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"Lethal Predators. They Work The Minnow Terrible." Those ar
Thu Aug 24, 2017 05:20

"Lethal Predators. They Work The Minnow Terrible."

Those are a couple of Tele receives. Might we understand how exactly right those Tele receives are?

This is being written early, the day before Bitch usually begins his post. His computer was taken down Wednesday, and he had to use the library computer to put his daily post up.

Bitch made the mistake of trying to load an epub book reader, and a Trojan got in the operating system and ripped some of the Windows operating system files up.

He can no longer access any files on his computer and so is putting this post up directly at Simple site Wednesday evening to store it until he can post it at APFN and Facebook.

He got the Linux side of his computer working, but it couldn't communicate with Grammarly to check what is written.

He has a partial operation of his windows 7 and has been able to get online again.

It is 5.13 pm Wednesday now. And he will begin again Thursday 3 am writing with the hope that Labor recognizes the seriousness of our loss of life form here and will organize and STRIKE THEM OUT!
2.39 am Wednesday.

A UFO Is Seen Buzzing The U.S. Capital In Fox News Video

August 23, 2017
Just posted this comment on Latest UFO Reports about a video showing a UFO flying over the capitol building in Washington DC:

After giving the right to issue our money away to the error cipher crowd in 1913 and allowing them to put America into eternal sports war destroying hundreds of millions of human Beings for excitement, thrills, and profits since then, might we consider that our extraterrestrial elders are "MARKING" the capitol building to clue us that we are in trouble now?

The extraterrestrial space craft fly over of the Capitol in 1952 after 911 was put into action by President Harry Truman green lighting the extermination of the American people with atomic bombs.

The final extermination of the right less people of America with nuclear brimstone waste weapons.

Might Congress's push to exterminate us be what our extraterrestrial elders are trying to communicate to us?

Have we ever once seen the US Congress shirk from funding us into a war of extinction?

Do the American people not get it yet? Are the people not aware we are on death's doorstep now?

2,000 years of being warned in our bibles of the last days and how they would get us with fire, smoke, and brimstone.

Hitachi-GE is now over six years of pouring brimstone onto our fields and into our air.

The mass die off, the third of the human race set to die out of life form now. Will the people not connect the dots and try to get a view to see that their tyranny government is going all out in its last attempt to bury us all?

Shortly they're fleeing to their well-prepared undergrounds to sit it our die while we sit on the surface breathing their brimstone waste disease in to perish us off.


Will Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from them?

Here's a link to the video 0.23 at

And there was a multiple of warheads burned off over England with a 1.56 video showing it.

Here's a link to the story and video:

Footage Shows A UFO Flashing Over The Skies Of A Remote Town In Britain

August 24, 2017
Here's the comment Bitch posted:

Patrick Sullivan

AUGUST 24, 2017 AT 10:09 AM
With vast quantities of fission enhanced atomic bombs available to the bankers plus tens of thousands of thermonuclear warheads on their missiles, might those fireworks over the heads of our family in England have been a few thermonuclear warheads that our extraterrestrial elders put into a controlled burn-off?

STRIKE THEM OUT Labor. Take the concession to issue our money away from them.
Are we not all in agreement that our nuclear war-fighting crowds are not fooling with us this time?

How about the night of June 11, 2011, when they attacked us with 1,000 intercontinental ballistic missiles equipped with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads with 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of blast and heat force? Might we surmise they were not playing with us that night either?

This is being written right on Simple site blog. Bitch's Windows 7 files are not working at this moment.

Happy to be able to get back on line again.

Changed a LAN switch in the configuration and the modem began working again.

Started writing a little after 2 am today.

It is now 3.47 am

How about the big lotto jackpot of $700 million dollars? Have you seen any of the news stories about it?

Bitch caught a reverse speech from one of the contestants.

TV news showed there was a big line, and people were purchasing their lotto tickets, and a fellow showed the tickets he and his lady companion had just bought.

With a gleeful smile on his face as of he had already won, Here's what he said in reverse speech :

"We're burners here."

Might we consider how the subconscious reports to us what is stirring at our roots?

Might the speaker have just accepted that there is no option, just accept that we're burners here and buy some lotto tickets and wish and hope for a better day?

Sir William Petty (1620-1687) recognized as the first political economist.

Might we recall that Sir William Petty started the field of political economics when he counted how much Cromwell stole in Ireland?

Might we consider that Sir William and Cromwell didn't miss the real thing, they relied on the sure route to wealth, steal it from somebody else with war?

Cromwell. Might we consider today that he was actually a shell Judah and not a real English guy? From his record of harshness might it not seem most likely.

Do we see how the hybrid transplant Replicon Fornian shell crowd have given a bad name to the mild people of the north?

