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Cruise The Net Without Being Messed With
Sun Aug 13, 2017 07:35





(222) You'll Never Guess What Congress Did To The American People... - YouTube


For those of you who watch us struggle to put out a video almost every day you see the difficulties we encounter.

These same difficulties are what you tell us you have encountered as well.

So based on your calls and comments we began looking.

We also needed a way to do our stories where we can search for stories in all sorts of places, not just what where Google allows us to go.

Further - Congress slipped a bill through a few weeks ago allowing your search patterns to be purchased by anyone and thereby target marketing you with huge amounts of ads.

Not only is this slowing down your searches but just plain obnoxious and putting those with older computers that can’t handle these adds off the net.

So - we needed a way to do this where a bajillion ads did not block our search as the time we can sit right now is very limited.

And - we know that your time is valuable to you.

So thanks to our producer’s recommendation we bought into VPN with Extra Security.

Here is what we found

1) No more blocked websites like Natural News or Investment Watch Blob

2) No more blocked videos

3) We cruise the Internet in a secure fashion no body knows who we are

4) Viruses are now a rare thing - or as they call them in the industry “Malware attacks - like that annoying one that shuts down your computer and says: “Call Microsoft.”

5) Who we are when we cruise the net is hidden and we can say we are from anywhere - like Russia or North Korea.

6) Oh yea - my Smart Phone no longer gets how and looses 50% power in 30 minutes.

We can be absolutely anonymous anywhere we cruise the net.

VPN is so effective Russia and China just outlawed this program.

And you thought this country was bad.

This VPN Encrypts my IP Address so the Law Congress just passed allowing anyone to buy our Search patterns to send us unending advertisements - they are blocked.

VPN creates a Virtual Private Network between your device and the Internet Gateway - like or or

It works with any search engine - we use Opera, Safari, Chrome, Foxfire, etc.

This prevents snoopers, hackers, and other ISPs from spying on what we are doing and even when we are on the internet.

When we signed up for the extra protection we found out can place 5 computers under this protection - so both our Cell Phones and both of our computers and our brother’s new Smart Phone are being hooked up as well.

So now our searches are faster, a whole lot less ads, and we can go where we want without being tracked or hacked.

And again - my phone stays cool.

It used to get so hot it burned me - every phone I owned has been like this since I got into the media 10 years ago.

No more

I can go to websites like Natural News and Investment Watch Blog “Lickity Split.”


So Go To:


After we did this the VPN saw it and was stunned - so they called and said if you use the Promo Code MOUNT you save 20% on everything you buy. The would also like to donate to our Non-Profit.

That was kind of cool.

Do not forget to reboot it every time turn off your computer.



If they terminate your subscription - then stand up and be heard and - re-subscribe


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

You, our viewers, have been asking for something like this for months - so here it is.

This is going to catch on like wildfire.

YOU have a voice

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

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