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"The Most Degenerate Thief Died and We Paid Him to Kill Us."
Mon Aug 14, 2017 08:56

"The Most Degenerate Thief Died and We Paid Him to Kill Us."

That is a Tele receive from overnight.

"The most degenerate thief died and we paid him to kill us."

Is it all Bitch's fault as the reason that Labor has stood aside and let us be put to a nuclear brimstone waste perish?

Bitchie sad he has a fault of stupid that for whatever reason throws rude out there.

He prays to Father to fix his head. His fault over rides his useful.

Useful enough to apply himself to discover Judah and his sexual war upon the rest of the human race, finds that offices of state worldwide are occupied by Replicons Beings that look like the people of the terrain, but are shells with a Jewish brain.

He understood long ago that he was set to be destroyed in a nuclear blast war but didn't know how to stop the score.

Bitch distinctly remembers in the summer of 1974 when Nixon was being forced out of the office of president how Bitch wondered if we were going to be hit with nuclear bombs as a way that Nixon would use to keep himself in.

Now all these years later, over 6 years after weap Judah did attack us with all out nuclear war, we sit in the summer once again wondering will it be war that will hold this presidency in?

Reverse speech indicates from several high sources that Russia military and police are in America to do their chores.

The employers that have been mousing us. Getting us set for an arrest and some meals in the lockup.

The insurance package spread around to all the parties that gave a hand pushing the simple working man and woman in.

Does it not seem that surely working people will respond to what it is the employers have done to workers here and take the authority to issue our money away from them to end their insurance collections on us?

Work many years to produce wealth and the reward is to be taken out in a meal. The pension that looked so good.

Only a short time after retiring the meal that took the retired worker out. Will Labor not Get Smart and end funding the harm to us?

Will Labor not put a workers committee in to issue our dollar bills for us? Will Labor not take the genocidal 2% out of issuing our money?

Money, the tickets we use to exchange things. The party that issues our money gets to decide what to buy with them.

The sole party on planet earth that issues our money is weap Judah and company.

Might that not help explain why our world is locked into war unto the death of our species?

Judah buying more death and destruction, building more prison camps. Burning our fields out in such a way as they will not come back for hundreds of years.

Doing all he can now to get a fight going between the industrialized powers.

Staging fights all the time as a way to hold himself in office.

Does it seem that even at this late time that many just do not comprehend that Judah has been doing all he can to put us in?

His open burning of nuclear waste for over 6 years now. Do we not understand that brimstone will take us out of here in the billions over a few years time?

Our good God Almighty above, our Father in heaven who has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR!

Wants us to act to STOP THE WAR and save ourselves.

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," Father said.

Bitch telling the truth but his irritate has let the goose win.

And the consequences of that goose win?

Do we not see we are now in the last stages of losing a third of the human race to weap Judah brimstone waste war?

Are we not recognizing the power of financials?

The concession to issue a state's money. Tickets to eat. Used to exchange things between us.

Have we given the time to calculate just how deadly they have proven to be in the private hands of weap Judah and company?

The staging of the racist march the other day in Charlottesville Virginia. Might we only wonder how much that cost Judah to put on?

What ever it cost are we not aware that it was Labor that cleared all of Judah checks for free?

The shootings in our cities. The drugging of some of the people to do them. Might we understand that those sorts of ops don't come cheap?

The pharmaceutical houses that cook up the drugs that drive people nuts and cause them to do violent things.

Might we not recognize that with the free check book from American Labor Judah hires the best and brightest, the best educated to cook up the pills and potions that force people to do the most violent things to others?

Judah sport of caging and killing his fellow human Beings. He has offended our good God Almighty.

Should that not be enough for Labor to help us to let them off right?

Only months away from being sealed in to die off as we never have before. The deadliest toxins ever released into the environment. Manufactured now on a regular 24/7 daily basis at Hitachi-GE.

The melting Jewish electricity plant that could have been shut down years ago, still burning on.

Judah has his sports news show a little robot fish swimming inside the belly of the beast dirty bomb and pretends that he is just stumped on how to shut it down.

And it burns on to poison out generations of us, even those that remain after us.

Truly an extinction level event. Are we not aware that it is by design?

The things we have planned for our kids. Might it not serve us well to figure out what Judah has planned for them before we make any plans for them ourselves?

That Judah has Americans accepting funding war and genocide to innocent children of God on the other side of our world.

Might we try to perceive how the Federation will have to let us go brimstone way for that?

"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. WE came to warn you," our extraterrestrial elders said.