Are the American people just not aware of how hazardous it is to us to allow the Fornians to continue to issue our money?

A new series of wars are beginning. And already Judah has the Soviets working our streets shooting us down.

"Our wits fail you right, that's why we need a dungeon," Judee say.

That their wits have failed us nuclear blast and waste. Is there into some way to convince Labor to help us here? Will Labor not put your right wits in and help us to get on balance again?

Judah's internal sports policy of mousing as a way to collect on debt, credit cards and the like. Mortgages, refinance. Consumer loans.

A fellow was shot to death locally, and in a news report about it, in reverse speech Bitch found this:

"This was finance from Dallas."

Might we understand Labor that open shootings in our streets have to be cleared with the local elephant warriors?

The fellow that was shot to death the other day after being lured to the courthouse in Chicago.

After Bitch posted asking to hear more about it, he heard two Tele receives that indicated that the man was shot to death to collect on debt, credit cards and former employer insurance.

Are we aware we may leave a job, but years later employer insurance stays right on us?

"We're still scoring greasal debt, " Judee say.

Will Labor not help us to a better day?

Robots moving in to displace workers income sources as Judah lays off more people, might we see it gives him more opportunities to score even more greasal debts and employer insurance on our heads?

Will Labor not give us our STRIKE and end all of the child ness out on streets and in the suites?

Tele receives:

"You work effectively with a team. 2.12 pm

Professor voided Jewish genius life. 2.28 am

Jew tempers. 2.43 pm

Patrick, you speared us anger City. 2.45 pm

Facts excuse. 2.47 pm

They're scoring us. 3.13 pm

The scientist got their psyche out of here. 4.42 pm

You're definitely dying with false wit. You're canceled.

Cheer made a right fell. 5.40 pm

You have a total fail here. 5.58 pm

Judah take you out of here forcive with real ricals, help yourself, STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.13 pm

They're merching you awfully Jewishly. 6.15 pm

Roll them out for outrageous. 6.23 pm

It's stupid to poison us. 6.26 pm

They're putting a poor household on you. 6.28 pm

The bare kids lose. 6.47 pm

They killed you rightfully. 6.51 pm

All sheared off. 6.56 pm

I see the hostile nuke.

Warn yourself.

Judas closed you, offender.

You're rising up your synergy, toss them out. 7.03 pm

Because of Jacobs them, you can be searched. 7.06 pm

Sangamon died this zero molest man. 7.08 pm

They're dying us fair, free wholesale, pull them out. 7.09 pm

White people don't care about others. 7.11 pm

White people, only themselves. 7.12 pm

Right bail has been aborted. 7.16 pm

The wise ghost, they're dissembling. 7.20 pm

Sportland abortialist. 7.22 pm

They cut you all shell. 7.24 pm

It looks like you're respectable. 7.26 pm

Bulkheads. 12.02 am

You've given us an error that's halted my sale. 12.09 am

Error state bugged you odd. 12.11 am

Heretic falsed you out obviously dead. 12.12

A casual thief opped your field bad.

Through a war a rape was sold.

What you're refusing is perishing you out.

Core-a-tech just bores you out. 12.29 am

Bribe stones. 12.30 am

Punish your gills. 12.31 am

Stupid breeze us idiot way.

Financial way is all errors. 12.32 am

Fiction stole you, that is harm. 12.33 am

It's obviously mutual wake here. 12.34 am

Assaulted this field sacrilizing. 12.36 am

Sad holds you battery.

Your fist obviously out's yourselves. 12.45 am

It's a racial fried. 12.49 am

Sold you police that left you wounded. 12.54 am

Cheer, pray fall image. 1.01 am

It's fair, curiosity crumbs checks. 1.03 am

Pull yourself off a selfish life, flush you out, your cipher failed.

A lot of fish died. 1.08 am

Bitch explained it, strange you're abducted and a lot of children degenerate.

You failed fist liberty.

Fetch meisters, how a chill raped us.

They hurt when police failed us.

Thank you very much.

They stranded us nicely; mice are fielded.

Recognize you failed us superly.

Psyche freedom threw you out of the fold.

They demented us falsely.

You're sunk and failed, your life is ill.

Pat is a nice series procedure.

They burnish your life in sin.

Miracle wager is deceitful.

Their angle well killed you errantly. Your line cease to exist.

It's a golden field.

Bad fire false you obviously

I appreciate your veteran peak.

Jail vice is HUGE.

Misfit spite you financial.

Oliver general's.

