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"My Challenge Won." Message from Papa at 10.13 am Saturday
Sat Aug 19, 2017 03:13

The Tele receive at 10.13 am. The message from Papa, Saturday, August 19, 2017

"My Challenge Won."
It sounded as if it was transmitted through "B".

Might that have been Papa giving Bitch the good news?

Do we recall Papa's challenge about the STRIKE, "Why didn't you try it?"

"My Challenge Won."

And shortly after that message from Papa Patrick heard a human say:

"You got it, Patrick. You got it." 10.30 am

Thank you, Labor for coming on in, calling this STRIKE and taking the concession to issue our money away from this most dangerous cipher. Thank you.

Bitch gives Papa Tele hugs and kisses every day, but he doesn't wake Papa up. He's been waiting for the STRIKE to wake Father from sleep.

"Wake me when they've struck," Papa said some time ago.

So when you begin the STRIKE, Patrick will give Papa his daily wiggles like a puppy dog's tail hugs and kisses and will also wake Father up at that time.

Thank you, Labor. Can I call you friend? Thank's again.

God bless.

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    • "My Challenge Won." Message from Papa at 10.13 am Saturday — PS POST, Sat Aug 19 03:13
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