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“Get Off Of That Racket Juice, They're Stealing Everything O
Fri Aug 25, 2017 08:03

“Get Off Of That Racket Juice, They're Stealing Everything Out Of Here.”

That is an over night Tele receive. Are we not yet aware that with their racket they are stealing us all out of life form now?

“Sir, your rising didn't reach us.”

Bitch heard last night when he was in West Des Moines passing a group of workers that were standing outside taking a break.

Might that be due to Bitch's irritate and abrasive that chased away the people that could help us reach all of the workers?

Those that love God, even if Bitch's RISING did not reach them, might they understand they may be saved by God our Father?

Judee claims in reverse speech that he is in Father's league. That Judah has known significantly more about our good God above than many of us and of his free will chose to oppose the love of God for us, is he really in Father's league?

That Judee knew that Father forbade the killing of His children and in the face of Father's love for us disobeyed Father's loving rules for His village on earth and shot us good.

Bitch naturally came to accept Father's rules even though he did not believe that Father existed until recently. His natural told him hurting others was not to be done.

“A mythological construct” are the words that Father used to describe what Bitch considered the concept of God to be.

Bitch did not accept this thing called “capital punishment,” based on his natural sense it is not right and also the ordinary rules of our society, reason and common sense.

Once an offender is subdued and no longer a threat, at that point appealing to our ordinary legal rules, do we not accept that force on an offender must be cease?

If that is so, and is most everybody not in agreement about that? Then how could some one who is not a threat be taken from a cell and have a needle pushed into their arm to take their life away?

Might we consider that when we allow that to happen we are establishing a precedent that allows the corporation, in this case a state corporation, a right that we do not have for our own?

If our home was invaded and the homeowner successfully subdued the offender, and after disabling the invader, then went ahead and continued to pound on the offender might a grand jury not find “probable cause” that the force was unreasonable and constituted a crime?

Though might we not want to think about the Tele receive from the other day that said, “Facts excuse?”

That is if 23 ordinary people heard the facts, might the facts not excuse some one who went beyond what the law allows?

Might a grand jury consider that some one who went outside the bounds of our law and continued to pound on a now disabled offender may have been temporarily insane when they did it?

Sure, a grand jury could excuse based on facts.

“Facts excuse.”

That Tele receive came from a Lady that was walking along. Might we consider that is a good legal thought?

In our American law are we aware that it is the grand jury, and the jury that are the designated authorities that are to determine issues based on the facts?

Yes it is our juries that are to hear the facts that make the call on if there is or is not “probable cause” and guilty or innocent.

Have we noticed how Judah likes to try his cases in the news media so that when it is time to go to trial he gets most people to accept a plea bargain knowing if they fail in court they get a longer term?

Might we understand why Judah does not want us to have our rights in?

That is if “facts excuse,” might he not want a jury to hear all the facts?

The question of killing and what is “reasonable?”

The simple “Thou shalt not kill,” that Father Baldec gave to Moses 3,500 years ago to inform Judah about the rules in Father's village.

That many individual state corporations violate that rule, “thou shalt not kill,' what are we to think of that?

That an individual was assaulted and then in defense disabled the offender. In our society rules would we not agree that at that point, the defensive counter force must end?

Certainly. Those are the reasonable ordinary rules we have made for ourselves.

So if the state holds a prisoner for ten, twenty and even thirty years, and then marches the prisoner off to an execution chamber, might some find that unreasonable?

While it might seem that way to some, what are we to consider that some surveys indicate that two out of three mild people of the north living in America agree with this thing called capital punishment?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let us re-sight ourselves in peace, reason and common sense?

“Battery critical, 5% remaining.” Just lit up on Bitch's Linux Ubuntu screen.

After posting last night at APFN about the over heat situation of this computer. Did that post because Bitch wanted to see if Linux could serve to deliver the daily post with Windows 7 not in operation.

When shutting down the computer Linux Ubuntu screen offered options.

Restart. Shutdown or suspend.

Bitch figured “suspend” might be similar to “sleep” in Windows and so clicked on it.

When he went to start his computer today the screen remained blank and the on-off button did not help.

So he pulled the power plug out , and then pulled the battery out to shut it off and then restart it again.

After the computer came on and writing for about an hour and fifteen minutes, at 4.39 am it showed on the screen, “Battery critical, 5% remaining.”

So he plugged the power cord in and continued writing.

