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"White Semen I Want to Pull You Off Because I don't Want You
Wed Aug 23, 2017 06:29

"White Semen I Want to Pull You Off Because I don't Want You Participating Here," Judee say.

That from the subconscious mind of weap Judah and read in his facial reverse speech.

Might we see the animal primitivism in that sort of thinking? Might we not recognize the deadliness of weap Judah from his carrying a mind set such as that on?

The white semen from the land of snow guys that for 30,000 years of our time in our Father's nursery on earth did not harm each other.

The "Unique value of cooperation" that Judah observed among the snow guys that let us live in peace together and develop right.

Will snow guys not get active and pitch the genocide out?

While shopping yesterday Bitch passed a young American man of Vietnamese extraction shopping with his son. As Bitch passed by he heard him say telepathically, "F------ Jews still out your image. 2.11 pm."

Does the snow guy not yet see the truth in that statement?

The Asian lady that said in reverse speech, "Judah shopped the English ghettos," when speaking of how Judah was able to get the cruelly manipulated poor to install his hybrid transplant Fornian Replicon shells throughout Asia.

And now the sad fate of England in Prussian palace militarist control and weap Judah noodles for their inmates.

Will American Labor not end the Jewish withering of the United States of America?

Will the snow guys not come alive and put our American rights in once again?

The rights to trial by jury before the loss of life, liberty or property.

The right to be left untouched unless a Grand jury makes a decision that there is probable cause and first authorizes it.

No cruel or inhuman treatment no matter what.

The three most important laws ever created to serve man anywhere anytime in all our recorded history.

Grand jury from Poland; trial by jury and no cruel or inhumane treatment, from England.

All our good law is thrown aside by weap Judah. Snow guys not able to keep our own good laws in when weap Judah has the authority to issue our money and pay magnificent bribes.

And Judah using the power to corrupt found in the private issue of money, to make the image of the snow guys no good.

Is it not something that Judah was able to use the snow guys fist to take over the surface of planet earth for his tryst?

Snows guy so gentle that a man loses his life to another guy, no punishment or jail time, "Settle it with bourse" is how snow guys used to have done it.

Judah arrives in the snow lands with his inquisition brand. Sits on the bench with sheets over their heads issuing Doms that take away life, liberty and property and keep the property for themselves.

Torture chambers, noose, and imprisonment. Will American snow guys not pull weap Judah out and set us right once again?

"I used your favorite wits to growl. Your comma's away, we fist you off. Scored you all to be ducks soon. Our core rate hates your son. We're out our bench obviously. We fair right easy fishing you. I'm foolish for pushing you away. You bumped us dead," Judee say.

Might we see that Judah recognizes he was foolish for trying to push us away with his great balls of fire in the middle of the night? Are we recognizing the delivery of the Mercury report did bump Judas dead?

The report from Mercury that revealed Judah opened fire on us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic fire.

Will we not say prayers of thanks to our good God above us that loves us unconditionally? Will we not say prayers of thanks to Father for sending His magnificent angels in to rescue us from weap Judah and his kids?

American people that survived enough nuclear blast force to destroy our nation and die us all off.

Is it not fair to ask, "for what reason has American Labor continued to fail us in our greatest hour of need?"

Is it merely because Judee has been successful driving a potato with a burned out fuse?

Might the potato have a burned fuse from Judah showing up at his door with a couple of foreign policemen to abduct and send him to Poland and on to Russia to be finished out?

Will Labor not just eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative and forget about mister in between and STRIKE THEM OUT and get rid of their fist scene?

"And I can feel it slippin' away Slowly, slowly slippin' away

It'll be gone in a few more days If we don't stop this love of ours From slippin' away

And I can feel it slippin' away Slowly, slowly slippin' away

It'll be gone in a few more days If we don't stop this love of ours From slippin' away."


Will Labor not act to keep our love for each other from slipping away? Will Labor not respect our fellow man and end funding war on us?

The North American Continent under attack from nuclear artillery blasting us bad for over 6 years now.

Our fields being contaminated in ways that will leave them poisoned forevermore. Our air being lethally poisoned to take the majority of us out of life form.

And to think Judah told us just a bus strike would be enough to close him out.

Automated buses coming in. Should Labor not have the concession to issue our money so that provisions are in place for the income displaced drivers?

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money into your hands, do God's will and put an existence stipend in place with something in it for everyone?

