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US Media In Melt Down
Thu Aug 17, 2017 03:14


The US media has gone into total melt down after one of their Top Leakers has been reassigned from the Chief Of The Counter Espionage Unit of the FBI to the Human Resources Section, was given a desk, and no duties.

This is the man (Peter P. Strzok 2nd) who under Comey released the information that stated The Big “H” (Frazzled Rat) Emails did not implicate her in any crimes two days before the Presidential Elections.

Yet when we go to Wikileaks one can clearly see that The Frazzled Rat violated USC 18, Sections 793, 795 and 796. Committing Espionage against the United States.

Now these people are being identified, investigated, and we pray that they will soon be arrested.

Please keep in mind that these are the Rats we have been fighting since November of 2007 to protect the Presidents and stop a full scale Conflagration using 100KT firecrackers.

All the Media can do now is call the President Mean Spirited and call for his assassination.

Remember - 1 October (Or 26 Oct) ATT will own Time Warner and the President is a Major Stock Holder there and plans on firing most of these Left Wing NAZI reporters.

Please keep in mind that it is the Democratic Socialist Party that sponsored Hitler (killed Millions Of Jews) and here in America still support Slavery as many members are in the KKK.

In fact - in 1865 Democratic General Nathan Forest of the Confederacy started the KKK and within a year it had 400,000 members. It has not changed in 150 years.

It is the George Soros who helped the NAZIs kill tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews (from 1939 - 1945) and is now funding the NGO’s, working with the FBI and SERCO, that are funding both sides of these riots across America.

In an amazing interview with Steve Kroft om 60 minutes George Soros clearly states he enjoyed confiscating property from his fellow Jews and Neighbors and that working with the NAZIs was the best time of his life.

Please keep in mind that the original George Soros is dead and that we are fighting an “Elite” group of world leaders (Rothchilds Round Table) that simply wish to destroy America.

We hope that with the ouster of Mueller and Comey from the FBI that those remaining will assist us in protecting Presidents around the world and help seize the large 100KT Firecrackers headed into our nation to start a Major World Conflict


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