The question of life and death. That we have allowed the state corporation to do things that some do not find reasonable such as capital punishment.

When we think of the state corporation, might we think of Judah management that is doing it? Might capital punishment merely be more Judah sport?

Executing a guy after holding him for ten, twenty and even over thirty years. Might we question why Judah does such things as that?


God Almighty in heaven said. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and lend a hand?

“Sir, your rising didn't reach us.”

Set now to die the majority of Americans off with fire, smoke and brimstone.

Such an extremely wealthy highly educated people to let this happen to us.

“What happened here,” Father asked when Bitch had his blooper nearly five and a half years ago.

That Judah holds defenseless prisoners for many decades and then executes them. Might cunning Judah do that to shock our senses?

The disgust of what Judah does. Might he do that so that we fail to see the light here? Terrorize us a bit too?

Might it all be part of Judah conditioning of the unconscious that lets him hold us so well even while he is flagrantly and openly destroying us now?

Thirty five hundred years after he received the word from God our Father, “thou shalt not kill.” Still out on the street shooting his “greasal,” that he calls us to collect on his investments.

Are we aware it is debt and employer insurance collections that Judah invests in?

Does such a system bring to mind placing a bounty on wolves in the wild? Just bring the head in for a bounty.

A worldwide extortion murder racket as government. The man of yesterday that is going no further with us. Will American Labor not help us to close them out right?

Are we sensing that Papa wants some new management rules and personnel here in His village on earth? Is Labor perceiving Father wants Labor to step in and go on take the money and run it?

That Judah chose of his own free will to not listen to Father's command to “Love one another.”

And even more flagrant as an offender Judah chose to shoot God's children up for excitement and thrills.

Will Labor not help us and put our grand juries in?

The technology available to us to easily feed and house and clothe everyone, young and old and in between years. And here we let Judah hold us in to terminal war of brimstone disease. While sterilizing us and our kids.

“I won't save your lives because 2+2=4,” God said.

Is there not some understanding that none of us are getting out of here alive?

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust will Labor not step in and stop Judah rust of us?

“Like taking candy from a baby,” the former chair of the Fed said in RS concerning how easy it has been for their cannibal complex to get over on the mild peoples we are.

Bitchie studying the many ways that Judah puts people to death. Are we aware the key item Judah needs is the free money he gets from American Labor to pay the bribes to allow him to get away with murder?

Will Labor not end their threat?

Is it not clear to those that have taken the time to look that Judah has taken a big fall down?

“They're no friends of mine. I died them truthful,” Papa said.

They get to keep their tissue is Father's rules though their crazy head is out of here soon.

“They went the wrong way and got good at it,” budget Judee said.

Has Labor not selected the day that you are going to STRIKE THEM OUT NOW?

Might we not try to perceive the wondrous gift Father has given to all of His kids on earth?

No more kings or queens deciding how to spend Labor's money.

No more Congresses issuing our money, the authority of which they gave away in 1913 to facilitate Judah fiend of us.

No more banker bombers and their wet dreams of killing all of God's children on earth.

Will Labor not step forward, do the will of our good God and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah please?

The guy that has used the power of the purse made good by our American Labor force to put so many of us into privation induced aggression.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end their session with us?

The peace that Judah management has refused our world. Will Labor not now properly step them out of here right?

The guy that is glad he set us back. Will Labor not end funding his stack?

“You abolish me hopeless, Judee say.

Are there any doubters that he won't come back?

The mother of all genocides now underway in the air of America. Will Labor not awake and give us a RISING?

Could it really be as bad is Bitch is telling everyone?

Could hundreds of millions of Americans perish now just from one dirty bomb Jewish electricity plant on the other side of the world?

Might we look at the question from another vantage point, would God Almighty have sent His angels in if it wasn't this bad?

Father having His angels, our big brothers and sisters, crash land one of their space craft at Roswell in 1947 to “Demonstrate the magnitude of the deception.”

The space craft with the fine layers of copper and silver on the underside. The same copper silver interface that Dr. Moray used as his quantum accelerator in his free energy radiant device.

One of the gifts that Father has sent to us with His love. The free energy to light and warm our houses day and night.

Just one of the many gifts that Father has for His children on earth.

The gifts of free energy and peace and an economy that sustains all of His children in abundance.

Will Labor in God's love not reach out and try to help us please?

Will Labor not try to cut Bitch some slack and realize he is merely a simple working man that has focused his efforts on getting war out?

