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“We Finish You Lethal While Venus Hikes Us,” Judee say. Ve
Sat Aug 26, 2017 09:33

“We Finish You Lethal While Venus Hikes Us,” Judee say.

Venus serving with other members of our extraterrestrial family let Judas show us what he thinks of us, and let Judah hike himself out for attempted extinction of Americans.

While simultaneously Judah finishes us out lethal with hot radioactive brimstone coming out of our mouths.

Will American Labor not join with Venus, STRIKE THEM OUT and complete hiking Judah out right?

Here's a couple of telepathic voice mailbox messages from our Galactican technical representative to us, Sir Jason and our Qwill friend Sir Morris:

“It's a cannibal feature on your flexible, throwing you with war to fool your wage earners.

Batch your right forces here, close their abusive away, massive fail you are dying.”

Thank you Sir Jason and Sir Morris for those messages today.

“Throwing you with war to fool your wage earners.”

Is that not reminiscent of Karl Liebknecht explaining to us that war's true function is to subordinate us to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class?

From those thoughts might we surmise that war is aimed to subordinate Labor most of all?

Our family from the universe that has stepped in to prevent Judah from extincting us.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father who loved us so much that He sent His angels to step in and spare us from Judah's great balls of fire?

Planet of the apes turned into high level thinkers with the addition of our 223 psychiatric factor 200,000 years ago.

Will Labor not recognize who we really are, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

2% of human Beings that join together to play sport on the other 98% of us.

Not content to live lives that have all they need to live right, they seek out others to diminish, harm and perpetrate genocide against.

Will American Labor not act right as God Almighty has treated us right? If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and close weap Judah out of God's village on earth?

Father has 1,300 villages all located in our galaxy. Half are 223 Beings not unlike ourselves. The other half are a variety of other high level species.

Our 223 high level intelligence package came from the originators of the Galactic Federation of light 9 million years ago.

The original creators of the Federation, already have passed out of existence.

The second edition of Galacticans retired and no longer on the bridge of state.

The third edition of Galacticans now on the bridge. The kind Beings that created us.

Might we recognize that our descendants may be the fourth edition to guide from the bridge of the Federation?

The Galactic Federation of light living in peace now for 9 million years. Why can't we live in peace too?

Might we see the strategy now of the Proper Behavior Committee of the Federation as to how they let Judah throw himself out of here right?

That Judah went ahead with eyes open with his shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 with 64,000 Hiroshima atomic blast force against the United States of America, did Judah not toss himself right?

Is it not clear that once Judah loses the concession to issue our money we never again will see him issuing our money?

The “Organizing Principle of Society” our extraterrestrial family informs us is what the concession to issue our money is.

Will Labor not take it away from weap Judah and put our safety in before we are totally washed out of life form from brimstone coming out of our mouths?

Judah claiming he is in Father's league. Are we understanding that Judah is exactly opposite to Father in every way?

Judah traveling around earth breeding look alike Fornian Replicon hybrid transplant shells to be sleepers in all societies awaiting the moment when the foreign troops arrive to come alive and slay their neighbors.

Might we contrast that with our high level gifters that gave us the same high level intelligence genetic factors that they themselves were gifted with 3 million years ago?

Do we notice the real contrast is that we were all created to live in peace and love with each other whereas Judah creates Fornian Replicon shells to harm us?

The 20% of our galaxy that has been explored by the Federation is living in peace.

War making life forms are not allowed to operate off the planet in this area of our Galaxy.

Might we understand why Father is dying Judah cipher off right?

“They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death,” Father said to His Bitch in 2009 while Bitch was looking at the F-16s sitting on the tarmac at Des Moines international airport.

The planes that Judah uses to perpetrate his sins against our brothers and sisters on earth.

God has had mercy on us sinners. Will Labor not have mercy on us too, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Their slaughter is focused on wage earners that they can claim the employer insurance on. Will wage earners not get their sport insurance packages off of us?

Will wage earners not let them off nice and end their rice?

The fellows that are going no further with us. Weap Judah and his band of wreckers.

Will Labor not let them off right?

“Papa's made a side bet that won't fail once the hostages know you're putting them in.”

Are we not aware that they have plans to slip out and leave us here in sickness and ruin?

Electricity that we find so useful. Might we consider it is the central element of our high technical modern society?

