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"I'll Be Open Monday Pat, I'll have to Leave the Losers Back
Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:27

"I'll Be Open Monday Pat, I'll have to Leave the Losers Back," a clear voice said that to Pat at 6.06 pm today Wednesday, August 16, 2017.

Father has spoken to Bitch with several different lovely voices.

The first time Father spoke to Bitch in 2009 the voice sounded as if it was from a long range high power transmitter.

That was when Bitch first understood that we do have a God above.

The voice that Father just spoke to Bitch with sounded as clear as a bell, and had the sound of a clear voice of a middle aged man.

It likely had come through a telepathic power amplifier.

Bitch had just climbed into bed to get up Thursday before 3 am again to try and write something to convince Labor to STOP THE WAR.

"I'll be open Monday Pat, I'll have to leave the losers back."

So wanted to put it up on APFN so that everyone knows the rapture will begin Monday, August 21st. 5 days from now.

Those who wish to be saved from being exterminated by Jewish brimstone waste on free American Labor bourse, might we not pray to Father to guide us off of planet earth now as it is being thoroughly poisoned out?

Pat will keep listening for the word from Father. Thank you.

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    • "I'll Be Open Monday Pat, I'll have to Leave the Losers Back — Patrick Sullivan, Wed Aug 16 10:27
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