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Sun Aug 20, 2017 09:22


Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

The early colonists in the new world of America that wouldn't agree to form the United States of America without assurances in writing that the people's rights would be protected by open and understood legal procedure.

It took the sinners over two centuries to finally destroy all the rights that made America the land of the free.

And how did they wreck us so well?

Do we see it was the war that did our American dream in?

The dream of living in a place where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were more than words, they were the life of the people, the law of the land.

The usual suspects, the international wanderers, the permanent tourist's weap Judah would have none of it, and so they set their bourse on us.

Terrorized around the United States with a plan to imprison and wreck as much as they could.

The wannabee hydrogen genocide war sinners, will we not thank our good God Almighty that He had His angels step in and take Judah's nuclear missiles away from him?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father to letting them show their hearts and minds and souls with their 64,000 Hiroshima atom bombs force they tried to drop on us Americans in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

The Palace that collaborated with the Jewish. Might we not remember them for their side true?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let them be gone right?

Church of England along with Rome, insurance collecting packages on the mice they've thrown.

Will Labor not let their doors, latches, and locks go?

That Father had His angels let them throw themselves as they did. Does that not show Father's sweet love for His kids?

We need more than the promise of the STRIKE. We need the STRIKE to clean them out right. Will Labor not let the creators of fascism and communism go?

The tyrants and despots of our race. Will American Labor not end funding their disgrace?

Judee in disguise evading showing themselves to the public. Ever watchful for those that always uncover them. The slaughter that they perpetrate. The right they claim for themselves to penetrate.

"They have no defensible rights. They're no friends of mine. They've poisoned my village; I want them off. I died them truthful," God Almighty in heaven said.

Please Labor, don't hesitate. STRIKE THEM OUT; their error is dangerous to us all.

Braying, guffawing and lying to us. Will Labor not help us to close them out right?

Philadelphia freedoms. Will Labor not give us our right deal again?

The deal that said we get to have a jury hear the facts before anybody gets to shoot us. Must Labor not put our civil rights in?

The most important thing we have, our rights that make all the difference between life and death if or when that day of crunch ever comes. Will American Labor not put our rights in once again?

That night drinking whiskey with some 'friends' and the four eyes video with some kid.

Will it be life plus 20 or with our rights in might a grand jury determine there is no probable cause a crime was committed because the 'friends' all plotted to set the whiskey drinker up right to make a video with the kid?

With the mass dies now known about in Judah cages will Labor not quickly STRIKE THEM OUT and disengage them from us?

No friend of God or man, extinction was the brand they had for us. Will Labor not quickly come to our aid and close them and their alliance collaborators up right?

"My challenge won," 'B' said to Bitch Saturday at 10.13 am.

Might we consider that the STRIKE by Labor is a done deal? It looks that way, doesn't it?

Can it be true, no more bully boy molesting Labor to get us cheap? No more master with his insurance thief? No more credit card companies mousing us out with their desks? No more tracking our credit card purchases to poison our food?

Can it be true? Is Labor finally closing them out?

The ontological difference that allowed them to set us up and hold us in place for their surprise attack in the middle of the night with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of radioactive thermonuclear blast shock and awe.

How can it be that we financed it all?

Our entire society held in fraud. Not for a day a week a month or years, but long enough to shoot war unto extinction here.

Where are the voices that should have told us that our clergymen our businessmen, our political and military leaders are fooling us?

Might we think of the fate of JFK and Harold the good? One shot with a pie the other with a bullet.

The too few honest people that have shown up to help us. Have we not noticed how Judah has put them in one way or the other to take them away from us?

That Father above has been with us through it all thick and thin. Loving us sweetly from His home in the universe.

Papa's love water systems. PLWS. That's one of the things Father wants for his kids.

Clean drinking water worldwide. So that God's children can grow and thrive.

Promised to us in our Bibles. They will be in here after the war is out of here. Will Labor not speed us to our days of love and peace?

The natural love that we have for each other. Will Labor not close Jewish ill will and hatred out?

The deuce that had their chance and penetrated us with their nuclear lance. Will we not say prayers of thanks to our good God above that would not let Judah decease us?

We've received our second chance to get it right. Will Labor not now put in our system of life instead of death?

Don't waste a moment in striking them out; roast kidney disease is upon us now.