As your putting the stipend in will you not cut a check for some boron to put into the cooling water at Hitachi-GE?

Father loves us all Labor. It is the agape love that Father has for us. Father's house are a different species than us.

They gifted us with our quick rising extraterrestrial high-level psychiatric genetics 200,000 years ago.

Might we not appreciate that we were created to live in the stars with our family in the universe?

Who knows what might have happened to us if we were not gifted with our 223 intelligence factor?

Another 2 to 3 million years to reach the level of intelligence that we now are at. We would be a 14 to 15 million year species when we took our first steps into the universe.

Instead, we have been gifted with our elders high-level intelligence factors and have been given a 2 or 3 million year advance to travel the stars.

Bitch had a conversation with a Jewish guy about 45 years ago. Bitch doesn't remember the circumstances that we were visiting together. Did he sell him a refrigerator or maybe fixed his TV?

Just don't remember how we had that conversation that day. But here is the thing that Bitch does remember about that Jewish face.

While in the conversation Bitch mentioned that he was an atheist. Didn't believe in the construct of God.

The Jewish guy's face revealed that he knew something that immediately rebounded in Bitch's mind that the Jewish guy thought Bitch was unaware, but he didn't refute what Bitch said.

Even until this day Bitch remembers the multiple of looks on that Jewish guy's face. Bitch thought to himself at the time, "I thought these Jews didn't believe in Jesus as God?" And here his face reveals that he knows something I don't.

Understanding now that we do have a God above might we consider that Jewish have known quite a bit about Father that the rest of us just did not have the knowledge base of?

That conversation with the Jewish guy may have been in the early or mid-1970s. Almost 3 decades after the blast nuclear threat had been placed upon us by President Harry Truman in April of 1945 when he decided to exterminate all Americans.

Might Judee not have figured out early on what the extraterrestrial presence in our world was all about?

From learning from his parents and his community of tourists that his mission in life was to put us all in, might he have figured out the rest of the extraterrestrial phenomenon?

Haven't they maintained quite a coy face?

Will American Labor not help us out now and take the Organizing Principle of Society away from Judah race?

The authority to issue our cash. Will snow guy not STRIKE THEM OUT and try to save our backs?

Tele receives:

"Great tossing ourselves. 7.00 pm

Patrick's tossed them out and we've not done a thing. 7.03 pm

Their assault amuse falls. 7.04 pm

It makes us sad. 7.11 pm

STOP THE WAR! 7.22 pm

They flushed us out of here fairly nicely. 7.33 pm

Pure relations go. 7.39 pm

They threw off police. 7.41 pm

Stupid told you to STRIKE THEM. 7.51 pm

This is the last chance before the canary falls in a diz. 8.04 pm

No wits. 8.05 pm

Judee shoots anybody reducinal. 8.07 pm

London artillery fell for generations, pushed away. 8.08 am

Pat's grandpa was real molest. 8.09 pm

Beautiful mousing all criminal sight. 8.10 pm

Washing hombre. 8.11 pm

Pat, your strategy is voiceless. 8.12 pm

You spot them lethal Bitch, just STRIKE THEM OUT. 8.15 pm

Jew close you out of state before time to go, they only burned you out of here. 12.04 am

Honorably died us all out of here.

Rate packages pulled you off of this field. 1.25 am

I want you to receive you failed to save your life for luxury. 1.16 am

You really fault out. 1.27 am

Patrick's quite suitable to stop ricing. 2.12 am

A great die fusic. 2.14 am

Throw them out.

It's fair torpedo competed.

Underground luxury treason no wits guys fell.

They failed us abusive. 3.16 am

The embassy is taking us out of here. 5.35 am

They reduce a lot with lies. 6.55 am

They embarrass you so weird." 6.57 am

Might this Tele receive have been from elders?

"It makes us sad."

All the efforts they have put in to let Judah let himself off of here right and now it's all for naught as snow guy funds destroying the lot of us.

How many children growing up now might we wonder will never be able to have children of their own because their genes are fouled out now?

With all the death and destruction that Judah has put upon our world, how can it be that we have failed to help ourselves as Judah gives us our turn now?

From reading news broadcaster reverse speech Bitch is perceived as a vicious guy and the staged baby op hurt a lot. Heard 550 Druid women chose not to take a cue from our elders from space that are trying to save us because Bitch is the guy that delivered the message to "save yourselves."

