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Clowns are At It AGAIN for the third time:
Mon Aug 14, 2017 08:53

Boy, the topic of this post must be a hot one, due to their disappearing my entry etc..
Not only do they disappear my posts when trying to type them even my saved wordpad entries go from time to time. Depending how much the content is what the ones trying to censor certain things think they don't want the information out. What is the shame of it is the information being censored is the same knowledge they need for their own I well being and future.

So what is this topic? Believe it or not the Path of the Solar Eclipse, but not only the eclipse August 21 2017 but also the coming eclipse in 2024. There is a crossing of the paths that indicate a very spiritual meaning. So the luciferian think they do not want the truth out. Thus the Eclipse path is being altered so to confuse the correct trajectory. The orginal August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Path is being wobbled to make it appear as though the path is much farther to the North. Thus the crossing will appear totally different then the location is supposed to be.
Efforts are being made to say the polar wobble is anything but what it really is and that is, caused by certain technology. This wobble only serves demonic purposes. And must stop now, we need the full truth of what is taking place. By we, it is meant everyone including the devil's workers.
Look to the original coordinates for the Spiritual meaning this sign in Heaven is to indicate.

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