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This new post from ZOHO. Bitchie's Windows 7 is now officia
Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:24

This new post is from ZOHO. Bitchie's Windows 7 is now officially out of operation.

As mentioned in a previous post, Bitchie was up at smashwords working on his book "Free Energy Here Now and Then, Velocity Power Sources," when he made the terrible mistake of trying to download an epub book reader to see if he could understand why his book did not meet the technical specifications for epub.

A Trojan got in and wiped Bitchie's Windows 7 operating system out.

Bitchie bought the computer 2 years. It was 4 and a half years of age. It was manufactured in March of 2011.

Luckily, Bitchie bought a couple of Ubuntu Linux operating system disks and loaded them into the Dell Latitude E6410.

Used my Motorola phone to look up how to get the WiFi working and Jumped on the net.

As he was reading how to get the Wifi working, the first thing was to turn the switch on the side of the computer.

In the rush of trying to get Windows 7 to reset the system, he forgot he turned off the modem.

From the first day when Bitch received this Dell latitude the Windows 7 did not recognize the Windows version as genuine, even though it was purchased from a Microsoft certified reseller.

Wal Mart online. The price was good, only $122 dollars and 8 dollars tax.

The unit Bitch ordered was an older machine, slower speed, less storage capacity and they sent a newer and more equipped computer.

Bitch ordered a laptop Dell with 166 GB of storage and 2.0- Ghz speed.

Wally sent a 250 GB storage with 2.67 Ghz speed.

Of course it didn't work right from day one, someone had sent it back and so that is how Bitch received it. The price was real right though for such a powerful machine.

Bitch pulled the heat sink out and saw that the heat sink grease was all dried up.

Went to Radio Shack and picked up a $14 dollar tube of silver based heat sink compound and greased the processors up.

Sure enough, that solved it. The system loaded and ran good for some time, until it over heated again.

Bitch redid the silver based heat compound and purchased a fan for underneath the computer.

It helped quite a bit, but still had some overheat issue.

Checking the log in the configuration file indicated it had a high temperature 6 times and shut down twice from overheat.

Bitch was aware of the two times it shut down, but not aware until looking into the log that it had run high over heat temperatures 6 times.

He purchased a vacuum fan that hooks onto the side of the computer where the internal laptop fan exhausts.

It has a temperature reading on it. Now going to any web site he can see the different temperatures that are happening inside the computer.

This vacuum fan works quite good, checking if the temperature is up for a time, can just shut the computer off and let it cool for a while.

Since adding the vacuum fan, almost a year ago, not one overheat recorded in the log.

The vacuum fans run from $5 dollars up to about $30 dollars and beyond.

The one Bitch bought is about $18 dollars plus shipping. Bitch needed it right away to keep posting and so he paid $18 dollars to ship it over night. Fantastic, they delivered it 4 pm the next day.

Something Bitch noticed just in the last couple of weeks, why does this computer overheat sometimes?

When this laptop gets hot, the internal fan stops running. Just when it is needed most.

The temperature sensor is good, can tell that by when the computer is turned off, when it is hot the fan stays on for a long time (30 seconds) after it is shut down to reduce the high temperatures indicating the temperature sender is OK. Regular temps the fan shuts off in about 8 seconds.

Bitch was guessing it had a weak fan capacitor that dropped out when it got hot.

Then just a few weeks ago, the temp was up as he looked at the temperature readout on the vacuum fan.

The computer was not working hard, just some easy off line task, and so he tipped the computer back to see if the internal fan was running.

He operates the computer with the bottom cover off to help cooling effect and to more easily check the fan.

He held the vacuum fan in place as he tipped the front of the computer up.

Nearly instantly the vacuum fan showed a large temperature drop. 7 degrees centigrade from 45 to 38.

Then he felt the desk top and could feel that it was heated up a bit where the copper heat sink bar is located.

Might we surmise the copper bar that is used to transmit the processor heat to the internal fan radiates heat into the desk top where it builds up over time as to why the machine runs hot often?

Might we guess the capacitor is fine, until it gets out of it's temperature range and shuts the fan down?

Bitch took the underneath fan, that he wasn't using any longer, and now has the computer sitting on it to give it more room for ventilation.

He has noticed the fan temperature that shows on the vacuum fan has not reached as high as it did before. About one degree centigrade difference.

The highest temperature it has reached in a couple of weeks is 44 degrees centigrade. Where before sitting right on the desk top without the extra clearance it would reach 45 degrees C.

Might that be how such a good quality computer made its way into the bargain bin?

Had some overheat events and it dried up the heat sink compound exacerbating the over heat issue?

Maybe the previous owner had it for four and a half years and traded it in for a new model because it was overheating?

And why is Bitch reporting this now?

He wanted to write something to see if he can post this to APFN so that he will be ready Saturday at 3 am to continue to ask Labor to help us.

He just signed on to this site ZOHO.

Bitch is unable to connect with his Grammerly account, because the browser is not compatible, and he needed something to edit on.

Bitch's machine is a 32 bit, and Grammarly only had a 64 bit compatibility with Mozilla browser.

So will try to put this on APFN now.

The next post, God willing, will be using Linux Ubuntu.

Thank you, God bless.

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