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The Message News Board Latest News August 20, 2017
Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:17
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Russia Bans Democratic-Connected Websites- As Racist — William Mount, Sun Aug 20;article=158030;title=APFN

Total Eclipse Tomorrow - Go To Our Video For More Info — William Mount, Sun Aug 20;article=158029;title=APFN

THE SOLAR ECLIPSE COULD BRING LIZARD PEOPLE. — willpwilson 908, Sat Aug 12;article=158003;title=APFN

Millions of American.People Have Been Eaten By Reptilians. — willpwilson 908, Fri Aug 18 -;article=158023;title=APFN -

Now what REALLY is the Problem with Robert E Lee? — scantv77, Sun Aug 20;article=158031;title=APFN

"GET OUT THEIR SEIGE! THE COLONIST MISSED" Those are a coup — Patrick Sullivan, Sun Aug 20 -;article=158032;title=APFN

The Enemy America Now Faces — William Mount, Sat Aug 19;article=158026;title=APFN

Apocalyptic cloud haunts Brazilian town (PHOTOS, VIDEO) Publ — PS POST, Sun Aug 20 -;article=158028;title=APFN

Lefties Go Totally Insane — William Mount, Fri Aug 18 -;article=158018;title=APFN

"You Help Me Fire Molest You. Jew Shot You True. We Won't Co — Patrick Sullivan, Fri Aug 18 -;article=158021;title=APFN

"Total Fish Roll, Psychic Seriously Failed So The End Comes — Patrick Sullivan, Sat Aug 19 -;article=158027;title=APFN

Our Current Cosmic Earthly Circuit Board on August 21, 2017 — willpwilson 908, Fri Aug 18 -;article=158020;title=APFN -

Can Visualized Simultaneous Global Prayer Sustain Humanity? — willpwilson 908, Fri Aug 18 -;article=158022;title=APFN

US Media In Melt Down — William Mount, Thu Aug 17 -;article=158016;title=APFN

"Their charge is out to stop me, beautiful steal they do fro — Patrick Sullivan, Thu Aug 17 -;article=158017;title=APFN

A Ring UFO Flies Over Beachgoers and Swimmers In China Augus — PS POST, Fri Aug 18 -;article=158024;title=APFN

"My Challenge Won." Message from Papa at 10.13 am Saturday — PS POST, Sat Aug 19;article=158025;title=APFN

Agenda 21 Is Working - What Can We Do? — William Mount, Wed Aug 16;article=158013;title=APFN

Patrick Sullivan "Even With the Angels, They Made the Establishment Fall Out.
Wed Aug 16, 2017 -;article=158014;title=APFN

"I'll Be Open Monday Pat, I'll have to Leave the Losers Back — Patrick Sullivan, Wed Aug 16 -;article=158015;title=APFN

Charlotte's Riots - Follow The Money — William Mount, Tue Aug 15;article=158011;title=APFN

Hollow Earth Retreat 7-12 September — William Mount, Tue Aug 15;article=158009;title=APFN

DC Clowns Threaten 3 Presidents — William Mount, Mon Aug 14;article=158006;title=APFN

"The Most Degenerate Thief Died and We Paid Him to Kill Us." — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Aug 14 0 -;article=158008;title=APFN

Mexico Disc Cancun — I was in Aroma at the Riveria Maya Mex — PS POST, Tue Aug 15;article=158010;title=APFN

Clowns are At It AGAIN for the third time: — scantv77, Mon Aug 14;article=158007;title=APFN

"The State Falsed. They Possess You For Sport, They Sport Yo — PS POST, Tue Aug 15 -;article=158012;title=APFN

Cruise The Net Without Being Messed With — William Mount, Sun Aug 13;article=158004;title=APFN

March On Google 19 Aug - Pray — William Mount, Sat Aug 12;article=158000;title=APFN

