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Lefties Go Totally Insane
Fri Aug 18, 2017 04:34



Our liberal Snow Flakes have literally gone bonkers. Cady whompus, three bricks shy of a full load.

Unfortunately - those “Leftie” Nazhionaal Zocialeests (NAZIs) Human Sacrificing Lucifarians control the press and have allot of money backing them both from the European Elites and also from the CIA.

They will continue to create riots in every way until someone from President Trump’s Administration in DC gives the orders to arrest those openly committing Treason.

In the mean time - all we can do is pray and hope GOD prompts the President to do his assigned duties and arrests around 20,000 traitors and we can also avoid the riots.

Here are the crazy things that the lefties are currently going on today.

1) We all know how Google is suppressing those who tell the truth.

Over the last week this channel went from 109,995 Subscribers to 143,080 in one second, and then back to 109,875 as 60 Videos were pulled and most of our videos were demonetized.

In other words - You Tube and Google refuse to pay and honor any contracts - pretty typical today for any US Based Company.

In other news:

1) Michelle Obama filed to run for President in 2020 and was found to be Ineligible. We do not know why and the Election Commission refuses to show us a copy of her request.

2) The Left is funding a destabilization plan to destroy America and rebuild it in the name of a Complete Lucifarian Dictatorship.

3) Washington Post Editorial calls for Lefty NAZIs to start throwing rocks - and the Girly Boys in the FBI refuse to arrest anyone for this clear violation of USC 18.

4) Michael More breaks down on Reuters and tells everyone Trump will get us all killed.

I guess that clearly shows Reuters as a bunch of Left Wing Nuts.

5) Lefties are now claiming bottle water is killing us because it is clean water and has no chemicals added to it.

6) Vice Magazine is calling for blowing up Mount Rushmore because two of the presidents on the mountain owned slaves.

7) Democratic Missouri Senator Maria Chappel-Naddel openly stated “I hope President Trump is assassinated.”

The Secret Service made no arrests despite an open threat by a Congressman.

8) Even our military Stars and Stripes has gone Satanic in their recent article calling a speech given by General Mattis as Vulgar.

I heard the speech - there was no vulgarity in it - so “Stars and Stripes,” our military magazine, has turned into a lying lefty rag worthy of Praise from any true Lucifarian NAZI Pig.

9) A Chicago Pastor of the “Liberation Christian Church” has asked Gay Mayor Rahn Emanuel to remove a statue of George Washington.

No politics here.

The FBI and IRS refuse to pull their 503C status.

10) About 200 Paid Lefties (Terrorists) showed up at the New York Museum demanding they remove the statue of President Theodor Roosevelt because they called him Racist.

No arrests by the FBI Cowards of these Paid Protesters were conducted.
SERCO, funded by Your GSA, is hard at work funding these Revolutionaries.

And again - the Girly Boys in the FBI, Secret Service and US Marshals are too cowardly to do anything about it.


On the other side of the world - the Russian FSB foiled a Moscow Terror Plot suspected of conducting Terror Attacks on Moscow’s Transportation Systems and in Major Commercial Centers.

At least in Russia they have the guts to arrest these Lefty Pigs.

The Attacks were to begin on, or around, the day we notified Russian President Putin and Ptime Minister Medvedev of the pending attacks on them over 3 months ago.

Maybe President Trump needs some Russians to lead our FBI, Secret Service and US Marshal Girly Boys.

Finally - President Trump

1) Dumps two worthless economic Advisory Councils

2) The Attorney General issues 4 Grand Jury Indictments against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s IT Staffer

3) Has agreed to start paying Medicare Premiums as of 1 August.

The Federal Court Order that demanded all states pay back all Hospitals and Doctors as of 22 August before they pay anything else - may have been averted.

Time will tell.

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