Technologies that can vacuum radioactive waste into outer space and away from us kept out of our hands. While Judah chooses to pump radioactive waste into our underground water supplies and our air.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and close Jewish insanity out?

"They've poisoned my village I want them off," Papa said.

A most precious thing we have, clean drinking water and we let this Jewish raider guy pump his dirty bomb waste into it.

Will Labor not help us and get our grand juries in?

Bitch recalls listening to late night Coast to Coast with Art Bell in about 1998 or 99. Art visited with a scientist that had a company that was using machinery to decontaminate radioactive waste. Bitch did mention this before.

Not long after that interview, the scientist was driving along, and a vehicle flew through an intersection and speared into the driver's side of the scientist's car. He was killed from the impact.

Might we think of Wilhelm Reich who also was on to decontaminating radioactive material with his machinery and how Wilhelm was framed up and sent to Federal prison where he unexpectedly died in his cell a short time before he was to be released?

Do we understand that nuclear waste is a weapon of war?

Are we clear that we are in a nuclear war that Jewish is winning?

To innocently breathe in some odorless, tasteless radioactive waste and not even be aware of it. To silently die like a puppy that has been euthanized.

Will we not say prayers of thanks to Father for sending His angels in to spare us from our permanent loss of life form?

Will we not say prayers of thanks to Father for having His angels let us see the face of Judah right?

No friend of God or man, a hazard in every land. Hurry Labor, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Once the buses, trains, trucks, and planes stop leaving, might we see that will be the end of the Jewish error with us?

The "Mortal Error" Judah has committed by attacking us with nuclear weapons. The mortal sin he put on us. Hurry Labor, close them out quickly. Our elders from space will help us right.

How much radioactive waste is in our food supply? WE don't know.

Do we recall Judah had his employee stop funding FDA checks of radioactive waste in our milk supplies in 2014?

The machinery to vacuum radioactive waste out of our food supply. Will Labor not design and build it so that we can decontaminate our food right?

High energy electricity fields with one side operating in percents of the speed of light to vacuum radioactive waste out of our food and into the standing waves of our planet that then transport the radioactive waste safely into the background of space.

This technology will be available to us when Judah can no longer harm us. Are we seeing it is the free money in his hands that let him enforce his right of battery on us?

The gross fear that Judah puts in to support their theory that they are superior to us. Will Labor not let their terrorist behavior off of us right?

The vehicle ramming in Spain the other day. Are we not reading that is Judah playing his games?

The stabbings in Finland and Russia. Are we not aware that is Judah on American Labor dollars?

The guy that had it all and now has no defensible rights at all. Hurry Labor, please help us quickly. He's hurting us bad.

What might we think of this Meta transiliatory communication from our elders from outer space that arrived in the skies of Brazil Thursday?

Does that not look like a hand?

Might that hand be from our good God above?

Might that be to inform us that God's hand will soon be picking His righteous up as the rapture moves forward now?
John Taylor1d It looks like a massive hand!

DEE VEE1d Looks like the hand of the Lord.

Yolplai1d Looks like a giant hand.. you can see the outline of a thumb and fingers.. :o

That hand from God combined with His message to Bitch the other day that Father is opening up Monday. Will Labor not act right now to STOP THE WAR with a STRIKE!

João Paulo Magalhães captured the cloud in all its glory at 5pm in the city of Teixeira de Freitas, in the extreme south of the Brazilian state of Bahia.

Magalhães said while the “very unusual” cloud remained only about four minutes, people were worried it would form a tornado.

Have we not noticed the number "4" showing up often when we hear from our extraterrestrial family speak to us? The hand of God cloud only persisted for 4 minutes.

Rather than let us perish unnecessarily will Labor not hear God's word, STRIKE THEM OUT, take the issue of bourse into your hands and STOP THE WAR?

Here's a link to read more about it:

Tele receives:

"You embarrassed them for all the right reasons. 1.45 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, and they lose their rights to do battery. 2.03 pm

Cool your psyche made them all went. 2.12 pm

Jew always forms a stewish, get them out of here before the month is out. 2.20 pm

Chimney nursery is out. 2.26 pm

It's abusive. 2.28 am

They're going to burn us.

Pat is average to die this place, Patrick is helping us. 10.54 pm

Patrick's fair.