"Druid has ever failed to save himself. Druid is not dutiful," Judee said.

Can we not pray that it will be different this time and Druid will be dutiful and save himself?

Polish president's plane crash survivors shot after plane crash! NWO BS! TLKV! lexkixla 7 years ago 26,440 views Definitely a conspiracy!


A video taken right after the 2010 Polish president's plane crashed and only the flight crew found on the ground. No bodies to be seen anywhere. A few guys walking around who shot the flight crew dead.

Shortly after the guy that made the video himself shot dead.

Do we not recognize Fornian shell Replicons that are heads of all of the governments in our world?

The radar data that revealed the NATO nuclear missiles attack upon Poland. All these years later still not revealed to the public.

And Poland where grand jury process began in 1430 to hear the facts before any one could be hindered in any way. And no independent grand jury investigation into the Polish presidents plane crash.


Might we understand it is because of who it is that issues the money for us?

When a Labor Committee of the Whole has the concession to issue our money might they not make available the bourse that will hire open public investigatory grand juries to hear the witnesses tell what they know?

The authority to issue our money in the private hands of nuclear war fighting genocidal weap Judah. Are we understanding that is the root of all that is wrong in this world?

Bitch discovery years ago after extraterrestrial elders taught him how to read facial reverse speech, that all the leaders in every nation on earth were actually weap Judah Replicon hybrid transplant shell people.

The purported Muslim states that enforce Sharia law in the Middle East. The regimes that torture and kill the people. Are we aware they are not true Muslims, they are weap Judah hybrid transplant shells?

China, Pakistan, and India. Now facing off in a contrived beginning of war on the border. Are we not aware those states are all led by hybrid transplant weap Judah Replicon shells?

Might we see how they use war as a method to hold themselves in?

The terrorism that is shouted out on American news. Are we not aware the broadcasters are nearly all hybrid transplant weap Judah guys and gals?

The perfectly constructed lies that hold weap Judah and his shell kids in. The bombings, the shootings that keep so many terrified.

Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money way from them so that we can have some truth in our world?

"Open up, you're insured." 4.40 am

The vast dies in American lock ups and prisons for insurance collections.

The most egregious sins ever committed against God's children anywhere on earth. And still going on. Why?

Might it be because American Labor has shown coward efforts?

That's what an angel said. "You've shown coward efforts."

Will Labor not have faith in the love of our precious sweet Father above to see us all to peace and find the courage within to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"You're wiping off your safers. 3.30 pm

They're spiritual thieves. 4.03 pm

They're forcing us right less to shoot us now. 5.52 pm

Excellent ends. 6.10 pm

We have a municipal seizure because Boston's out for pushing you out. 6.12 pm

Kids best ya. 6.20 pm

Money requires Americans fall. 6.21 pm

Thrilled like a missile. 6.23 pm

Get us out of this place or we're full done, get us out of this jeopardy. 6.24 pm

Pat, you failed, it's full death of us here. 6.52 pm

Nothing providential here. 6.27 pm

They assault your wit right and jail failed. 6.31 pm

Shooting men dead makes prizes. 6.36 pm

They're poisoning out our sphere.

Boston was copping residential. 6.40 pm

Vagrancy coming at you because you failed raciously. 6.41 pm

They tight the most useful and set fail. 6.42 pm

It's core egg. 6.42 pm

You're fused and will be adjusted soon. 6.44 pm

A call to action, you're falsing out yourself. 6.46 pm

A torch gene. 6.46 pm

Insect inspected. 6.47 pm

You're camel fused. 6.49 pm

Forgery failed us, industrious failed us. 6.57 pm

Massively they're dying us off, get STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.59 pm

Tightness failed, abortion is holding. 7.03 pm

Screw well fielded ya. 7.05 pm

With your rights in you would have toppled it.

A murder op is what you get until you throw them off. 7.07 pm

You can STRIKE. 7.08 pm

Jew gets all this info on other peoples life faults and uses it to scum them. 7.09 pm

Let's STRIKE THEM OUT for hassling for free. 7.06 pm

They failed forcing government thief. 7.10 pm

Vegetable thieves upset here. 7.11 pm

Their cage-tory has failed. 7.12 am

Treacher tragedy is exhausting us out. 7.14 pm

They're out houses of suffering. 7.17 pm

Scientist banishing over fraud. 7.20 pm

They want to retire you childs.

They core animal ya seaside. 7.30 pm

The shoots, they're drugged. 7.35 pm

I want you to know Judas accused you with Judas power to take over the United States.