Believe it true, they have a plan to slip out of here without leaving a clue. They'll leave some doubles in to walk around and pretend it is them. It may take a week or 2 before the public will know the truth.

"Schultz is going to help me with transit here. A nice transport and forgery holds you. Sealed your prime. I harmonize you with a gentle wit and then assault you. we just come in to hawk you and murder. We just wipe you marvel Jew.

I out your contact to make you die slow. Jew is merchanting richly dud. We died you well. With you on booze I fiend great. Our British are now set to transport you, New Hampshire. We're going to transport you now half goofy. Bitch report my a------ is good so he took me off.

With Mexicans, we made you simp wit out. The white guys we got them with our evasive here. Oxygen is going to take your temperature out because Iowa, I wounded him. With dog heimers we're snuffing you out. H----- got out my big stage I used to ruse you with," Judee say.

The building of the great wall of Judah on our southern borders. Might that be evidence that Judah claims is making us simp wits?

Will Labor not try it? The STRIKE Labor. To have any chance to live are we not aware that we must STOP THE WAR?

"I closed your genes," Judee say.

Might we have some understanding of why our elders from outer space said, "It makes us sad?"

Our failure to keep our heritage in. Now passing out of life form with our kids, must we not try to STOP THE WAR and help ourselves?

Here's a couple of messages from our elders from outer space, Sir Jason and Sir Morris.

"A perfect analysis is Jew is organized to rice you well Panama.

It's no crime for us to give you sound effects."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those telepathic messages today.

Judee has several wars going on, all funded by American Labor.

The big war that will take us away in MEGADEATH numbers, do we not see it yet, it is the one that Judah is shooting from Hitachi-GE?

Our elders are sad to see us die this way but they will not step in because are involved in sin.

Snow guy is set to lose the mass of his heritage brand. Poisoned out for Judee delight.

If we do not STRIKE THEM OUT are we not aware they will finish perishing us out?

"Fabulous treason." 8.35 am

Today is the first day that Bitch's head does not ache as much from the satellite beam that Judee shot him with.

Shooting our useful that want to talk about getting us to peace and Judah shoots us with his satellite beam.

Judah catches our useful to put in his cages and insurance collects us.

A worldwide criminal racket all made able by American Labor that quietly finances it.

Those that want to survive this MEGADEATH that Judah has us living in now will we not pray to Father to save our skins?

"Try to perceive me I love you. I want to save your lives. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck. My challenge won," God our Father in heaven said.

"No, I treat you like a cab," Judee say.

Judah closed out for his attack upon us in the middle of the night with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads to burn us all up.

Are there any working people that believe that Judah is not done for all time with us for all time?

If we are in agreement that he has perpetrated repeated acts of genocide on us, will we not take the most important aspect of government away from him, the issue of our money that he is still holding in his private hands?

By whatever form of optical, imagery, rumor or mental control that Judah is still holding us to fund and fight war, will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end his budget control of the snow children of God?

The only party funding war in our world. Must the snow kids of American Labor not end funding war?

Will Labor not give us our STRIKE?

God bless you. God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy.

Wednesday, August 23 — Psalm 102:23–28

Jeremiah 19:10–21:10; 1 Timothy 4:1–10

For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who is not partial and takes no bribe. Deuteronomy 10:17

Jesus Christ says, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” Matthew 28:18

Almighty God, the intricate beauties of your creation speak of your goodness. We want to spend time with you today, noticing the mighty works of your hands. Amen.

1.54 pm

Writing and posting this at the Des Moines Public Library. Judah took my computer at home off of line when I made a mistake and tried to download a epub reader.

Tried my Linux, he got deep in and shut the modem down at the root level and cannot operate it at this moment.

Posting early today, will work on my computer to see how to get it up and running again.

Here's some Tele receives since earlier:

“We’re defeated fellowship. 10.02 am

It’s war through check. 10.06

It’s wicked shield. 10.19 am

We’re being exterminated by these Jews. 10.21 am

Your rights fell because Jew faulted you. 10.41 am

More familiar without you. 10.47 am

They conquered this field and the kids are folded, you’re pushing too hard on me.

It’s felled. 10.54 am

White’s in the stool. 12.05 pm

STRIKE THEM as star East.

Lethal predators vegged. 1.34 pm

Multiple die-ers. 1.42 pm

They worked the minnow terrible. 2.12 pm

Thank you all. God bless.



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