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China Set To Run World's Communication Grid
Tue Aug 22, 2017 04:35



The Nation (corporation) of Red China is now set to take over the entire planet’s world wide communications network.

With the launching of the Quantum Experiments At Space Scale (QUESS) satellite (Nick Named Micius) using an unbreakable security code …… China is now set to take over all world wide communications - including all banking transactions, crypto currency transactions, and even your email servers you write grand ma with.

This has been planned now for 40 years and funded by Microsoft and the US State Department to transfer all Communications Activities to China.

Since they have hacked our military grid - this means they can send all US ships in circles - or shut them down - IE the USS John McCain a few days ago.

It was shut down and an oil taker then rammed it at a very slow speed - it was a warning to those in the Pentagram - Pentagon.

This has been in the works for at least 40 years as the actual Microsoft Headquarters in now in a base under China - so I have been shown.

Very soon Boeing’s actual Corporate headquarters will move to Red China as well.

(((As for our Top Secret Space Program - the Pegasis can’t fly and Ethyl has the keys Lockheed Martin)))

In other news:

1) Melee was recorded in Charlottesville City Council meeting last night.

Please watch the video - no counciol members were in the chambers and an ANTIFA flag is flying high - a set-up.

2) Venezuela Attorney General seeks asylum in the US to expose their Narco-Dictatorship.

As if our Satellites can pick out the Cocaine Production Facilities and they could be defoliated within minutes.

Follow the Money

It’s all about supporting our Military Industrial Complex and stealing oil from Venezuela - and other nation.

3) Johnson and Johnson is ordered to pay $417 Million because apparently Talcum Powder causes cancer when applied regularly for feminine hygiene - according to the courts.

4) Apple is watching their sales laging their new I-Phones - kind of a way of saying our tretail market is falling apart as more and more retail dollars are being sucked up into mandatory Car Insurance, Medical Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Higher Property Taxes, etc.

4) Green Peace Activists arrested near Iceland protesting the Oil Rig.

Just a little about Green Peace.

I heard the owner of a car dealership speak about the 3 owners of Green Peace walking into his dealership and each one bought a Brand New Lamborghini car for cash.

If you think for one minute your $20 dollar bills go to fighting Environmental Destruction - think again.

When I had a Financial License I did several Financial Plans for those who owned Non-Profits and almost none of the money went to the public.

This is why we started our own - so that we know exactly where every dime goes.

5) TSA Facial and Body Scanners being placed at Train Station.

Terrorism is about making money.

Microsoft sets up a company to install body scanners, a few dollars change hands and Voila - 10,000 scanners at $100,000 a piece are installed across the nation.

It’s not about privacy - it’s about making money and controlling people.

6) In a private Email from the State Department they spoke about the US World Police working for the US State Department.

Did you know we have World Police working for the US State Department?

7) President Trump’s Speech on Afghanistan…..

He absolutely capitulated.

The entire speech made us sad, speechless.

More of our troops, my brothers in uniform, are now being sent to Afghanistan to protect the Opium Fields as the locals fight back to return this area into growing such things as wheat, corn, sheep, etc.

Please pray your families are ready for what is coming.

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