to do it.

Are we not understanding that merely putting boron into the cooling water will quench the nuclear bonfire at Hitachi-GE? Certainly, it will.

Have we not noticed they have left their dirty bomb burning for over 6 years now?


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