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Millions of American.People Have Been Eaten By Reptilians.
Fri Aug 18, 2017 17:12

Millions of American.People Have Been Eaten By Reptilians -

I have been writing and posting on-line the following topics about these recently concerned subjects: Consider that potentially soon, more then 2.1 Californians Probably will be soon having to leave the West Coast to get away from the Fukushima Hanford, Pacific Coast mass nuclear contamination of the Western Coastlines and possibly the soon to occur the North Korean Nuclear event and the also possibly ensuing Bio-Warfare-EMP Pacific Coastal destructive proliferation events that may also occur very soon and that are in fact also already occurring.

Yet it is to be noted that the mainstream corporate media is not reporting on most of these currently ensuing and occurring tragic circumstances.

And, thereof, on the many other mostly unreported worldwide and nationwide life and earth threatening circumstances and that the exception of these events being reported can be followed at these independent investigative reporting news sites at: - - - - - And, thus to also consider the secondary consideration that also soon there will more Pacific Coast Geopathic & Subduction Earth and Volcanic Events, with participating Mass Animal and Plant Die Offs, Geo-Engineered and terrestrial and spaced based, solar, Atmospheric and Environmental Catastrophes.

Combined with the Western United States Break Down of Governmental Administrative dis-Order leading into the Socially Engineered dissolution of all North American, World, and specifically the Pacific Coastal Regions soon and currently in one form and or way or another forcing the mass evacuations of the Western Half of the United States. -

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within that area by using the pendulum and chart method of dowsing. After working 30 years in the printing & newspaper industry, Chris retired in 2007, a door opened for Chris which would lead him into the world of energy healing. Realizing that his intuitive nature was more than just coincidence, Chris began
taking courses in many different modalities. To his credit, Chris has found great success and certification in Dowsing (pendulum), Radionics, Healing with metaphysical tools, Quantum Touch, Muscle testing (applied kinesiology), Foot bath detox and Live blood analysis. Chris has learned very quickly that when working with universal energies, one must think not just outside the box, but WAY outside the box. By this we mean that all possibilities need to be considered when working with a person’s ill health. Not only are things like virus’s and infections tested for, but, also “off the wall“ possibilities like: entities, aliens, demons, karmic debt and how well your body is grounded to the earth are considered. After the problem area and stressors have been located, the “frequencies” of the stressors can be neutralized with the use of Krystaline
etaphysical tools and Radionics. With this protocol, it is possible for pains and ailments to be alleviated within a short period of time. Chris's work has become a worldwide phenomenon in energetic and remote-distance healing as he works with anyone and everyone in the entire world via Skype and telephone, which
has gained him and his clinic worldwide notoriety. For more information on Chris Kehler please visit - - - Proof Reptilians Real (MUST WATCH !!!) ✔ - - - OOWK MEDIA - - Published on Jan 16, 2016 IMPORTANT !!! Please visit our website for more Interesting videos - - Any donation's are welcome big or small, Thankyou. - - Check out this Fantastic book Donald Marshall Revolution: Reptilians, Clones, Aliens purchase here - - Marshall claims that there is a secret that has been kept by members of the Illuminati for more than 70 years, a secret of such great importance, as to effect the lives of every man, woman and child on the face of the planet. Marshall states that his mission in life is to share this secret with the world, so that all can know the truth and plan for the future. - In order to fully understand this secret, it will be necessary to return to the events of Postwar Germany, following the end of World War I, where, in 1923, Hitler was named the leader of the new Nazi party. Following a failed attempt to overthrow the federal government, Hitler was arrested for treason. While awaiting trial in Landsberg prison, he read Bulwer-Lytton's 1871 novel: Vril: The Power of the Coming Race about a master-race of beings who call themselves the Vril-ya. They claim to be the descendants of the inhabitants of ancient Atlantis, with access to an extraordinary force called Vril, an unlimited source of energy that supplies all their needs and can be controlled at will. Hitler believed the novel to be true and once made Chancellor of Germany, he would send teams of spelunkers into caves and mines all over Europe searching for the Vril-ya. He dispatched regular expeditions to Asia, especially Tibet, where Nazi explorers made significant connections with influential Tibetan lamas, who had expert knowledge about the underground tunnel and cavern systems around the world. Legend was these Tibetan lamas guarded a secret entrance to the Inner World, known as the Red Door, hidden within the Potala palace in the mountain city of Lhasa. Once a Nazi-Tibetan alliance was formed, the lamas agreed to share with them that for centuries, they had been helping to hide an indigenous race of lizard living deep
within the planet since prehistoric times, known as Vril lizards. It seems that these lizards knew the location of an abandoned military base dating back from the time of Atlantis, filled with ancient aircraft, weaponry and technology hidden within the tunnels and caverns of Antarctica. The lizards had no use for the tech, but they were willing to trade for something else they wanted. The lizards were carnivorous and preferred to consume fresh human flesh. And so, a deal was made. - But according to Marshall, this is not the first time Vril lizards have interact

  • US Media In Melt DownWilliam Mount, Thu Aug 17 03:14
    US MEDIA IN TOTAL MELT DOWN ========== The US media has gone into total melt down after one of their Top Leakers has been reassigned from the Chief Of The Counter Espionage Unit of the FBI to the... more
    • Millions of American.People Have Been Eaten By Reptilians. — willpwilson 908, Fri Aug 18 17:12
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