Jew is imitating restarts and will until you STRIKE THEM OUT! 7.58 pm

Are we not realizing that when we fail to STRIKE THEM OUT we are holding them in for another day of sporting?

Jew has established he halted you completely optical. 9.00 pm

They're dying us off delightfully. 9.11 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT and their error goes away.

They're revealing a harsh yield.

Their whole conspiracy failed octoplex.

Witless fails. 9.26 pm

Jew expired heart attacks shooting you.

Won't you please help me, someone please help me. 12.09 am

Jew done. 12.11 am

You're safe because you did us fair. 12.21 am

Real re-offended. 12.24 am

Mercy proceeds joy stretch. 12.40 am

You got to like us. 12.45 am

Iowa died them off and we're still destroying ourselves. 12.56 am

Tomb closed. 1.14 am

Take them off right. Take them off full right.

The register is broken in righteous smooth. 1.21 am

We can STRIKE THEM OUT! 1.27 pm

They Buzzard us. 1.24 am

I'm being hit with a tyracide. 1.27 am

They're torching us. 1.30 am

The coppers fell for luxury apps. 1.38 am

Russia ops streak. 1.46 am

If you don't establish rightful Jew hose you off. 1.50 am

A one-year-old cashed your century. 1.55 am

Set your truth. 2.01 am

Oh, Patrick sight them furious. 2.07 am

Get the rule out of custody. 2.09 am

Serve. 2.15 am

Preachers rolls. 2.17 am

Thank you. 2.19 am

He's done, they found the diagram. 2.10 am

Your financials die you off. 2.18 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, they're despots. 2.19 am

A juvenile's case will make your states.

Degenerate dies you out obviously right less. 2.23 am

Treasury bumped habeum. 2.25 am

They trade you life for somebody else's, you paying for abuse. 2.26 am

You are rising up your failed now. 2.28 am

Patrick do you nice field. 2.43 am

Business arrests you. 2.53 am

Sang them off. 2.54 am

The most degenerate thief died and we paid him to kill us. 3.02 am

The employers are shooting us. 3.04 am

Totaled your real sight. 3.08 am

Evict them. 4.39 am

Open up, you're insured. 4.40 am

Psychic alerted the fish through an angel.

You've lost your life. 4.47 am

Pat, you scored your own fish out of the field. 4.51 am

Defeated dumb. 5.17 am

Errorage. 5.18 am

You're obviously sporting up your life forces." 5.29 am

That Pat scored his own fish out of the field. Can even God save us from that?

Not intentional of course, something about so much violence and threat that the brain shrinks and does not do as well as it might otherwise if it were from a peaceful place.

Trying to figure out for decades where all the violence was arising from. Only to discover that all of it is from one cipher group that took over the entire surface of planet earth with a ruse.

Now that Papa had His angels let us see where the violence on earth is coming from, weap Judah on free American Labor bourse, will Labor not help us to retire them for free?

"Try to reach there will you please?" 7.26 am

The general STRIKE that will put Labor in the drivers seat.

The general STRIKE that will turn America from an increasingly impoverishing grand Mal tyranny into what it was designed to be, the land of the free.

The STRIKE that will remove forever from the sportsters the authority to issue our money.

Never again to be held by a King or a Queen or a Parliament, Congress or executive branch or a banker.

From this time forward the concession to issue our money to be held by the people that make it valuable in the first place, LABOR!

No more free money for dirty deeds even if they can be done dirt cheap.

No more Mr. good corporal shooting us down in the street.

Will American Labor not give us the promise of God to live in a world that is living in peace?

"My kids, treat them super nice," Papa said.

Will Labor not bring us out of the out house to live with the angels in heaven above?

Judah and his long running stool culture where they spend their time running other people down.

"Jew gets all this info on other peoples life faults and uses it to scum them." 7.09 pm

"Jew has established he halted you completely optical." 9.00 pm

Even though weap Judah attacked us all out with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of thrilling blast and heat force, how is it at the optical has still halted us?

Will we not keep praying that the thirty-minute break through still will come in and Labor will hear the love of God for us and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"I just keep you's dog dumb. They moshed my failish away. I hold you true pets. Now you spot me because of Martian rules. I hold you with drugs to put you into a spin. I just make you useful for my investment sport.

We're great with perpy ass whites. I barest died you. It's fun to watch all die for Israel, thanks for washing. We routed Jefferson out to die you. We're worried about our pompous wage coming out.


Poverty, I just want to enforce upon you. Bitch I hate, he sell me out. Even with Mercury you've been about to fall out. It's through fear I fist you. We always die you rootsicle that'

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