"The Most Degenerate Thief Died and We Paid Him to Kill Us." — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Aug 14 -;article=158008;title=APFN

Mexico Disc Cancun — I was in Aroma at the Riveria Maya Mex — PS POST, Tue Aug 15;article=158010;title=APFN

Clowns are At It AGAIN for the third time: — scantv77, Mon Aug 14;article=158007;title=APFN

"The State Falsed. They Possess You For Sport, They Sport Yo — PS POST, Tue Aug 15 -;article=158012;title=APFN

"Thank You God For Saving Us." "Thank you, God for saving — Patrick Sullivan, Sun Aug 13 -;article=158005;title=APFN

"We Extincted You. We have a Tendency to Roll Death," Judee — Patrick Sullivan, Sat Aug 12 -;article=158002;title=APFN

Trump Needs Our Help Now Patriots — Iamufree, Fri Aug 11;article=157995;title=APFN

Possible cigar UFO sighting over Atlanta, Georgia 15-May-201 — PS POST, Fri Aug 11 -;article=157999;title=APFN

"Continue To Muster Them. They Hurl You Out To Finish You Of — Patrick Sullivan, Fri Aug 11 -;article=157996;title=APFN

North Korean Warhead Found In Alaska — William Mount, Fri Aug 11;article=157994;title=APFN

I Want To Apologize For What I Write. — willpwilson 908, Sat Aug 12;article=158001;title=APFN

Now or Never, Be Prepared or Be Ready For The End, Up To You — willpwilson 908, Fri Aug 11 -;article=157998;title=APFN

Hillary Offered Plea Bargain — William Mount, Fri Aug 11 -;article=157993;title=APFN

The Economy Is Crashing - Now What? — William Mount, Thu Aug 10;article=157991;title=APFN

"Jews Main Sight Is Flying Missiles. The Cats died So You're — Patrick Sullivan, Thu Aug 10 -;article=157992;title=APFN


Prepare for a gas leaking — katsung47, Wed Aug 9;article=157988;title=APFN

August plot — katsung47, Wed Aug 9;article=157987;title=APFN

Hanford Leaking Plutonium Into The Air — William Mount, Wed Aug 9;article=157985;title=APFN

Solutions Exist even for the Judicial — scantv77, Wed Aug 9;article=157986;title=APFN

Exposed: Elite Handbook On How To Destroy America — William Mount, Tue Aug 8;article=157982;title=APFN

I said, “Here I am, here I am,” to a nation that did not cal — Patrick Sullivan, Tue Aug 8 -;article=157983;title=APFN

UFOs Join At Air Show In Washington State August 8, 2017 L — PS POST, Tue Aug 8;article=157984;title=APFN

"You Real Government is Completely Dead. I Just Booze and Mo — Patrick Sullivan, Wed Aug 9 -;article=157990;title=APFN - - Posted on August 18, 2017 on the Message News Board - - By (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - - - Tepco Can
Neutralize All Fukushima Radiation With Browns Gas -;article=157903;title=APFN - - - - - - - 55:00 Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 19, 2017 - - ( Dane Wigington - ) Dane Wigington - - - TO READ OR POST COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO, PLEASE GO DIRECTLY TO THE ARTICLE - Our hope and goal is for this video to be shared far and wide, DO NOT re-upload this copyrighted video without prior written permission and conditions from How many people on all sides of political fences are caught up in the latest mass distraction campaign being waged by the power structure? The Virginia protests have been used to completely blot out any coverage of the converging global catastrophes that are closing in from countless directions. “Apocalypse” shelters are selling at a record pace, how much longer will their owners survive as compared to the rest of us? Record heat, record hail, record lake temperatures, record fires, record crop loss, record fish die-off, is there anything positive to pass on? Yes, unfolding conditions are becoming so severe that populations will soon enough be forced to wake up and face reality, like it or not, hopefully before the completely out of control military industrial complex kicks off WWlll. How many are truly prepared for what is unfolding? Alarm overload is causing many to completely turn away from facing any unpleasant and uncomfortable news, this trend must change. Those in industrialized societies must find the courage to face what is, and not to dwell in the illusion of what they wish would be. How many will choose to stand and make their voices heard while it still matters? Dane Wigington - To follow us on Facebook, click here: - -