Serving them well ravaged. 2.03 am

Cash built your roll. 2.14 am

You tolerate lies foolishly. 4.11 am

Pull them off please, seek counsel. 4.51

Terrible right fall. 5.00 am

Thank you for facing this life without fear. 5.19 am

Sheenies murdered the whole country. 5.47 am

Through fire, you've destroyed yourselves, destroyed yourself. 5.55 am

Fatal to the goose. 6.03 am

Bitch won it against your natural Jewish life. 6.22 am

They just opp a percent on ya. 6.25 am

We're almost dead.

They're dying young people awfully healthy. 6.51 am

They're dying dumb people off. 6.55 am

It's still carriaging cash. 6.56 am

They're cycling awesome. " 7.03 am
A massive die they have sealed in on us now. Can we not pray for our miracle that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and take the bourse away from them?

"I believe I've got your destiny coming. A free child helps us sport you out. We got you in bombs. Our show refused here. We pitch the little guy with garbage. Cinch. Failed your revolution. We ever fold your nice guys," Judee say.

A big die we are in now. Are some not aware of how seriously we are being died out of life form now?

Do some think this is false? Chicken Little and the sky is falling?

The 2,000 years warnings of the end times of how we would be swept away with fire, smoke, and brimstone waste.

With brimstone coming out our mouths now do we think our little children will be able to survive us now?

The vast death toll that American Labor funds every day.

Our good God is watching it. His select he may choose to pull away from it.

That we have failed to listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God Almighty. Might we not be in for some real suffering and death now?

"I won't save your lives because 2+4=4," Father said.

The vast wealth and abundance we have. Will Labor not put it to better use than continuing funding sports war for Judah's excitement and thrills?

"We cored you real nice, you're wiped out now. We irritate the Drachma because we've got some sports there too. My rate failed you. I insured you bald, and my analysis was pretty dumb. You loss effect has taken out my bench fail, and let me die you.

My sole belief is insurance is the right way to take you out of here. The British will proceed HUGE against you. A brutal attack is how I hold you down. I just have a dog to give you a boot fail because I know your mind.

We just muscle you right to table. They busted my Jew win out; I'm an arrow shot now. With Gerry, we gave you some performance with foot. My psycho goes for my march. I dust for IBM. It's fatal ruse course I've put you in for free.

I'm completely in Popi 's league. You keep funding multiple assignments and so Jew just falses. My pizza foul fail. I'm ready to set you in my jealous frame now. Bitch shot me dead because I make war.

I execute with bourse. Because the Druid is stupid, we economize. We bamboozle you with a missile real good. Turkey's taken away my psyche rule now because I tumbled.

Ever for Pittsburgh Jew late. Jew outlaw raced you out. We lump you right to establish your rights. Jew way is always to foul you municipal. Jew said hikeimer fist you.

The boomerang is mutton. We just use you false wit. We're going to get you and slip out. Alice Cooper defaced you right. I'm just nuts coring you out. Our big session went by so I'll just keep coring you dead.

They slip me out for my apple fiend. The Capitol lets me false you. Alston's purpose was a lays rape. I just tight fist you a mess. I advertise your excellency is neurotic.

I'm chosen to keep you stupid. Your side was my right force opp. Bitch, he makes me mad, he took me off of here. My lighthouse do reach. I terrorized you," Judee say.

"You always let me take your rights way from you," Judee say.

How is that that the Druid does not make an issue out of not having any rights?

The most important thing we have, our sacred God given human rights.

So important that our good God does not want us to leave home with out them.

And of all the people to let take our rights away, the weap Judah known for his cruelty and blight. His genocide of the hostages he holds.

Will Labor not let them off right?

"It's arranged forking us. 8.00 am

Call a STRIKE and get the paper away from them. 8.06 am

Get a RISING! 8.43 am

You have them, you've truly fallen them." 9.52 am
Any doubters that Bitch on Mercury has not fallen the weap Jews out of here right?

As to Patrick spearing you's "Anger City," did Father not explain ask, "what happened here?"

"Too long at the front." Was how one Tele sender described Bitch's fault.

Might it be that 1,300 years of Judah Fornian shell witch prickers has gotten into our genetics somehow?

Might Labor not try a little kindness, show a little kindness and shine your light on every one to see?

If so might Labor not then overlook the blindness

Of narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets?

The kind world that Father wants for all of his children on earth. Will Labor not give it to us? Must Labor not close the war maker cipher out?

"I'm completely in Popi 's league.," Judee say.


That Judah has been opposing Father since before Father Baldec gave Moses the rule

    WHAT THEY’VE PLANNED WILL MAKE YOU SICK ========== What you are about to see and hear will make you sick. The time for sitting on the side lines is over as we all need to now get involved either... more
    • "Lethal Predators. They Work The Minnow Terrible." Those ar — Patrick Sullivan, Thu Aug 24 05:20
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