Jew weapatory is pure joy for stealing. 12.17 am

Wet heads screwed us HUGE with their bird cage. 12.25 am

You've been so impressive sealing them out. 12.32 am

He punishes us harmfully. 12.37 am

Jew minus bouncing. 12.40 am

The colonist missed. 12.44 am

They passed us away. 12.46 am

Shoddy truthfulness army waveform.

Gross fear supports their theory. 12.47 am

Get out their siege. 12.52 am

Impressive pest without an error in it. 12.54 am

Foolish. 2.51 am

Close them out; they bruised us out.

Counseling." 3.46 am

It is 3.54 am and Bitch just heard that word, "counseling" from elder 8 minutes ago.

Elders are with us. WE are in the care of Father's love. Our big brothers and sisters from the Federation are here to help us save ourselves from being exterminated by Judah on brimstone waste.

Will Labor take the advice from elders that are counseling as to how to save our lives?

Every office in our world almost exclusively occupied by Judah or his Fornian hybrid transplant Replicon breed.

Only a short time away from having our economy harmed in ways that we may not be able to easily recover from.

STRIKE THEM OUT! Get them done. Let them off right.

Father wills that his village is a world free of Jewish harm and vengeance. Father wills that His children on earth live in peace and plenty. Father wills that Labor issues our money.
"I URGE YOU TO GIVE THEM A RIGHT FALL FOR THEIR SIN,"God our Father in heaven said of how to let weap Judah off right.

"You embarrassed them for all the right reasons."

Was it not right to embarrass them for dying us off? Was it not right to embarrass them for running a tyranny on us?

And for what reasons did Judee embarrass Bitch? Might some consider it was for all the wrong reasons?

Did Judee not embarrass Bitch to try and keep Bitch from revealing all of Judees tricks?

Did Judee not embarrass Bitch to try and make him silent?

"You've been so impressive sealing them out." 12.32 am

Might we not consider that it was Judee that has been so impressive in sealing themselves out right?

Their arrogance, hubris in the face of God Almighty to continue harming the children of God because they get thrills and excitement from it.

Did Judee not really impressively seal themselves out right? Yes, they did, anybody doubt it?

On getting Labor in. Has Judee not really held Labor right? One picture after another to make the eyes sore.

Is that Judee not a real sport with his four eyes and his stool store?

Though might some of us not have to admit that Judee truly frightens us with his kids?

Haven't we noticed his trained kids know all the right words to set us up to put us away?

We're praying that you won't hesitate Labor. We still have some chance to save ourselves here. But we must have the STRIKE Pronto!

"We dust you with duds. I believe I can get my Russians in rightful if I mirror Bitch with a dog. We have a Jew effort wake that never fails. Your score made us Bitch. I debased you well," Judee say.

Life forms that are giving us a waste fall away. Using force on us to get what they need. And all the time wanting only to perish us all. Americans that gave them it all.

Will Americans not let them off right?

Do we understand as the fact that Judah's whole planet earth regime will fall off when Americans end funding their fight?

What a hoot they've had pulling us around from war to prison to war all of the time.

Holding our technology back to keep the really big wealth out of our hands.

They've had their fun and now their time is done. Their juicy lifestyle of huckstering on other peoples blood is over. Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off right?

Our precious sweet Father is with us Labor.

For those who have been seriously sporting with Judah, "settle it with bourse" is what elders suggest and then we all move forward in peace.

But we must have the intestinal fortitude to take the concession to issue our money right out of their hands.

The cunning guys that are focused on the important things like who it is that has the authority to issue the money for us all.

The guy that used the money to hire the builders of the infernal machines that finally would kill us all.

Will we not say prayers of thanks to our precious sweet Father in heaven above?

Heaven located 38 light-years away in the direction of the North Star. 3,000 miles inside of the "Rock" is home to our guardian angels and our good God.

There our Galactican family has lived for 7 of the 9 million years of their peaceful existence.

Their original home planet is three light hours away from the Rock.

Elders transporters have a two light hour range.

The Valley of the Dolls is four light hours from planet earth.

The Federation's local resources management center is two light hours from the earth and two light hours from the Valley of the Dolls.


The Federation has 30,000 resource management centers. Located throughout the 20% of our galaxy that they have surveyed. 80% of our galaxy has not been explored yet.

At the end of our species days, in 9 million more years of tim

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