Used to light, cool and heat our homes. Cook our food and now drive our cars and our buses.

A diesel engine that drives a generator that powers the electric motors of our locomotives.

Was that Judah not cunning and sly indeed to see an opening using our need for electricity to quietly install his nuclear artillery that will cancer all of us out of life?

Mathematically uncovering the theoretical basis for free energy in 2004, shortly after Dr. Eugene Mallove (1947-2004) was slain.

Bitch published his findings in 2007 explaining the Four Elements of free energy.

Three elements of free energy were already known. The Fourth element, relativistic time shift explaining how the other three Elements of free energy come together.

In 2009 he put “Free Energy Here Now and then, Velocity Power Sources” on the net at Kindle.

Reworked it in 2012. And again in 2016. And just recently went through it again using Grammarly to fix it up some more.

The most recent version, August 2017 have not put up yet. Bitch's computer went down from an attack.

While looking on the net he happened to find at You Tube that his book is free as an audio book, if you sign up for their audio book club.

It's one of those links that you give your credit card to to join their audio book club.

Bitch had no knowledge of this.

A computer generated voice is speaking the words that Bitch wrote.

Clicked on the link at You Tube and found this screen:

Here is another page on You Tube that was put up over a year ago using the name of Bitch's book, “Free energy Here Now and Then, Velocity Power Sources,” and then showing a different book:

With a link to read it for free.

The other link at led to a site that instead of leading to the book, led to more advertisement.

When using Windows 7 Bitch used pic pic to snap pictures on the page.

Haven't figured out yet how to load pic pic into Linux yet, so snapped pictures of the whole page. 'Alt-print screen' pressed down together at the same time is the command in Linux to take a whole page picture.

The picture with the circuit that Peter Lindemann drew Bitch used when he first posted Free energy Here Now and Then, Velocity Power Sources in 2009.

He changed the book cover in 2016. For some reason or other, the original book cover remained on Kindle and was copied by U Fernanda and Coy Barfield that they put into their You Tube presentation.

Bitch was thinking of doing the book as an audio book. Is it not something, Judee already turned it into and audio book and is selling it for free if you sign up with your credit card?

Though instead of the book as it is, Bitch was thinking of how the old radio productions were done.

Have speakers that sound like a young professor Rowland (1848-1901) meeting with Henry Paine in his Newark, New Jersey laboratory to see a demonstration of his free energy table saw in 1878.

And after leaving Henry Paine's laboratory professor Rowland riding the train back to his home and talking with an interested passenger on the train about what he just saw. Won't that be a fun conversation?

And a chapter with professor Rowland's student Henry Bumstead (1870-1920) spending the night with Cal tech founder Robert Millikan discussing the theoretical basis of free energy.

The last words that Henry Bumstead spoke shortly after eating dinner aboard a train out of Chicago heading to his home, the day after he left Robert Millikan's home.

“I'm feeling quite tired and am going to bed now,” Henry said to the scientists that were aboard the train with him

Next chapter the shocked voices of Henry's scientist friends that learned he died in the night where he was found in his berth.

Then a chapter with Dr. Henry Moray as he dodged the bullets that hit his car.

In that chapter the excitement of a demonstration of his free energy machine for all the world to see.

While dozens of lights are lit on free energy and and iron is running hot on free energy, a reporter steps up to ask Dr. Moray that critical question, “Where is the energy coming from that is powering your machine?”

The famous words that Dr Moray spoke, “I don't know, but I think it has something to with the size of the particles.”

For the audio book version of the old time radio show how about we have the reporter who noted the copper and silver bars inside of Dr. Moray's machine ask him what those are for?

Might we have to novelize of Henry reporting how an angel came to him in his sleep and informed him copper and silver was what he needed to build industrial strength free energy powered machines?

The copper silver interface that was on the bottom of the engine less Federation space craft that crashed at Roswell in 1947.

How in the world did Henry get that right over twenty years before in 1926?

Another chapter with Nikola Tesla experimenting with Nathan Stubblefield in Kentucky.

Nathan teaching Nikola how to light a light bulb with earth power. The discovery of cold electricity linked to Tesla in 1899.

The clatter of friends and neighbors busting in the door to Nathan's little house in 1928 when they had not seen him for a long time.

Finding Nathan's body laying in his bed, passed away from starvation while his house was heated with mirror metal plates hooked to the earth.

