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Now what REALLY is the Problem with Robert E Lee?
Sun Aug 20, 2017 07:13

Okay, there was the negro Pemberton, but he was more of a companion when Lee's wife of only three months died. After Lee gave up his military career to marry Miss Custis he had a hard time
Lee traveled quite a bit with Pemberton at his side. Then had to go back to be executor of his wife's father's will which including handling the plantation. Unfortunately the will had a stipulation that the slaves could not be freed until five years after Mr. Custis' death. So for five long years Lee had to wait to be able to free the slaves. In the meantime Pemberton had charge of the 'slaves' waiting for their time to finish keeping his word as Executor of the Will.

So folks why is it Robert E. Lee freed Mr. Custis' slaves in 1862 when the Emancipation Proclamation didn't happen until 1863?

Other Generals did not own slaves, such as General JEB Stuart. So why would Generals put their life on the line and fight for what they do not even want to participate in???

The answer to that is in the name CONFEDERATE (Con Federate = against the Federation). Federation in other words Dictatorship by the few. As it is expressed in the Articles of Confederation the States Rights were and still is pertinent today.

In the articles the stipulation was 100% must agree to be able to change the Article of Confederation. At no time have the Articles been put aside thus the South was fighting for the Legitimate recognition of the Founding Principles as outlined in the Articles of Confederation.
And the North was fighting for the Federation to be able to take over the Founding Principles, just like what has been done. just think back to the changes to this country that were made after the North (Federation) 'won' the Civil War. Real Estate Taxes were started, they changed even the Constitution, gave a corporation more rights then a person, ignored the original 13th Amendment keeping Attorney's out of the other two branches of Government and no titles etc. not to mention forced out real Common Law Courts.

Then placing over the 13th Amendment the no 'INVOLUNTARY' servitude. Note: INvoluntary servitude, did not prohibit voluntary servitude that has been craftily double talked into existence by the attorneys who were never supposed to be in the legislature in the first place.

It might also be of interest that Robert E Lee was the 2nd cousin of Thomas Jefferson a close friend of the Stuarts including Bonnie Prince Charlie?

So this is what the real reasons for the Civil War was about?

Now what do you think about keeping Robert E. Lee Statue and those who fought for your founding principle RIGHTS?

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    • Now what REALLY is the Problem with Robert E Lee? — scantv77, Sun Aug 20 07:13
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