“A simple working man,” is how Father described him. Not the best, not the worst, just a guy that knows war is bad.

“You're a nice boy,” Father said of His Bitch.

6.22 am

Bitch was thinking of how this time in Chicago on a Saturday fifty five years ago he would be with a friend getting some rolls and coffee and heading to the docks to do janitor work cleaning the offices.

And with the cash he earned from cleaning the offices he would walk with his girlfriend to a movie show on Saturday night.

55 years ago and can see it clear as today. My friend pulling up at the corner with his ford station wagon to take us to work every Saturday.

All that time seems to have passed so quickly.

What's that saying, “Time flies when you're having fun?”

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let Judee fun time fly passed?

The guy that thinks he is in God's league and so he decided to exterminate God's kids.

Will we not say prayers of thanks to God Almighty for giving us a second chance?

Will we not say prayers to Father to give us the courage and wisdom to set ourselves right once again?

Judah and his noodle chef. Will Labor not shut their laboratory and factory down?

Will Labor not bring the love of God in?

If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Friday, August 25 — Psalm 103:6–18
Jeremiah 23:1–32; 1 Timothy 5:9–16

Jesse said to David, “Look into the welfare of your brothers.” 1 Samuel 17:18 (NASB)

Paul wrote: As for Titus, he is my partner and co-worker in your service; as for our brothers, they are messengers of the churches, the glory of Christ. Therefore openly before the churches, show them the proof of your love and of our reason for boasting about you. 2 Corinthians 8:23–24

God who art perfect love, you created us in your image, and so we live in community with one another. Strengthen us to care for family, neighbor, stranger and friend. Amen.

6.41 am
Bitch just realized after looking at the daily Moravian text that today is Friday, not Saturday as he first guessed. Ain't it funny how time slips away? Fourteen years old yesterday, sixty nine today. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end their die among us?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR, get this boom boom out and give us some time in peace? Thank you again.

8.24 am

Tele receives:

“They seed us with a horrible jester raid. 10.02 am

You're an ass. 10.36 am

It's rather vicious.” 10.45 am

Those Tele receives shortly after posting at the test page and early Facebook. So went through post and pulled the things that caused those comments. Thank you for reading it and commenting so that Bitch can fix it up.

“Get them off the streets, die fist. 11.18 am

To buy war is a failure. 11.54 am

Just get them off robot. 1.06 pm

It's ready to fall. 2.16 pm

You're in a great fail. 2.39 pm

Molesters go with diesel. 2.39 pm

Their philosophy failed.

You're right for sad. 2.45 pm

Pitch over these guys. 2.46 pm

Judah failed your assignment.

You're passing into irrelevance. 2.53 pm

You removed a powerful threat that won't come back again. 2.58 pm

Good luck. 3.05 pm

Our job is to get those people off of here. 3.20 pm

Oh my God the atmosphere is deadly. 3.24 pm

We're all 100% wasted. 3.28 pm

God has flushed Jewish and we're still helping them. 3.30 pm

He fault us sway. 3.40 pm

It's a beautiful psyche-us that's mushing us for free.

You failed for abrasive. 4.16 pm

Wall merch. 4.41 pm

It's a brair. 4.43 pm

I still love you. 4.45 pm

The guys fish here badly. 4.53 pm

They screw vets error. 4.56 pm

We're being pulled off air HUGE. 4.59 pm

Sporty age. 5.02 pm

Their urge is done great. 5.16 pm

Genocide super failed. 5.17 pm

He loves all right fish. 5.22 pm

Your efforts grate fall and die. 5.29 pm

Because of Mercury it's over and done. 5.30 pm

Fell cashed. 5.31 pm

Look at me, Jew awesome failed. 5.32 pm
(That was a fifty-ish looking fellow driving an imported twenty five year old tiny economy car that was showing blue smoke out of the tail pipe when he saw Bitch.)

You let the babies mess you. 5.39 pm

When you give your love to collies its a fair mush here. 5.34 pm

Conquest folds. 5.48 pm

They want to zoom us. 7.37 pm

Beautiful they thieved us. 7.48 pm

Sir, your rising didn't reach us. 7.54 pm

Bless you. 7.52 pm

What you need is to push them back. 8.42 pm

Toss them out of this place. 8.54 pm

Continues at:

They'll be peace now. 9.06 pm

A mindless thief. 9.10 pm

Their author is muscling.

Get off of that racket juice, they

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