At Nathan's funeral a pastor reads the words that Nathan himself had spoken years before. “I'm just a man 30 years ahead of my time.”

Though might we have to novelize a bit here and change that to, “I'm just a man one hundred and thirty years ahead of my time?

The chapter with Lester Hendershot (1899-1961) demonstrating to Lucky Lindberg his free energy motor in 1928.

Won't it be fun to hear Lindberg speaking asking Lester how his motor is powered and Lester explaining he winds his coils so they catch the invisible winds that blow due to earths one thousand miles per hour rotation on it's axis?

And then Lester's suicide. Just after he received a nice check for showing in a laboratory setting how he winds his coils to develop free energy.

Just after receiving a nice check. Does that not seem like an odd time to commit suicide? Doesn't it seem like Lester would have wanted to spend it first? Might we have to novelize that?

The lack of respect and honor to Dignity that Bitch did, will Labor not try to recover from that and forgive the Bitch? Will Labor not have mercy and STRIKE THEM OUT before we are perished out?

Now back to our show presented in old time radio format.

HHO builder Bob Boyce who fell asleep in his laboratory and the perpetrator that shot a radioactive NSA chip into his arm giving him cancer.

And a visit to his doctors office where he convinced Bob to keep taking a drug that caused damage to his heart. Won't that be an interesting conversation for an office visit?

And Edwin Gray (1925-1989) with his two hundred and seventy eight times over unity cold electricity motor that he showed to the world in 1973.

The middle of night time knock at the door where Edwin was found dead lying on the floor. Might we only wonder, was that coal or oil that did that? Nuclear?

Might we novelize the Iceman was on the other side the door?

Richard Kuklinski (1935-2006) known for his cyanide sprayer. How about we fictionalize that the door had a old time keyhole slot that the tricky Iceman used to spray a lethal dose of cyanide through when Edwin went answer the knock at the dorr?

Won't the sound effects be great to help visualize what happened that night?

Edwin's wife's plea not to answer the door, the sound of Edwin opening the drawer to get his 44 magnum out to go see who it is.

The sound of fast walking down the stairs. Edwin approaching the door with his pistol in hand asking, “Who's there?”

The sound of Edwin crumpling to the floor.

The silence then.

“Edwin, Edwin, are you all right? His wife shrieks?

The excitement of Stanley Meyers showing his 100% water powered dune buggy on the evening news.

The investors meeting Stanly and his brother had at the restaurant. Stanley running out of the restaurant screaming, “They've poisoned me.”

Might we novelize the paramedics conversation when they did Stanley's vitals?

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) and his Orgone box that made cancer patients feel better after sitting in it.

Might we relive his trial that put him into Federal prison for one of his associates selling one of his Orgone boxes without his knowledge?

Might we want to novelize the last meal time conversation that Wilhelm had before he was found non responsive in his cell?

Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) and his experiments in 1875 that proved free energy was real.

Might we have to novelize the conversations that may have kept Alexander from going any further in his free energy research?

And in more recent times, Dr. Eugene Mallove (1947-2004) and his free energy research.

His understanding in the early 1980s from looking into shearing force heaters, over unity was present no doubt.

To his research in the 1990s that showed over unity energy of one hundred times or more in what was called cold fusion then.

The 2003 Russian Academy of Sciences report of proof of four times over-unity energy coming out of a Moldavian cavitation pump.

How about we novelize NSA tuning in a short wave radio broadcast to hear the Russian Academy of Sciences report with a translator speaking what was said?

And to end our old time radio broadcast of Free Energy Here, Now and Then, Velocity Power sources, Dr. Mallove giving his open letter to the world informing us free energy is real and we can have it in three months or less.

Might we have to end the book as a mystery novel to be solved yet?

Might we end the audio book story by telling the listeners the mystery of who shot Dr. Mallove and why will be revealed yet?”

While it is a lighthearted attempt to convey a truth, free energy is real and was proven long ago, are we not seeing the seriousness of the situation of us being intentionally perished with Jewish electricity waste?

As to the question, “If free energy is real, then why has it not come in?”

Continues at:

Might we accept that those that have been researching free energy have been getting shot with a cancer causing radioactive chips, sprayed with cyanide through a keyhole, getting poisoned in a restaurant and getting shot while dump

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