Putin says: ‘Pope Francis Is Not A Man Of God’ | Must-See !! - - - Wiki Tube -

David Bowie Warns : Google IS Illuminati! & Danger's of the 5g Roll-Out! - htp:// - - cindy garay -

33:00 New 5G Technology Could Send Voices into your Head - Patents - - - Leak Project - - Leak Project Streamed live on Jul 7, 2017 SUBSCRIBED 132K - Voice to Skull Technology Patents & 5G Neurological Manipulation Machines go Global, You are being cooked Cut Cable Forever Click Here - - promo code "Leak Project" for $100 OFF 5G IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK, AND IT'S GOING TO CHANGE ENTIRE INDUSTRIES V2K Patent "Voice to Skull" SAR Specific Absorption Rate Mother Loses Her mind Question Everything Be the change you want to see! -

ISRAEL: is Behind Deadly 5G Technology : & The Extermination of Planet Earth! - - cindy garay Published on Jul 14, 2017 SUBSCRIBED 1.5K SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBED UNSUBSCRIBE One thing I forgot to mention, was that Wireless was the Main Technology that Tesla was Working on! So it's apparent that the Technology went to Israel! And now we know, this 5G will Kill everything on this planet! This 5G is CLEARLY for the A.I. & Trans humanism Agenda! And this 5G Mostly caters to CORPORATIONS Not Citizen's!

MUST WATCH - The SCARIEST 3-1/2 Minutes EVER! - 5G will Weaponize Everything - - Mark Mucci - - - This is the Scariest 3-1/2 minutes you will hear ALL DAY! 5g Wireless Technology has the potential to Weaponize nearly EVERYTHING. PLEASE SHARE THIS with Everyone you love. We MUST know more and we must be AWARE of the potential that this technology has and be sure of what risks we as humanity are willing to take for the sake of Money and Convenience. ***IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT THIS VIDEO BELOW*** To SUPPORT MY CHANNEL (I'm not asking, but people have asked me if they DONATE at http://www.PayPal.Me/MarkMucci besides, I'm trying to buy a Geiger counter and a cute Hello Kitty Doll that I saw at the mall. Thnx I AM NOT A Scientist, REPORTER/JOURNALIST or Member of the Media, I am an observer. The views and/or opinions expressed therein may not necessarily be MINE, and I share them under common use for review, however, If you enjoy this video Please Leave Your comments below. (ATTENTION: Be Respectful and if you can't be nice and engage in pleasant constructive dialogue, be on notice that I will simply delete your comments if need be. -Thanks ~ Mark Mucci) ONCE AGAIN, THANKS for Watching. Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Click the Bell and give this video a Thumbs Up! (Additional Information is included at the bottom of this page.) After you share This, Check out my other videos:

5G - The Elephant in Your Living Room - - - thecrow

  • Russia Bans Democratic-Connected Websites- As RacistWilliam Mount, Sun Aug 20 06:18
    RUSSIA BANS ALL DEMOCRATIC PARTY LINKED WEBSITES FOR BEING RACIST ========== The Russian Federation - licensed to operate out of London and who’s CEO is their Prime Minister Demitri Medvedev - has... more
    • Fry Our Brains, Disable Our Minds, & Then Eat Us?willpwilson 908, Sun Aug 20 10:24
      Fry Our Brains, Disable Our Minds, & Then Eat Us & all of Our Children? - - 55:00 Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 19, 2017 - - ( Dane Wigington - )... more
    • The Message News Board Latest News August 20, 2017 — willpwilson 908, Sun Aug 20 10:17
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